Thursday, December 17, 2009

Student Media Campaign

More videos!

These are Student Media generated ad campaigns. They're supposed to be sort of like a commercial. The first one features me. Hope you love 'em!

Concept by Liz Howell
Featured members of Student Media:
Me!, Station Manager, WUSC
Alejandro Florez, Public Affairs Director, WUSC
Lizzie Erickson, Asst. Design Director, The Daily Gamecock
Amanda Davis, Editor, The Daily Gamecock
Ed Cahill, Station Manager, SGTV
Joey Thompson, Producer, SGTV
Justin Fenner, Creative Director, WUSC

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Branching Out

I normally try to stay incognito on here, but I've decided to link 2 of my blogs on here and make myself a little more known.

Over the next week or so I'm going to be post-posting some things. Including:

A video about me and WUSC.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Show 85

This is my last show of the semester. :( I'll be in town for winter break so I may do a show here and there but I'm not committing to anything.

Ruby Isle; "White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes Cover)"
Bombay Dub Orchestra; 3 Cities; "Journey"
Computer Vs. Banjo; Computer Vs. Banjo; "Lost"
*Port Royal; Dying in Time; n5MD; track 8 "Balding Generation (Losing Hair as We Lose Hope)"
*Gossip; Music for Men; Columbia; "Men in Love"
*Sea Wolf; White Water, White Bloom; Dangerbird Records; "Wicked Blood"
Cars & Trains; Rusty String; "Fake Plastic Guns"
Bat For Lashes; Two Suns; "Daniel"
Cassettes Won't Listen; Small-Time Machine; "Freeze & Explode"
*The XX; The XX; Rough Trade; "Basic Shape"
*The Dutchess & the Duke; Sunset/Sunrise; Hardly Art; track 2 "Scorpio"
*Baaba Maal; Television; Palm Pictures Ltd; track 4 "Cantaloupe"
The Mountain Goats; The Life Of The World To Come; "Genesis 3:23"
So the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken
Deerhunter; Microcastle; "Agoraphobia"
a fear of being in places where help might not be available. It usually involves fear of crowds, bridges, or of being outside alone
Wavves; Wavvves; "No Hope Kids"
Lykke Li; "I'm Good, I'm Gone'
*La Roux; La Roux; Polydor; "I'm Not Your Toy"
*Deluka; Deluka EP; VEL Records; "Mixed Messages"
*Junior Astronomer; I Had Plans for Us; Kinnikinnik; "Attacked by Whales"
Wolf Parade; At Mount Zoomer; "Call It A Ritual"
Eric Lau; Producer, Vol. 1; "For the D (feat. Guilty Simpson)"
Anavan; Cover Story; "Off To A Fighting Start"
*Girls; Album; True Panther Sounds; track 12 "Darling"
*Air; Love 2; Astralwerks; track 4 "Be a Bee"
*Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes; Up From Below; Community Records; track 12 "Brother"
Danger; "11h30"
Yelle; Pop-Up; "A Cause Des Garçons"
amiina; Kurr; "Sexfaldur"
*Parov Stelar; Coco; Etage Noir Recordings; track 1 "Coco"
*Neon Indian; Psychic Chasms; Lefse; "Should Have Taken Acid With You"
*Kosha Dillz; Beverly Dillz; Kosha Dillz World/Shemspeed; track 3 "Fat Love"
Bell; "Magic Tape"
French Kicks; Swimming; "Abandon"
Anarbor; "Let The Games Begin"
*Boys Noize; Power; Last Gang; "Sweet Light"
*The Cassavettes; Shake Down the Sun; Lights On"
Santogold; Santogold; "Lights Out"

*Denotes Rotation

Friday, December 4, 2009

Show 84

This show was my second to last show of the semester. I won't be doing a show next week at my regularly scheduled time, but I WILL be doing a show Monday the 14th. That will be my last show of the semester. :( I'll keep you all posted on when I'll be doing a show in the spring.

Here's what I played:

The Tallis Scholars; "Josquin Desprez - Ave Maria"
Jil Aigrot; Words of Love; "Mon vieux Lucien"
Jacques Brel; Infiniment; "Les Flamandes"
*Deuka; Deluka EP; VEL Records; track 1 "Cascade"
*Sea Wolf; White Water, White Bloom; Dangerbird Records; "Orion & Dog"
*Love is Chemicals; Song of the Summer Youth Brigade; Three Ring Records; track 2 "Let Me come Down"
*Girls; Album; True Panther Sounds; track 6 "Hellhole Ratrace"
Dr. Dog; Fate; "The Old Days"
Caedmon's Call; Chronicles 1992-2004; "Bus Driver"
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros; Up from Below; "Home"
*Pants Yell!; Received Pronunciation; Slumberland; track 7 "Marble Staircase"
*Boys Noize; Power; Last Gange; track 3 "Starter"
*The Choir Quit; Untitled; None; track 2 "Saturday Nite"
*The Protomen; Act III: The Father of Death; Sound Machine Records; track 2 "The Good Doctor"
The Autumns; "Killer in Drag (Le Petit Mort Mix)"
Yelle; Pop-Up; "Jogging"
Kaiser Chiefs; "Never Miss A Beat (Cut Copy Remix)"
*Kosha Dillz; Beverly Dillz; Kosha Dillz World/Shemspeed; track 6 "Jungle"
*The Gossip; Music for Men; Columbia; "Heavy Cross"
*Dreaming in Stereo; Dreaming in Stereo; Vying Van Gogh; track 3 "Steal This Song"
*Rosa Passos; Rosa; Editorial Musical Dunas; track 7 "Molambo"
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings; "Keep On Looking (Kenny Dope Remix)"
Aíd; Jugando; "Boogie Vigo"
Bon Iver; Blood Bank; "Blood Bank"
*The Cassavettes; Shake Down the Sun; None; track 4 "Madeline"
*Darrin James Band; The Lovely Ugly Truth; Bridge Street; track 12 "Whiskey Breath Blues"
*Sons of the Never Wrong; On A Good Day... I AM; Waterbug; track 4 "Say Goodbye"
*La Roux; La Roux; Polydor; "I'm Not Your Toy"

* Denotes Rotation

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tattoo + Rescheduling

Sorry I didn't do my show last weekend, Columbia! I was enjoying my Thanksgiving break. I will be back on the airwaves this Friday for my last show of the semester. I might do a show over winter break but I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know!

As promised, here are some pictures of my tattoo:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Show 83

I was a little bit late to my show today because I was getting my first tattoo! (Pictures soon!) So I didn't get to everything I wanted, but here's what I played:

Alice Russell; "Got the Hunger"
Black Kids; Partie Tramatic; "Hurricane Jane"
Beth Hart; "Leave the Light On"
*Old Canes; Feral Harmonic; track 2 "Little Bird Courage"
*Summer Cats; Songs for Tusedays; track 9 "Lonely Planets"
*Austin Crane; Place at the Table; track 7 "Teeth in Your Side"
*White Denim; Fits; "I Start to Run"
Peter Visti; "Dolly"
Neurosonic; "Crazy Sheila"
Chester French; "The Jimmy Choos"
*Junior Astronomers; I Had Plans for Us; track 3 "Attacked by Whales"
*Pacifika; Asuncion; track 4 "Sweet"
*Gogol Bordello; Live from Axis Mundi; "You Gave Up"
Cat Scientists; "Brian Cincinatti"
Chris Garneau; El Radio; "Hands on the Radio"
Sebastien Tellier; "L'Amour et La Violence (Boys Noize Remix)"
*La Roux; La Roux; "Fascination"
*The XX; The XX; track 2 "VCR"
*Lightning Bolt; Earthly Delights; track 6 "Funny Farm"
Mykonos Fleet Foxes Mykonos - Single
The Thief & the Heartbreaker Alberta Cross The Thief & the Heartbreaker
Marry a Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Murder"

* Denotes rotation

Friday, November 13, 2009

Show 82

This past week was our fundraiser! The theme is "Playing Favourites." Appropriately, I had Colin Brown, Aaron Robertson, and Justin Register from Marry a Thief on the show for an interview. Tonight at New Brookland Tavern is their CD release show for "Reaction, Explosion." We played the album throughout the show, so if you were listening you were one of the first to hear the album in its entirety. :) Feel special.

After the interview I played an hour of Man Man songs. Man Man is an experimental group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They've toured with: Modest Mouse; Yessayer; and The Extraordinaries. They've also played at: Pitchfork Festical 06; Coachella 08; and Voodoo Experience 08. I played their songs in chronological order, and in track order. This was not a cop-out. I did it so that A.) we could hear the band's sound over time and B.) because bands usually put a lot of thought into the order of the songs on their album and I wanted to honor that.

I had a fantastic request. It was for a song off of Six Demon Bag, right before I started playing the album. AWESOME timing!

Here's everything that I played:

Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Obvious"
Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Only"
Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Olivia Taylor"
Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Reaction"
Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Planned It"
Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Murder"
Man Man; Sods and Odds; "Little Boxes"
Man Man; "I'd Rather Go Blind"
Man Man; The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face; "10 Lb. Moustache"
Man Man; The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face; "Zebra"
Man Man; The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face; "Sarsparillsa"
#Man Man; Six Demon Bag; "Tunneling Through The Guy"
Man Man; Six Demon Bag; "Feathers"
Man Man; Six Demon Bag; "Banana Ghost"
Man Man; Six Demon Bag; "Black Mission Goggles"
Man Man; Six Demon Bag; "Ice Dogs"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "Mister Jung Stuffed"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "Hurly / Burly"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "The Ballad Of Butter Beans"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "Top Drawer"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "Poor Jackie"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "Whalebones"

# Denotes Request

Friday, November 6, 2009

Show 81

Didn't get to everything I wanted to play today, which means I have some awesome stuff planned for next week!

Veracruz; "Leopoldo!"
Bat For Lashes; Fur And Gold; "Prescilla"
Shawn Mullins; "Homeless Joe"
Moscow Olympics; Cut The World; "Carolyn"
Travis; Old to J. Smith; "J. Smith"
*Eureka Birds; s/t; "Ten Words"
*Gossip; Music for Men; track 5 "Pop Goes the World"
*Kitty, Daisy, & Lewis; s/t; track 5 "I Got My Mojo Working"
*Gogol Bordello; "Live from Axis Mundi" Audio Extras; track 1 "Ultimate"
Free Energy; "Free Energy"
The National; Alligator; "Karen"
The Magnetic Fields; I; "Irma"
Princeton; "Ms. Bentwich"
*La Roux; s/t; "I'm Not Your Toy"
*The XX; s/t; track 5 "Heart Skipped a Beat"
*Sea Wolf; White Water, White Bloom; track 1 "Wicked Blood"
*Pacifika; Asuncion; track 5 "Paloma"
Jump Back Jane; "Sampson"
These New Puritans; Beat Pyramid; "Elvis"
Biography Of Ferns; "John The Barber"
Telefon Tel Aviv; Immolate Yourself; "Helen of Troy"
*U.S.E.; Loveworld; "What We Fightin' 4"
*Or, the Whale; s/t; track 4 "Never Coming Out"
*Le Loup; Family; track 7 "Go East"
*Vivian Girls; Everything Goes Wrong; track 3 "Can't Get Over You"
Living Things; Habeas Corpus; "Oxygen"
Kate Nash; Make of Bricks; "Mariella"
*The Hi-Nobles; Shake; track 2 "Ain't No Sin"
*Bill Frisell; Disfarmer; track 2 "Lonely Man"

* Denotes Rotation

Friday, October 30, 2009

Show 80

Missed some shows, but I'm back! Here's my playlist:

*Pacifika; Asuncion; "Chiquita"
Señor Coconut; Around The World; "Around the World"
Polkastra; "Apolkalypse Now"
Yunghen Lhamo; "Tara"
The Winston Jazz Routine; Sospiri; "William and Betsy"
Smith; "Smith"
American Aquarium; Dances for the Lonely; "Ain't Going to the Bar Tonight"
*Danny Barnes; Pizza Box; "TSA"
*Fruit Bats; The Ruminant Band; "Being On Our Own"
Cars & Trains; Rusty String; "Oh, Sweet Consequence"
Computer Vs. Banjo; Computer Vs. Banjo; "Concealed"
The Big Pink; "Dominos"
A Day to Remember; "Fast Forward to 2012"
*Bulletproof La Roux La Roux
Sebastien Tellier; "Sexual Sportswear (Donovan remix)"
*Gossip; Music for Men; "Heavy Cross"
*U.S.E., Loveworld, "Look at the City"
*Eva & The Heartmaker; Let's Keep This Up Forever; track 10 "Possible Escape/Possible Mistake"
Allison Weiss; Allison Weiss & the Way She Likes It - EP; "The Disappearing Act"
*Eureka Birds; Eureka Birds; "Oh! My Dear"
*Flea Market Poets; Dirty Days; "Annie Superstar"
Nurses; "Caterpillar Playground"
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea; Family Family Family Meets The Magic Christian; "Pretty Purple Top Hat"
*The Oculist; Principlex; track 7 "Buckets of Sadness"

* Denotes Rotation

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here is a video of me that some friends did for a class.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Edit: I've had to change the title up above because for some reason this post is getting spam comments every single day. Weird. Anyways,

I missed my show last week. Apologies for that, listeners! Here's what I played this week:

Corsica; Endings; "Since When Was Lying an Olympic Sport?"
Cherry Monroe; The Good, the Bad & the Beautiful; "If You Go"
*Dish; Ma Raison De Vivre; track 5 "Death and Romance"
*USE; Loveworld; track 1 "Dance With Me"
*big bang tv; s/t; track 5 "I should have known"
Dan Deacon; Bromst; "Red F"
Shugo Tokumaru; Exit; "Parachute"
Delta Spirit; Ode to Sunshine; "People C'mon"
The Pica Beats; Beating Back the Claws of the Cold; "poor old ra"
The Stems; "Leave You Way Behind"
*Le Loup; Family; track 6 "Forgive Me"
*Health; Get Colour; track 2 "Die Slow"
*The Dø; A Mouthful; "At Last"
Luke Top; "Friends; "Friends"
Cymbals Eat Guitars; Why There Are Mountains; "And the Hazy Sea"
Project Jenny, Project Jan; "You Said (feat. So Percussion)"
Eulogies; Here Anonymous; "Two Can Play"
Sara Schiralli; Bang Bang; "Incomplete"
Wildbirds & Peacedrums; The Snake; "There Is No Light"
*Flea Market Poets; Dirty Days; track 5 "100% Confused"
*sissy wish; Beauties Never Die; track 6 "Milk"
*Eureka Birds; s/t; track 3 "Oh! My Dear"
My Brightest Diamond; From the Top of the World; "Adieu Mon Coeur"
Sisters 3; "Giggling Gremlins"
*Midtown Dickens; Lanterns; "Annihilation"
*Fruit Bats; The Ruminant Band; "Primitive Man"
*Preak Faeans; Wintering Out; track 8 "Incantation"

* Denotes Rotation

Friday, September 18, 2009

Show 78

*Midtown Dickens, Lanterns, "Springs"
Romantica; America; "Matteo"
Elvis Costello; My Aim Is True, "Alison"
Arrah And The Ferns; Evan Is A Vegan; "Emo Philips"
Coconut Records; Davy; "Saint Jerome"
Conor Oberst; Conor Oberst; "Danny Callahan"
Jolie Holland; The Living & The Dead; "Palmyra"
*The Do; A Mouthful; "Tammie"
*Le Loup; Family; "Beach Town"
*Health; Get Color; "Die Slow"
*Fruit Bats, The Ruminant Band, "Feather Bed"
*Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson, track 2 "Wear and Tear"
De Novo Dahl; "Sexy Mr. Falcom Jive Mister"
The High Decibels; The High Decibels; "Miss Cindy"
Jump Back Jane; "Sampson"
Red Car Wire; Let's Never Get Older; "Rachael Leigh Cook"
The Pipettes; We Are The Pipettes; "Judy"
Cat Scientists; "Brian Cincinatti"
The Decade; Read Between the Lines; "Kevin Bacon Lettuce Tomato"
Mew; Half The World Is Watching Me; "Mica"
*U.S.E., Loveworld, track 7 "K.I.S.S.I.N.G."
The Fratellis; Chelsea Dagger EP; "Chelsea Dagger"
Van She; "Kelly (Lifelike Remix)"
Neon Neon; "Raquel"
*Yacht; See Mystery Lights; "Summer Song"

* Denotes Rotation

Friday, September 11, 2009

Show 77

So I missed my show last Friday because I had a meeting. :( Sorry, Columbia.

But this week I was back on the airwaves with some total awesomeness for you!

Monkey Brothers; Manuela; "Manuela"
A Small Good Thing; "Cooling System"
Van She; V; "Strangers"
*YACHT; See Mystery Lights; "We Have All We've Ever Wanted"
Camera Obscura; My Maudlin Career; "My Maudlin Career"
Deerhunter; Microcastle; "Nothing Ever Happened"
Living Things; Habeas Corpus; "Oxygen"
The Von Bondies; Love, Hate And Then There's You; "Pale Bride"
*caUSE co-MOTION!; It's Time!; track 6 "Which Way is Up?"
*Wild Beasts; Two Dancers; track 2 "Hooting and Howling"
*The Do; A Mouthful; tracks 8&2 "Tammie; At Last!"
*Throw Me The Statue; Creaturesque; "Dizzy From the Fall; Cannibal Rays"
*Choir Of Young Believers; This Is For The White In Your Eyes; "Claustrophobia"
Chris Garneau; El Radio; "Hands on the Radio"
Allie Moss; Passerby; "Corner"
Bachelorette; My Electric Family; "The National Grid"
*Fruit Bats; The Ruminant Band; tracks 3&10 "Tegucigalpa; Feather Bed"
Bibio; Ambivalence Avenue; "Lovers' Carvings"
M. Ward; Hold Time; "Never Had Nobody Like You (Featuring Zooey Deschanel)"
The Henry Clay People; For Cheap or for Free; "You Can Be Timeless"
Vetiver; Tight Knit; "Everyday"
*Sarah Jarosz; Song Up In Her Head; track 9 "Shankill Butchers"

* Denotes Rotation

Friday, August 28, 2009

Show 76

This was my first show of fall 09. Hope you all enjoyed it! Catch maltstream every Friday from 2pm-4pm!

#Justice; A Cross the Universe; "Genesis"
*Midtown Dickens; Lanterns; "Old Dogs; Balloons"
Dale Robin; Sweet and Salty; "Waltz Across Texas; A Taste of You"
#Murder by Death; In Bocca Al Lupo; "Brother"
Allison Weiss; Live at Sidewalk NYC; "I'm Ready"
Bon Iver; For Emma, Forever Ago; "Skinny Love"
Fleet Foxes; "Mykonos"
*Deer Tick; Born on Flag Day; "Smith Hill; Hell on Earth"
*Choir Of Young Believers; This Is For The White In Your Eyes; "These Rituals of Mine; Why Must It Always Be This Way"
Miranda Lee Richards; Light Of X; "Early November"
Buildings Breeding; In the Key of Calloused Fingers; "Beesting"
Rock Plaza Central; Are We Not Horses?; "We've Got a Lot to Be Glad For"
Mike Bones; A Fool For Everyone; "One Moments Peace"
The Sea and Cake; Car Alarm; "Car Alarm"
Crocodiles; Neon Jesus; "Neon Jesus"
King Khan & The Shrines; The Supreme Genius Of...; "Torture"
Nickel Eye; The Time of the Assassins; "Dying Star"
*Metric; Fantasies; "Sick Muse; Gold Guns Girls"
*Fun.; Aim and Ignite; "Be Calm; Benson Hedges"
Monkey Brothers; Manuela; "Manuela (Original Mix)"
A Small Good Thing; "Cooling System"
*YACHT; See Mystery Lights; "I'm In Love With A Ripper"

* Denotes Rotation
# Denotes Request

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fall 09 Time-slot

Hello all!

Just a heads up, I will be on the air-waves this fall from 2pm-4pm.

Catch you all then!

Show 75

This will be the last show of summer 09. I'll update everyone with my new time-slot ASAP.

I had Colin Brown from Marry a Thief as well as 2 friends from I Married My High School Sweetheart in the studio. Both bands will be playing at New Brookland Tavern TONIGHT with Cherry Case. Doors at 9pm!

Bang Rye Rye & M.I.A. Bang - Single
Big Bills feat.CAROLINE POLACHEK (Flosstradamus Power House Remix) FLOSSTRADAMUS Big Bills
The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) Morgan Page The Longest Road Remixes
*Yacht; See Mystery Lights; "Ring the Bell; The Afterlife"
Empty House Paper Route
Happy As Can Be Cut Off Your Hands You And I
*Choir of Young Believers; This is for the White in Your Eyes; "These Rituals of Mine; Action/Reaction"
*Suckers; s/t; track 4 "It Gets Your Body Movin'"
Marry a Thief; 2009 Acoustic EP; "The Lions"
Marry a Thief; "Honestly Bored; Every Little Star"
I Married My High School Sweetheart; "Your Hair Hides Your Eyes"
Cherry Case; "Welcome Back"
Marry a Thief; I Am Dying To Outlive You; "Epileptic; Awful Things"
Trans Canada Constantines Kensington Heights
Pine On Obits I Blame You
Tora Tora Tora Pretty & Nice Get Young
Farewell to the Fairground White Lies To Lose My Life
*Metric; Fantasies; tracks 1&6 "Help I'm Alive; Gimme Sympathy"
*The Jezabels; The Man is Dead; tracks 1&2 "Disco Biscuit Love; Be a Star"
Hymn #101 Joe Pug Nation of Heat EP
The Ruminant Band Fruit Bats The Ruminant Band - Single
No One Does It Like You Department Of Eagles In Ear Park
*Midtown Dickens; Lanterns; tracks 6&7 "Springs; Balloons"
Minus The Bear; Planet of Ice; "Dr. L'ling"
Where Do My Bluebird Fly The Tallest Man On Earth Shallow grave

*Denotes Rotation

Friday, August 14, 2009

Show 74

maltstream is returning from a brief hiatus!

Sorry every, I had to get some ducks in a row. But maltstream, the summer 09 edition, is back! Here's what I played:

Nicholas Hooper; "Friends and Love"
Emily Wells; The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties; "Symphony 6: Fair Thee Well & the Requiem Mix"
PT Walkley; Mr. Macy Wakes Alone; "Somebody"
*Netherfriends; Calling You Out EP; "Oh-Hi-Oh; Nunya"
Atlas Sound; "Walkabout (w/ Panda Bear)"
Wavves; "Mickey Mouse"
Dntel; Early Works For Me If It Works For You; "Loneliness Is Having No One To Miss"
*Yatch; See Mystery Lights; "Psychic City"
*Looner; I Love My Tamagotchee! (Single); "I Love My Tamagotchee!"
*Discovery; LP; "So Insane"
Holy Ghost!; "I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version)"
Washed Out; EP; "You'll See It"
Washed Out; "Feel It All Around"
*Throw Me The Statue; Creaturesque; "Ancesters; Noises"
Aíd; Jugando; "Boogie Vigo"
Cage; Depart From Me; "I Never Knew You"
fujiya & miyagi; "pickpocket"
Gossip; "Heavy Cross"
Silversun Pickups; Silversun Pickups (Remixes) - EP; "Lazy Eye (Jason Bentley Remix)"
Noah; "Mannequin (Overthrill Remix)"
The Long Winters; When I Pretend to Fall; "Cinnamon"
Comic Book Heroes; Take a Seat; "Catch Me If You Can"
Billy Boy On Poison; "On My Way"
Spoon; Got Nuffin (2009); "Got Nuffin"
*OhBijou; Beacons; "Wildfires; Eloise and the Bones"
*Elvis costello; Secrets, Profane, and Sugarcane; "Sulphur to Sugarcane; Changing Partners"
*Deer Tick; Born on Flag Day; "Song About a Man; Houston, TX"

* Denotes Rotation

Friday, July 17, 2009

Show 73

This week I started off my show with an hour of covers. I got some good cover requests, but unfortunately couldn't find some of them.

Here's my playlist:

Gregory & The Hawk; "Irreplaceable (Beyonce)"
Hellsongs; "We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister)"
Allison Weiss; "Umbrella (Rihanna)"
Deer Tick Beautiful Girls (Sean Kingston)"
Jenny Owen Youngs; "Hot in Herre (Nelly)"
Plans to Leave; "Don't Stop Believin' (Journey)"
Ruby Isle; "White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes)"
My American Heart; Punk Goes Crunk; "California Love (2PAC)"
The Secret Handshake; Punk Goes Crunk; "I Wish (Skee-Lo)"
Bowling for Soup; "I Melt With You (Modern English)"
Hit the Lights; Punk Goes 90's; "Hey Jealousy (Gin Blossoms)"
Forever the Sickest Kids; Punk Goes Crunk; "Men in Black"
NOFX; "Champs Elysee (Joe Dassin)"
The Devil Wears Prada; Punk Goes Crunk; "Still Fly (Big Tymers)"
Confide; "Such Great Heights"
*The Phenomenal Handclap Band; s/t; "Testimony; All of the Above"
Evergreen Terrace; Writer's Block; "Mad World (Tears for Fears)"
*Deertick; Born on Flag Day; "Friday XIII; Straight Into A Storm"
*Tiga; Ciao!; "Luxury; Shoes"
*Passion Pit; Manners; "Little Secrets"
*Owl City; Of June; "Panda Bear; The Airway"
*Owl City; Maybe I'm Dreaming; "Fireflies; This is the Future"
CherryCase; "Welcome Back"
Leslie Mendelson; Swan Feathers; "Hit the Spot"
Howling Bells; Radio Wars; "Cities Burning Down"
The Magnetic Fields; I; "I Thought You Were My Boyfriend"
*Rubies; Explode from the Center; "Turquoise"
*Dream Date; Patience; "Go Fish; 8 Sleeves"
*Megafaun; Gather, Form & Fly; "Solid Ground; The Process"
*Larry Gatlin; "Johnny Cash is Dead (And His House Burned Down)"
*Crime in Choir; Gift Givers; "Crystal Cake"
*Elvis Perkins; In Dearland; "Chains, Chains, Chains"
*Halloween, Alaska; Champagne Downtown; "Champagne Downtown"
Baltic Fleet; "Castellon Theme"
Children Collide; The Long Now; "Chosen Armies"
*Dirty Projectors; Bitte Orca; "Stillness is the Move"
Jonsi & Alex; Riceboy Sleeps; "Boy 1904"

* Denotes Rotation

Friday, July 10, 2009

Show 72

This week there were 2 special interviews on my show. One was done by DJ Gitdatmoney of some of the folks who will be performing High School Musical 2 at the Workshop Theatre in Columbia, SC. The other, he and I did with LFO! Yes, THE LFO! You can find a link to it at SceneSC.

Aaaand here's what I played:

A Change of Pace; Prepare the Masses; "A Song the World Can Sing Out Loud"
The Tired and True; "Flesh and Blood"
The Tired and True; "Maps and Terminals"
Meese; "Next In Line"
*Owl City; Maybe I'm Dreaming; "Air Traffic"
*Owl City; Of June; "Captains and Cruise Ships"
*Phoenix; Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix; "Armistice"
*Tiga; Ciao!; "Mind Dimension 2"
Russian Red; I Love Your Glasses; "Nice Thick Feathers"
The Choir Quit; This Is The Choir Quit; "Ella Minnow; Brother Rabbit"
Deerhunter; Rainwater Cassette Exchange - EP; "Rainwater Cassette Exchange"
The Magnetic Fields, "I Looked All Over Town"
Two Gospel Keys, "I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore"
*Polly Scattergood; Polly Scattergood; "I Hate The Way; I Am Strong"
*Elizabeth & The Catapult; Taller Children; "Everybody Knows"
Cloud Cult; Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus; "Rockwell"
Viva Voce; Rose City; "Rose City"
#Josh Roberts and the Hinges; My War Cry is Amour; "(I can't remember the name of the song I played, sorry y'all)"
Carnivores; "Organ Trail"
Miniature Tigers; White Magic EP; "White Magic"
*Conshafter; Bombs Away, Baby!; "Bought And Sold (The Journeyman's Plea)"
*Amazing Baby; Rewild; "Old Tricks In Hell; Pump Yr Brakes"
Ghostland Observatory; Robotique Majestique; "Dancing On My Grave"
The Fiery Furnaces; Widow City; "Restorative Beer"
Deer Tick; Easy; "Easy"
Delorean; Ayrton Senna EP; "Deli"

* Denotes Rotation
# Denotes Request

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th!

I will be in Austin, TX tonight to visit my fellow DJ Big TeXXX and celebrate the 4th. Thus, I will not be doing my show tomorrow.

Catch you all next week! Have a great, safe weekend.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

DJ Name

I am, once again, changing my DJ name to DJ Sun Bear. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Show 71

Here's what I played:

The Very Best; "Warm Heart of Africa"
Jack Penate; Tonight's Today; "Tonight's Today"
Sons of Young; "Prepare for the Worst"
*Amazing Baby; Rewild; "Dead Light; Deerripper"
*Conshafter; Bombs Away, Baby!; "Bombs Away; You Cannot Save Your Love"
Beach House; "Used to Be"
Delorean; "Deli"
Papercuts; You Can Have What You Want; "Future Primitive"
*Elizabeth & The Catapult; Taller Children; "Momma's Boy; Race You"
*Polly Scattergood; Polly Scattergood; "Please Don't Touch; Bunny Club"
*Halloween, Alaska; Champagne Downtown; "Be A Man; Knights Of Columbus"
Miike Snow; Miike Snow; "Burial (Benny Blanco Remix Feat. Neon Hitch)"
The Big Pink; "Velvet"
Daniel Martin Moore; Stray Age; "Stray Age"
Paul Spencer and the Maxines; "Ain't Nobody"
Cherry Monroe; The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful; "Can't Explain"
Inkwell; "This Modern Medicine"
Bottle Up and Go; These Bones; "Wayward Son"
Jeremy Jay; Slow Dance; "In This Lonely Town"
*Mannequin Men; Lose Your Illusion, Too; tracks 11&10 "Exquisite Corpse; WTF LOL"
*Looner; I Love My Tamagotchee; tracks 1 "I Love My Tamagotchee!"
Katzenjammer; "Tea with Cinnamon"
Bajofondo; Mar Dulce; "Grand Guignol"
Flipside, "Someday"
The Sons Of Silence, "Silence Go Boom!"
*Passion Pit; Manners; "Make Light; Moth's Wings"
*Tiga; Ciao!; "Beep-Beep-Beep"
Selkow; "Prize Is Love"
The Leaf Album; In a Safe Place; "Twentytwofourteen"
Earlimart; Hymn And Her; "Song For"
The Whip; X Marks Destination; "Frustration"
King Khan & The Shrines; The Supreme Genius Of...; Torture"
Hecuba; Paradise; "Suffering"
*18th Dye; Amorine Queen; track 9 "Backdoor"
*Suckers; s/t; track 4 "It Gets Your Body Movin"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Show 70

Here's what I played today on my show:

Jarvis Cocker; Further Complications; "Angela"
Debashish Bhattacharya; Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide Guitar Odyssey; "Sufi Bhakti"
Oh captain My Captain; Recklessly She Split the Sea; "On My Mind"
*Elvis Perkins; In Dearland; "How's Forever Been Baby"
*Polly Scattergood; Polly Scattergood; "Nitrogen Pink"
*Conshafter; Bombs Away, Baby!; "Fell In A Hole"
Alexander Robotnick; "Obsession for the Disco Freaks (HeavyFeet remix)"
Jets Overhead; No Nations; "It's A Funny Thing"
Au Revoir Simone; Still Night, Still Light; "Shadows"
*Crocodiles, Summer of Hate, "Flash of Light; Summer of Hate"
*Liechtenstein, Survival Strategies for a Modern World, "Sophistication; Wallpaper Stripes"
Ape School; Ape School; "Wail to God"
Owl City; Maybe I'm Dreaming; "Rainbow Veins; West Coast Friendship"
Free Kitten; Inherit; "Seasick"
*Halloween, Alaska; Champagne Downtown; "Un-American"
*Phoenix; Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix; "Fences; Girlfriend"
*Elizabeth & The Catapult; Taller Children; "Taller Children"
Apostle of Hustle; Eats Darkness; "Eazy Speaks"
Chantal Goya; "Becassine is my cousine"
The Sand Band; Love Is The Devil; "The Secret Chord"
The Ruse; "Beautiful Is Gone"
CocoRosie; La Maison de Mon Reve; "Not for Sale"
*Headdress Amazing Baby Headdress - Single
*Passion Pit; Manners; "Swimming In The Flood; Folds In Your Hands"
Wavves; Wavvves; "No Hope Kids"
Architects; "Reciprocity"
The Vaselines; Enter the Vaselines; "Son of a Gun"
*The Crystal Method; Divided By Night; "Black Rainbows; Slipstream"
*Tiga, Ciao, "Sex O'Clock; Turn the Night On"
Polly Scattergood; "Please Don't Touch (The Golden Filter Remix)"
*Joan of Arc, Flowers, "Fogbow; The Garden of Cartoon Exclamations"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Show 69

Summer DJ training is under way and one of the DJ trainees was in the studio with me today for an hour. :)

And here's what we played:

*Bishop Allen, Grrr..., “Dimmer; The Lion and the Teacup; South China Moon”
*The Crystal Method, Divided by Night, “Divided by Night; Smile?”
*Passion Pit, Manners, “The Reeling”
Memory Cassette, Responses,” Last One Awake (Friend Version)”
Damien Jurado, Caught in the Trees, “Gillian was a Horse”
Chiwoniso, Hear Globally - A Cumbancha Collection, “Woman of the Well”
*Ace Enders & A Million Different People, When I Hit the Ground, “Where Do We Go From Here?”
*Empire of the Sun; Walking on a Dream, “Standing on the Shore; Walking on a Dream”
Chad VanGaalen, Soft Airplane, “City of Electric Light”
The Morning Benders, Talking Through Tin Cans, “Boarded Doors”
Joan of Arc, Boo Human, “A Tell-Tale Penis”
YACHT, See Mystery Lights, “Psychic City”
Kurse Go Back, New Orleans Falls Open, “New Orleans Falls Open”
*The Paper Chase, Someday This Will All Be Yours Vol. 1, “If Nobody Moves Nobody Will Get Hurt (The Extinction); I'm Going To Heaven With Or Without You (The Forest Fire)”
*Crystal Antlers, Tentacles, “Until the Sun Dies (Part 1), Your Spears”
Supersuckers, Get It Together, “What It Takes”
High Places, s/t, “From Stardust to Sentence”
Shearwater, Rook, “Rooks”
South, You Are Here, “Better Things”
*Röyksopp, Junior, “Tricky Tricky”
*Phoenix, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, “Love Like a Sunset Part I & II”
Conshafter, Bombs Away Baby, “Bombs Away”
Japandroids, Post-Nothing, “Young Hearts Spark Fire”
The Music Tapes, Music Tapes For Clouds And Tomatoes, “Majesty”
The Whip, X Marks Destination, “Trash”
*Elvis Perkins, In Dearland, “123 Goodbye; Doomsday”
*Halloween Alaska, Champagne Downtown, “The Hollywood Sign; The Ends”
Osborne, s/t, “Outta Sight”
Jean on Jean, s/t, “Tonight”
Bajofondo , Mar Dulce , “Pa Bailar”

Friday, June 5, 2009

Show 68

Today I gave away pairs of lawn tickets to see Blink-182 in Charlotte, NC at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. It was very exciting, and successful! Congrats to all of the winners!

Here's what I played:

A.A. Bondy, American Hearts, "American Hearts"
Beep Beep, Enchanted Islands, "Secrets For The Well"
Little Boots, "Meddle"
American Gun, Dark American Hearts, "Little Sister"
The Format, EP, "The First Single"
*Condo Fucks, Fuckbook, "What'cha Gonna Do About It"
*Halloween, Alaska, Champagne Downtown, ""Hot Pink; Hurry Up"
Issa Bagayogo, Mali Koura, "Sebero"
Tricky, "Past Mistake"
Vieux Farka Touré, "Fafa"
Lenka, s/t, "Knock Knock"
The Scaries, Souvenir, "Revolvers"
*Justice, A Cross the Universe, "D.A.N.C.E."
*Passion Pit, Chunk of Change, "Sleepyhead"
*Passion Pit, Manners, "Seaweed Song"
*Röyksopp, Junior, "You Don't Have A Clue"
Craig's Brother, E.P.IDEMIC, "Bad Marriage"
Ra Ra Riot Remix, "Ghost Under Rocks (Passion Pit Mix)"
Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, "The Underdog"
Miranda Lee Richards, Light of X, "Early November"
*Say Hi Oohs & Aahs, "November Was White, December Was Grey"
*Ace Enders & A Million Different People, When I Hit The Ground, "Take The Money And Run; When I Hit The Ground"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Heads Will Roll (Weird Tapes Version)"
Anuhea, Anuhea, "Right Love, Wrong Time"
You Won't Be Able To Be Sad The Break and Repair Method milk the bee
*Peter Bjorn & John, Living Thing, "Blue Period Picasso"
*Phoenix, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, "Lisztomania; 1901"
One For The Team, Build It Up, "Best Supporting Actor"
TK Webb & The Visions, Ancestor, "Closed Captioned Slang"
Crystal Stilts, "Departure"
*Drown In The Now The Crystal Method Divided By Night
White Rabbits, "Percussion Gun"
Dr. Dog, Fate, "The Old Days"
Minus the Bear, "Guns & Ammo"
Cambridge, How To Walk A Tightrope EP, "Board Up The Windows And Doors"

Friday, May 29, 2009

Show 67

My laptop decided to be stupid today (not really that big of a surprise) and there was some skipping periodically in my show, but here's what I played:

The Mountain Goats, Heretic Pride, "Sax Rohmer #1"
The LK, "Private Life of a Cat"
The Stills, "Being Here"
His Name Is Alive, "This Is My Confession"
*Halloween, Alaska, Champagne Downtown, "Gone With The Wind; Champagne Downtown"
*Elvis Perkins, In Dearland, "I Heard Your Voice"
The Crystal Method, "Drown In the Now (feat. Matisyahu)"
Elizabeth & The Catapult, Taller Children (Bonus Track Version), "Taller Children"
Dredg, "Zebra Skin"
VEGA, "No Reasons"
*Justice, A Cross the Universe, "TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY; LET THERE BE LITE"
*Röyksopp, Junior, "Röyksopp Forever; It's What I Want"
Jeff Hanson, "If Only I Knew"
Bat for Lashes, Two Suns, "Daniel"
The Decemberists, The Hazards of Love, "The Rake's Song"
K'naan, Troubadour, "Wavin' Flag"
*Lydia, Illuminate, "...Ha Yeah It Got Pretty Bad; Now The One You Once Loved is Leaving"
*Ace Enders & A Million Different People, When I Hit The Ground, "Reintroduction; Take The Money And Run"
Deerhoof, Offend Maggie, "Offend Maggie"
Diane Birch, , "Rise Up"
TK Webb & The Visions, "Teen Is Still Shaking"
Aterciopelados, Río, "Río"
*Crystal Antlers, Tentacles, :Several Tongues; Memorized"
*Grizzly Bear, Veckatimest, track5 "Cheerleader"
Blind Pilot, 3 Rounds and a Sound, "Go On, Say It"
Other Lives, Other Lives, "Black Tables"
Stereo Total, My Melody, "I Love You, Ono"
Gomez, A New Tide, "Airstream Driver"
*Red Red Meat, Bunny Gets Paid, tracks 5&6 "Gauze; Idiot Son"
The Narrative, "The Moment That It Stops"
The Magnetic Fields, Distortion, "California Girls"
Ben Kweller, Changing Horses, "Wantin' Her Again"
Novalima, Hear Globally - A Cumbancha Collection, "Tumbala (Chris Franck Remix)"
*Amadou & Mariam, Welcome to Mali, tracks 2&6 "Ce n'est pas bon; Je te kiffe"

Friday, May 22, 2009

Show 66

Today was a little hectic at the station. I was a little late, and then there was a class tour of the station so I got a little distracted during my show. But here's what I played:

Bruises Chairlift Does You Inspire You
Garbage Chairlift Does You Inspire You
On My Mind Leona Naess Unreleased
Fake Empire (The National cover) Lackthereof Your Anchor
*Lydia, Illuminate, "Hospital; Fate"
*Say Hi, Oohs & Aahs, tracks 3&7 "Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh; One, Two... One"
Starfucker, s/t, "Miss You; Pop Song"
Kevin Devine, "Brother's Blood"
*Crystal Antlers, Tentacles, "Glacier; Tentacles"
*Anavan, Cover Story, "Take It Back; Work It Out"
Jukebox The Ghost, "Hold It In; Good Day"
fun., "At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)"
Ten In The Swear Jar, "Hot Karl"
*Scott Miller (ant the Commonwealth), For Crying Out Loud, tracks 2&12 "Sin in Indiana; Double Indemnity"
*Mirah, (a)spera, tracks 7&9 Gone are the Days; Bones & Skin"
I Was A Cub Scout, "Save your wishes"
Superchunk, Leaves in the Gutter, "Misfits & Mistakes"
Mastodon, "Divinations"
CuCu Diamantes, "Mas Fuerte"
*Passion Pit, Chunk of Change, "Live To Tell The Tale; Better Things"
*Justice, A Cross the Universe, "PHANTOM P† I.5"
Inner Party System, "Don't Stop (Eclectic Method Remix)"
Little Boots, "Stuck on Repeat"
Sans Arc, Ghostlike, "Over And Over"
*Ace Enders & A Million Different People, When I Hit The Ground, "Sweeter Light; The Only Thing I Have (The Sign)"
*The Dirt and the Flood; The Garden; track 8 "Colors (What Once Was Dead Has Come Alive)"
Angel Taylor, "Make Me Believe"
Every Avenue, Ah!, "Where Were You?"
The Juan MacLean, "One Day"
Madi Diaz, "Nothing At All"
Living Things, "Let It Rain"

Friday, May 15, 2009

Show 65: First Show of Summer 09

Hey everyone! This was my first show of the summer, as I was out of town last week. Here's what I played:

*John Doe & the Sadies, Country Club, tracks 3&4 "Til I Get it Right; It Just Dawned on Me"
*Papa String Band, s/t EP, tracks 1&4 "Rock Mountain Breakdown; Here's Hoping"
Neko Case, Middle Cyclone, "Vengeance Is Sleeping; Polar Nettles
Joshua James, "The New Love Song"
Animal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavilion, "No More Runnin"
*Passion Pit, Chunk of Change, "Cuddle Fuddle; Sleepyhead"
*Lydia, Illuminate, "This Is Twice Now; A Fine Evening For A Rogue"
Phillip LaRue, "Chasing the Daylight"
The Airborne Toxic Event, "Sometime Around Midnight (Acoustic Version)"
Mr. Scruff, "Donkey Ride"
*Anavan, Cover Story, "Never Give It Up (RMX); Traumatology; Pregnancy Test"
*Empire of the Sun, Walking on a Dream, "We Are the People"
Mother Mother, "Legs Away"
Beat Radio, "Everything Is Temporary"
Japanese Motors, "Single Fins & Safety Pins"
Lackthereof, "Fake Empire (The National cover)"
*Ace Enders & A Million Different People, When I Hit The Ground, "Emergency; Where Do We Go From Here; SOS"
Ra Ra Riot, "Dying Is Fine"
Wasted Wine, The Earth Rejects Creation Vol. 2, "Not a Train"
The Script, "Before the Worst"
Shearwater, , "Leviathan, Bound"
*Peter Bjorn & John, Living Thing, "Nothing To Worry About"
*Crystal Antlers, Tentacles, "Dust; Time Erased; Andrew"
Hadouken!, "CIU - Does It Offend You Remix"
Bullion, "Time for Us All to Love"
Mount Kimbie, "Maybes"
His Royal Shyness, Songs for Your Sister, "Sickness Unto Death"
Sleepercar, "A Broken Promise"
*Leonard Cohen, Selections From: Live in London, tracks 5&8 "Hey, That's no Way to Say Goodbye; Hallelujah"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

DJ Panda returns for a summer edition of maltstream!

That's right, folks!

It'll be my first ever summer show, as it'll be the first summer that I've spent entirely in Columbia. My slot is Friday noon-3pm. We change over to 3 hour slots in the summer. My first show was supposed to be last Friday but I'm currently boppin' around Virginia (where I'm from). So the first show I actually do will be NEXT FRIDAY, MAY 15th @ NOON.

I've got a lot of great stuff to play that I didn't get around to during the semester so listen in!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Show 64

Just a heads up, next week is finals week but maltstream will still be on the airwaves! I'll be doing an interview with a VIP from the Nick and then Big Red will be taking over. The week after that on May 5th Big Red will be flying solo as I will be out of town on a mini-vaca (a.k.a. GET ME OUT OF COLUMBIA trip) to my family's house in the upstate.

With all of those updates out of the way, here's what I played:

*Ace Enders and a Million Different People, When I Hit the Ground, track "When I Hit the Ground; Take the Money and Run"
*Peter Bjorn & John, Living Things, "Nothing to Worry About"
Jessica Harp, "Boy Like Me"
Ida Maria, Fortress 'round My Heart, "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked"
Cage the Elephant, "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked"
Miss Derringer, "Black Tears"
*The Arch Cupcakes, Box of Bees, track 2 "The Human Beat Box"
*The Bird & The Bee, Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future, tracks 6&7 "Love Letter to Japan; Meteor"

At this point I let Big Red take over. When he was done I played:

Passion Pit, Chunk of Change, "Sleepyhead"
Ghostland Observatory, "Sad Sad City"
Lykke Li, "Little Bit (Loving Hand Remix)"
*The Boy Least Likely To, The Law of the Playground, track 2 "A Balloon on a Broken String"
*The Old Ceremony, Walk on Thin Air, tracks 6&7 "Stubborn Man; Same Difference"
Tao Lin, FOR HIPSTERRUNOFF, I Want to Start a Band"
Nada Surf, "I Like What You Say"
Sebastien Tellier, "L'Amour et La Violence (Boys Noize Remix)"
YACHT, "So Post All 'Em"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Youth Of America Are Our Future

I wasn't able to do my show today because I was visiting a high school to talk about Student Media. Don't worry! DJ GitDat$ filled in until Big Red could make it from class who did just fine with out me. :)

I'll be back on the airwaves next week!

Also, I'm thinking about doing a summer show. I'm going to be in staying in town to work and take summer classes anyways, so I might as well spin some tunes!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Show 63 + Fundraiser + Interview

This week is our fundraiser week! Yay! This semester I chose to play favourites; sort of like last semester, but a little differently. In the fall we played our favourite artists and today I played some of my favourite songs that I've discovered this semester (some of them were probably last semester, but close enough) as well as had my favourite local artist, Marry a Thief, in the studio for an interview. They're be co-headlining with Sequoyah Prep School as well as playing with Last November and The Lives Of Famous Men.

With no further delay, here are some of my favourites before Big Red took over:

MGMT, Oracular Spectacular, "Kids"
Vampire Weekend, "The Kids Don't Stand a Chance (Chromeo Remix)"
Au Revoir Simone, "Sad Song (RAC Mix)"
The Ting Tings, "That's Not My Name (LA Riots Remix)"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Show 62

Big Red wasn't here today so I kicked things off with a song from the Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack in his honour:

A. R. Rahman, Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack, "Ringa Ringa"
Company of Thieves, Ordinary Riches, "Oscar Wilde"
The Kooks, "Brooklyn"
Matt and Kim, "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare"
*Lonely Deer, Deer John, track 11 "Dear John"
*Fanny Pack, Ghetto Bootleg, track 9 "The Pause"
*Coconut Records, Davy, tracks 2&7 "Drummer; I Am Young"
MGMT, Oracular Spectacular, "Kids"
Lily Allen, It's Not Me, It's You, "Him"
Hot Hot Heat, Make Up The Breakdown, "No, Not Now"
Maria Taylor, "Time Lapse Lifeline"
#Lydia, Illuminate, "This is Twice Now"
*Anavan, Cover Story, "Skin Like Heather; Queen; Not Sure"
*Justice, A Cross the Universe, "D.A.N.C.E. pt II; Waters of Nazareth (Prelude)"
Kids On TV, "Raw Raw Raw (Kids On TV vs. Glamour Soundsystem)"
Lykke Li, "Everybody But Me (diskJokke Remix)"
Perhapst, s/t, "Incense Cone"
*Venice is Sinking, AZAR, tracks 9&11 "Iron Range; Charm City"
*Death Becomes Even the Maiden, s/t, track 4 "Identify"
An Horse, "Postcards"
Gavin Castleton, "coffeelocks"
The Spinto Band, "Oh Mandy"
The Old Ceremony, Walk In Thin Air, "Plate Tectonics"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Show 61

Here's what I played on my show this week:

Ruby Isle,, "Foam Hands (Destroyer Cover)"
Ra Ra Riot, "Ghost Under Rocks (Passion Pit Mix)"
Xiu Xiu, "Body Breaks"
Yeasayer, "2080 (Brenmar remix)"
DO, A mouthful, "stay (just a little bit more)"
The Boy Bathing, A Fire To Make Preparations, "The Questions Simple"
Get Well Soon, Rest Now, Weary Head, "Plingplong! Goes My Automatic Heart"
Architecture In Helsinki, That Beep, "That Beep (Radioclit's French Mix) ft. Marina"
*Anavan, Cover Story, "Take it Back; Work it Out; Boom"
*mascott, art project, "Live Again; 4th of July"
*Justice, A Cross the Universe, "D.A.N.C.E.; We Are Your Friends (Reprise)"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Show 60

Here's what went down:

Benjy Ferree, Come Back To The Five And Dime Bobby Dee Bobby Dee, "Fear"
VEGA, "Well Known Pleasures"
Locksley, Dont Make Me Wait, "All Over Again"
Anavan, Cover Story, "The Perfect Sound"
Soy Un Caballo, Les Heures De Raison, "Robin"
*Animal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavilion, "Brother Sport"
*Animal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavilion, "Daily Routine"
*Animal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavilion, "My Girls"
Monareta, Picotero, "Llama"
Bat For Lashes, Fur And Gold, "Prescilla"
New Villager, Rich Doors/Genghis On 7", "Rich Doors"
Miniature Tigers, Tell It To The Volcano, "Cannibal Queen"
*Neko Case, Middle Cyclone, "This Tornado Loves You"
*Chairlift, Does You Inspire You, "Earwig Town"
*Lily Allen, It's Not Me, It's You, "Never Gonna Happen"
*Andrew Bird, Noble Beast, "Tenuousness"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Show 59

I didn't write down Big Red's playlist today. I was too busy doing other things at the station. ALSO, there is not going to be a show next week because it's spring break. :)

With that being said, here's what I played:

Deerhoof, Apple O, "Panda Panda Panda"
Feist, My Moon My Man, "My Moon My Man (Boys Noise Remix)"
FLOSSTRADAMUS, Big Bills, "Big Bills feat.CAROLINE POLACHEK (Flosstradamus Power House Remix)"
*My Dear Disco, Dancethink LP, "M.Y.F. (Move Your Feet)"
*My Dear Disco, Dancethink LP, "All I Do"
*Neko Case, Middle Cyclone, “People Gotta Lot of Nerve”
Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine, Robbert Bobbert and the Bubble Machine, "We R Super Heroes"
Elvis Perkins In Dearland, Elvis Perkins In Dearland, "Shampoo"
Hurray For The Riff Raff, It Don't Mean I Don't Love You, "Bricks"
Miniature Tigers, Tell It To The Volcano, "Cannibal Queen"
Trouble Andrew, "Chase Money"
*Animal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavilion, "Guys Eyes"
*Animal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavilion, "Daily Routine"
*A.C. Newman, Get Guilty, "All Of My Days And All Of My Days Off"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Show 58

There's what both I and Big Red played today.

Shankar, “Shankar”
Daedelus Avec TTC, Exquisite Corpse, "Cadavre Exquis"
Sherwood, "Snowing In Seattle"
Au Revoir Simone, "Lark (Ruff and Jam Mix)"
The Last Vegas, "I'm Bad"
*Starfucker, s/t, "German Love; Hard Smart Beta"
*Nous Non Plus, Menagerie, "Fantome Dur (Tuff Ghost); Sunlight Yellow Noise"
$Head Automatica, Decadence, “Beating Hearts Baby”
$Acceptance, Phantoms, “So Contagious”
$The Audition, “You’ve Made Us Conscious”
$The Higher, “Insurance?”
$Andy McKee, “Ebon Coast with Don Ross”
$Doug Smith/Heitor Teixeira Pereira, “Dueling Guitars”
$Colin Hay, “Overkill”
$Cloud Cult, “Lucky Today”
$*Anthony da Costa, Typical American Tragedy, “Dolly and Porter”
$*Glasvegas, s/t, track 2 “Geraldine”
$*Ceann, Making Friends, “Green Badge of Shame”
$Feist, "Mushaboo (Postal Service Remix)
$So They Say, "Forever Young"
$Carolina Liar, Coming to Terms, "I'm Not Over"
Chairlift, "Evident Utensil"
Frankmusik, "3 Little Words"
Toro Y Moi, My Touch, "Lesson #223"
VOTA, "Hard to Believe"
*The Coming Weak, Consider This, "At Least Nobody Got Hurt; The Last Laugh"
*A.C. Newman, Get Guilty, "Maybe There Are Ten or Twelve"

$ Denotes being played by Big Red

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Show 57 + Trainees

Today was sort of a hectic day for me. School has been craaazy!

Big Red wasn't here today. However, there were some lovely trainees who actually took over for a little bit. I'm pretty sure this everything that was played (the trainees wrote down what they played, and I think I got it all correct):

Kimya Dawson, Remember That I Love You, "I Miss You"
Sébastien Tellier, "Divine"
The Golden Filter, "Solid Gold"
The Teenagers, "Trouble"
Metronomy, Nights Out, "Heartbreaker"
The Whitest Boy Alive, Rules, "Island"
*Andy Friedman and The Other Failures, Weary Things, tracks 4&6 "Road Trippin; Pilot Light"
*Andy Juhl, Tales From the Buffalo Blue Stem, tracks 4&6 "Sense of Direction; The Wind and the Buffalo"
*Charlie Louvin, Sings Murder Ballads and Disaster, tracks 1&2 "Darling Corey; Wreck of the Old 97"
*Anthony da Costa, Typical American Tragedy, tracks 3&4 “Dolly & Porter; Fiddle Girl”
*My Dear Disco, Dancethink LP, track 3&5 "My Dear Disco; Amsterdam"
*Nous Non Plus, Menagerie, tracks 4&8 "Mais Maintenant Il Faut Danser; Claque! Claque!"
*Belle & Sebastian, The BBC Recordings, tracks 9&12 "Slow Graffiti; The Magic of a Kind Word"
Los Campesinos, Hold on Now, Youngsters…, track 1, “Death to Los Campesinos!”
A Cursive Memory, Changes, track 3, “Changes”
Architecture in Helsinki, Heart it Races, “Heart it Races” Single Version
Dance Gavin Dance, Dance Gavin Dance, track 2, “Buffalo!”
*Jaguar Love, Jaguar Love EP, track 1, “Highways of Gold”
Bardo, Recurring Dream, tracks 1&2, “GP Boulevard”, “Ain’t That a Shame”
Joseph Arthur & The Lonely Astronauts, Let’s Just Be, track 1 “Diamond Ring”
Dressy Bessy, s/t, track 3 “Baby Six Strings”

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Show 56 + Interview!

It seems that I've been doing a lot of interviews, lately. Today's was with Colin and Josh of Marry a Thief. It was a very casual, informal interview but we had fun.

I subbed for Captain Rouen and Friends today. Here's what I played during Captain Rouen's show:

Air France, "Collapsing at Your Doorstep"
Butta Verses, "If I Die'
Origami Ghosts, Short Momentum, "Thai Frog"
I'm Not Jim, You Are All My People, "Howard"
*William Elliot Whitmore, Animals in the Dark, track 5 "Hell or High Water"
#Modest Mouse, Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks, “So Much Beauty in Dirt; Here it Comes”
*William Elliot Whitmore, Animals in the Dark, track 5 “There's Hope For You”
#Danielle Howle, About to Burst, “All; World War Defense”
*Frida Hyvonen, Silence is Wild, tracks 4&5 "London!; My Cousin"
His Royal Shyness, Songs for Your Sister, "Katie & the Linoleum; Chekhov Was Right"
*Charles Spearin, The Happiness Project, track 4 "Vanessa "
*Hank Williams III, Damn Right, Rebel Proud, tracks 1&13 "The Grand Old Opry (Ain't So Grand); Workin Man"
Boat People, "Unsettle My Heart"
Carla Bruni, "Those Dancing Days Are Gone"
Matisyahu, Shattered, "Smash Lies"
Camphor, Drawn To Dust, "Confidences Shattered; The Sweetest Tooth"
*Murs, Murs for President, track 5 "Can it Be (Half a Million Dollars and 18 Months Later)"
*Buena Vista Social Club, Buena Vista Social Club at Carnegie Hall, tracks 6&7 "Dos Gardenias; Quizas, Quizas" (Qui sas)
*Cyne, Pretty Dark Things, track 12 "Never Forget Pluto"
James Pants, "We're Through"
Fear Nuttin Band, "Vibes"
The Boxer Rebellion, "Evacuate"
Gramercy Arms, "Looking At The Sun"

And here's what I played during my show today before Big Red took over:
*The Bad Plus, Joined by Wendy Lewis, tracks 2&3 "Comfortably Numb; Fem (Etude No. 8)"

Yes, it was short, but I wanted to let Big Red get as much of his music in as possible. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Show 55 + Interview!

Hey there boys and girls. Today Big Red had to go to an orientation for a leadership thing for his fraternity. So, he came up for a little while and picked out some CDs for me to play. ALSO, Eric and I had interview with VALENCIA. They're playing at New Brookland Tavern tonight. Check out the site for details. And here's what I played:

Teengirl Fantasy, "Now That's What I Call Volume 2"
Antenna Shoes, "Singer"
*AC Newman, "Submarines of Stockholm"
The Black Fortys, "Breaking Down Walls"
Hot Chip, "Transmission (Joy Division Cover)"
*Starfucker, s/t, "Florida"
Robyn, "Dream On"
Hey Champ, "Cold Dust Girl (80Kidz Remix)"
Lykke Li, "I'm Good, I'm Gone"
*Andrew Bird, Noble Beast, "Not a Robot but a Ghost"
*The Coming Weak, Consider This, "Halcyon Over Harlem"
*Ween, Chocolate and Cheese, "Voodoo Lady"
*French Miami, s/t, "Intro; Goddamn Best"
*Ben Kweller, Changing Horses, "Sawdust Man"
*Herspace Holiday, XOXOX, Panda and the New Kid Revival, My Crooked Crown

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Show 54 + Interview!

Today I did an interview with Charlie Duncan. Unfortunately I didn't air it until after my show, as I took longer editing it than I anticipated. You can check out the interview at :

Here's what I played at the beginning of the show before Big Red kindly took over while I did the interview in the production room.

Fires Of Rome, Set in Stone, "Loyalty"
Asa, Asa, "Jailer"
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Around The Bend EP, "The Sun Ain't Shining No More"
The Voyeurs, "Things That People Say"
The Artichokes, Live Acoustic at WUSC 90.5 FM, "Same Things"
The Artichokes, Live Acoustic at WUSC 90.5 FM, "Colorado"
Toro y Moi, Never Needed, "Left Alone At Night"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Show 53

Here's my part of the show:

Iron Horse, The Bluegrass Tribute To The Shins, "New Slang"
Iron Horse, Pickin' on Modest Mouse, "Ocean Breathes Salty"
Cars & Trains, Rusty String, "The Wires From My Broken Record Player"
Born Ruffians, Red, Yellow And Blue, "Barnacle Goose"
*Annuals, Down the Mountain, Such Fun
Austin Crane, I Know My Hands, "In The Morning"
Brad Wiley, "Brand New Day"
Marry A Thief, I Am Dying To Outlive You, "The Merry Thief"
Lights, "Last Thing On Your Mind"
Matt and Kim, "Daylight"
Lucky Twice, "Lucky"
Chris Walla, Field Manual, "Geometry &c."
Sherwood, A Different Light, "Alley Cat"
The Junior Varsity, Wide Eyed, "Everyone's Got Something They're Running Out Of"
The Fold, This Too Shall Pass, "The Title Track"
Oh, The Story!, Good Morning Illumination, "Where There's Smoke There's Fire"
Cambridge, How To Walk A Tightrope EP, "Board Up The Windows And Doors"
Ladyhawke, s/t, "My Delirium"
The Faint, "The Geeks Were Right ( DIOYY Remix)"
Au Revoir Simone, "Sad Song (RAC Mix)"
*Starfucker, s/t, track 11 "Isabella of Castile"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Show 52 - First Spring 09 Show + Cohost

Hey kids! I hope everyone has had a good break, if you're in school, and a good holiday season!

Today was my first show of the Spring 09 semester. I'm going to be having a cohost this semester: DJ Big Red. Big Red's been a friend of mine for a while now and liked my time slot sooo I decided to let him on the show. I'll be posting MY playlist each week and will try to remember to post his as well. So, here's what I played today:

Sky Eats Airplane, s/t, "Introduction"
Regina Spektor The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack), "The Call"
*The Postmarks, By the Numbers, "One Note Samba"
*The Postmarks, By the Numbers, "Five Years"
*Copeland, You Are My Sunshine, "The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song)"
*Her Space Holiday, XOXO Panda and the New Kid Revival, tracks 2&3 "The Truth Hurts so This Should Be Painless; The Heartbreak Moment"
*Lake, Oh, the Places We'll Go, tracks 2&7 "
*Copeland, You Are My Sunshine, "The Grey Man"
*Land Of Talk, Some Are Lakes, "Corner Phone"
*Land Of Talk, Some Are Lakes, "It's Okay"
*Land Of Talk, Some Are Lakes, "Some Are Lakes"
Tim Myers, "Brand New Day (feat. Lindsey Ray)"
Owl City, Of June, "Fuzzy Blue Lights"
The Teenagers, Reality Check, "Feeling Better"
Vampire Weekend, "The Kids Don't Stand a Chance (Chromeo Remix)"