Friday, November 16, 2007

Show 17: Subbing

As I mentioned in the last post Kendall and I switched for two weeks so here's the second week!

*Magik Markers, Boss, track9 "Circle"
*Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Quantum Fucking, track 2 "Hello, Boss!"
*These Are Powers, Terrific Seasons, track 8 "Nubians on Franklin Avenue"
*Black Lips, Good Bad Not Evil, track 10 "Cold Hands"
*Matt Pond PA, Halloween, track 1 "Halloween"
Towers Of London, Blood Sweat & Towers, "I'm A Rat"
My American Heart, The Meaning In Makeup, "The Keys To My Organ"
Unwritten Law, "Home In Paradise"
Sugarcult, Palm Trees And Power Lines, "She's The Blade"
Sugarcult, Lights Out, "Do It Alone"
*Every Avenue, Ah!, track 02 "Where Were You?"
*Bush Tetras, Very Very Happy, track 5 "Punch Drunk"
Sanctus Real, The Face of Love, "I'm Not Alright"
Brad Wiley, "Brand New Day"
Punchline, "Getting There is Getting By"
Ok Go, "Here It Goes Again"
*The Unawares, Tooth Dip, tracks 1&3 "Extract Lover; Instant Justice"
*Moving Units, Hexes for Exes, track 11 "Blood Beats"
*We Are Wolves, Total Magique, track 4 "Coconut Life"
The Adored, "Tell Me Tell Me"
*Information Society, Synthesizer, track 1 "Baby Just Wants"
David Garza, "Stylee"
Azzido da Bass featuring Johnny Blake, "Lonely By Your Side (Featuring Jonny Blake) [Radio Cut]"
*Edit, Certified Air Raid Material, track 6 "Straight Heat" [the one with the violins]
#Cryptopsy, Once Was Not, track 2 "In the Kingdom Where Everybody Dies, the Sky is Mortal"
*Flying Lotus, Reset EP, track 04 "Spicy Sammich"
No Trigger, Canyoneer, track 2 "Neon National Park"#
*Robin and Linda Williams, Radio Song, track 19 "Marin and Mavis Smiley - Down Home Diva"
*The New Amsterdams, At the Foot of my Rival, track 10 "Story Like a Scar"
*Rachel Ries, Without a Bird, track 1 "Learning Too Slow"

Friday, November 9, 2007

Show 16: Subbing

I'm going out of town tomorrow (Saturday) so I shan't be able to do my show so Kendall and I switched for this week and next week! That's right, I'll be subbing again from 2-4pm next Friday, too. :)

*Bettye LaVette, The Scene of the Crime, tracks 6&7 "They Call it Love; The Last Time"
*Bowerbirds, Hymns for a Dark Horse, tracks 4&5 "Dark Horse; Bur Oak"
*Robert Pollard, Coast to Coast Carpet of Love, track 13 CD2 "Feel Not Crushed"
*Some Velvet Morning, Silence Will Kill You, tracks 4&5 "Pretty Girl; Stolen Love Song"
*Six Organs of Admittance, Shelter From the Ash, track 6 "Final Wing"
*Malcolm Rollick, Lo-Fi(ction), tracks 10&11 "Song for a Crash Course; Computers Cannot Breath to Sing"
*Lonely Dear, Solonge, tracks 3&4 "The City, the Airport; Le Fever"
*De Nova Dahl, Shout, track 4 "Crap Your Pants Say Shout"
*Club B, The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming, tracks 2&3 "Whatever You Want; Football Kids" *Supermayer, Save the World, tracks 2&3 "The Art of Letting Go; Saturdays"
*While Williams, Smoke, tracks 3&4 "New Violence; Going Down"
*Soft, Gone Faded, track 6 "Great Spirit"
City Sleeps, "Not An Angel"
Everyday Sunday, "Let's Go Back"
FM Static, "Crazy Mary"
FM Static, "Definitely Maybe"
The Fold, "The Title Track"
The Magnetic Fields, The Charm of the Highway Strip, tracks 7&8 "Fear of Trains; When the Open Road is Closing In"
The Magnetic Fields, i, track 2 "I Don't Believe You"

Stuff I didn't get to play but you might hear in the future:

*Metro Station, College & Specialty EP, tracks 1&2 "Kelsey; Shake It"
Sanctus Real, "I'm Not Alright"
Hawk Nelson, "California"
Hawk Nelson, "The One Thing I Have Left"
Hawk Nelson, "The Show"
Hawk Nelson, "Bring 'Em Out"
Hawk Nelson, "Everything You Ever Wanted"

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Show 15 + Fundraiser

Remember the 90's? We here at WUSC do, and that's why our fall fundraiser's theme is the 90's! But this isn't just a fund-raiser, it's also a fun-raiser! So we're cranking up the 90's crap this weekend on Marcy's Playground. Here's what went down with my co-host Eric:

B*Witched, "C'est la vie"
Britney Spears, "Hit Me Baby One More Time"
Christina Aguilera, "Genie in a Bottle"
EMF, "Unbelievable"
Gin Blossoms, "Till I Hear It From You"
Blues Traveler, "Run-Around"
Sister Hazel, "All For You"
Everything, "Hooch"
Goo Goo Dolls, "Better Days"
Goo Goo Dolls, "Name"
Goo Goo Dolls, "Slide"
Goo Goo Dolls, "Black Balloon"
Blind Melon, "No Rain"
Dishwalla, "Counting Blue Cars"
Tonic, "If You Could Only See"
INXS, "Need You Tonight"
LFO, "Summer Girls"
Sugar Ray, "Fly"
Matchbox Twenty, "Real World"
Matchbox Twenty, "3 AM"
Matchbox Twenty, "Kody"
Matchbox Twenty, "Hang"
Nirvana, "Come As You Are"
Nirvana, "The Man Who Sold the World"
Nirvana, "Plateau"
Nirvana, "Lake of Fire"
Nirvana, "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?"
Oasis, "She's Electric"
Savage Garden, "Crash and Burn"
Savage Garden, "I Knew I Loved"
Savage Garden, "Truly Madly Deeply"
Quad City DJs, "Space Jam"
Kris Kross, "Jump"
Vanilla Ice, "Ninja Rap 2"
Will Smith, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It'"
Eiffel 65, "Blue"
Third Eye Blind, "Semi-Charmed Life"
Eagle Eyed Cherry, "Save Tonight"