Saturday, September 29, 2007

Show 11 + Alumni

This weekend was alumni weekend. YAY ALUMNI!

I was a little worried that I was going to have an alum that made me do everything but play their music or that things were going to be one big mess. Thankfully, that didn't happen. My alum's name is Rick Wrigley. He was a music director and program director for WUSC back in the 60's. After college he went into radio and then other ventures. He was a really neat, interesting man. We had a couple pictures taken of us so hopefully I'll have those up soon.

I don't have the playlist of what he played but it was a good mix of stuff! I believe we had dance, bluegrass, jazz, latin, rock and I'm sure a few others.

All in all, it was fun and a good experience. I got to learn about what the station and USC used to be like as well as talk with someone who's actually been in the radio industry. :)

Next week on Oct. 6th I will be in Auburn AL (at AU) for a friend's b-day so I will have a sub. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Show 10

Everything without an album is from my personal collection.

*The Eat, It's Not the Eat, It's the Humidity, track 5 "Silly Drug Songs"
*Baby Guts, Gasoline, track 5 "Staplegun"
*Turbo Fruits, s/t, track 8 "Tennessee, Baby"
*MxPx, Secret Weapon, track 8 "Drowning"
*My American Heart, Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather, tracks 8&9 "Dangerous, Moving On"
Lorene Drive, "Let It Go"
Acceptance, "Permanent"
Cherry Monroe, "Satellites"
Gratitude, "Drive Away"
The Format, "The First Single"
Indochine, "Punker"
Kid Dynamite, s/t, track 13 "News at 11"
*The Golden Dogs, Big Eye Little Eye, track 5 "Runouttaluck"
*Bang Lime, Best Friends in Love, track 4 "Equator"
*Warm in the Wake, American Prehistoric, track 10 "Devil with a Fist"
Pilot Speed, "Barely Listening"
*Change!, When Spaceships Collide, track 6 "Le Sad Casetto"
*Blair, Pluto, track 2 "Mona Lisa"
*Mariee Sioux, Faces in the Rocks, track 2 "Buried in Teeth"
*Octoberman, Run From Safety, track 4 "Elbow Room"
*Jenny Hoyston, Isle Of, track 1 "Spell D-O-G"
*Portugal. The Man, Church Mouth, track 4 "My Mind"
*The Chemical Brothers, We Are the Night, track 11 "Harpoons"
*Odd Nosdom, Level Live Wires, track 1 "On"
The Tender Box, "Mister Sister"
Louis XIV, "Illegal Tender"
Louis XIV, "Finding Out True Love Is Blind"
Powerspace, "Right On, Right Now (demo)"
Goodbye Satellite, "Because You Know"
Thank God, For Pregnant Virgins, tracks 1- "Good Things Highwaters are in Fashion, Alligators Don't Cry"
Verious, A Taste of Tradition, "Talking Atom, A Dollar Ain't a Dollar Anymore, Ghost Riders in the Sky"

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Show 9

This was the 9th edition of Marcy's Playground, if you start counting from its birth. :)

I burned some music from my personal collection onto a CD and played it. It turned out pretty well. Idk why but I had a lot of issues putting the info in the right slots. Hopefully that won't happen next time.

Pretty much everything without an album was from my music stash.

Beneath the Sky, "7861"
Comeback Kid, "Market Demands"
Comeback Kid, "The Blackstone"
#Children of Bodom, Hate Crew Deathroll, tracks 3&4 "Chokehold; Bodom Beach Terro"
Billy Talent, "Line and Sinker"
Billy Talent, "Try Honesty"
Endwell, "Single And Loving It"
*Sean, Bike Messangers Aren't As Cool As They Think They Are, tracks 4&5 "Boom Diddy; Shave Your Gender Roles Away"
The Finalist, "Leave The Broken Hearts"
A Day to Remember, "Fast Forward to 2012"
*The Deaf, This Bunny Bites, tracks 4&5 "Air Raid; Helen of Troy"
Rise Against, "Give It All"
Rise Against, "1000 Good Intentions"
*Against Me!, New Wave, tracks 1&2 "New Wave; Up the Cuts"
The Sleeping, "Don't Hold Back"
The Sleeping, "Loud And Clear"
*Bleach 03, The Head That Controls Both Right and Left Sides Eats Meats and Slobbers Even Today, tracks 3&4 "Head Cleaner; Torch"
Split Fifty, "Roof tops and Razorblades"
Split Fifty, "Swing from her fingernails"
A Change Of Pace, "Weekend Warriors"
*The New Pornographers, Challengers, tracks 1&2 "My Rights Versus Yours; All the Old Showstoppers"
*Little Name, How to Swim and Live, tracks 8&9 "Nobody Loves Me; Dreaming is a Private Thing"
*Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton, What is Free to a Good Home?, tracks 1&2 "Rowboat; Tha Bank"
*Black Before Red, Belgrave to Kings Circle, tracks 1&2 "Underneath Gold; Matagorda"
*Dirty Projectors, Rise Above, tracks 1&2 "What I See; No More"
$The Unawares, Hey Zeus, track 1 "Very Right Yet Wrong"
Mathieu Chedid, "Qui de Nous Deux"
*The Go! Team, Proof of Youth, tracks 4&5 "Titanic Vandalism; Fake ID"
*The Clorox Girls, J’aime Les Filles, tracks 8&9 “Flowers of Evil; Boys Girls”
*Foreign Elfest, Blue Dirt/Red Carpet, tracks 6&7 "Four Years to Forgery; Art Malleable"
*Mark Ronson, Version, tracks 2&3 "Oh My God ft. Lily Allen;Stop Me Medley ft. Daniel Merriweather"

$ Denotes A Band Playing a Show Tonight

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Show 8: 1st show of Fall 07!

It was great to be back. Had some issues at the beginning of the show but I worked it out, no worries. :) I was feelin some Americana and so were some listeners, so it was fun.

Here's what I played:

Richard Dyer-Bennet, Richard Dyer-Bennet 1, track 12 “I’m a Poor Boy”
*Red Hot Poker Dots, Country Bubble, tracks 1 “Country Bubble”
*Terrene, The Indifferent Universe, track 3 “Makr”
Wrinkle Neck Mules, Pull the Brake, tracks 7&8 “Lowlight; Strangers/Sojourners”
*Red Hot Poker Dots, Country Bubble, tracks 2&3 “Jackson; T.N.T.”
*Architecture in Helsinki, Places Like This, tracks 2&3 “Heart it Races; Hold Music”
Run C&W, Into the Twangy First Century, track 4 “My Girl”
*Wicked Hemlocks, Quill of the Mad, tracks 1-3 “To Be Extremist; Western Front; That Smells Great”
Run C&W, Into the Twangy First Century, track 4 “Ballad of the Burns Brothers; Walkin the Dog”
*Eastern Conference Champions, Ameritown, tracks 2&3 “Noah; Some Sorta Light”
*Oh No! Oh My!, Between the Devil and the Sea EP, tracks 2&3 “Our Mouths Were Wet; The Party Punch”
*You Say Party! We Say Die!, Lose All Time, tracks 4&5 “Teenage Hit Wonder; Monster”
*Caribou, Andorra, tracks 3&4 “After Hours; She’s the One”
*JuiceBox, The Case of Automations, tracks 11&12 “Suzie-Q Got Murdered; When Serpents Invade Your House”
Modest Mouse, Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks, tracks 1&2 “Willful Suspension of Disbelief; Night on the Sun”
Limbeck, This Chapter Called Titles, tracks 6&7 “Save Us; I Never Want This to Pass”
*Misha, Teardrop Sweetheart, tracks 2&3 “Losing; Anaconda”
*Bodies of Water, Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink, tracks 4&5 “I Guess I’ll Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guess; Heard it Sound”

Stuff I Didn’t Get to Play that You May Hear Eventually!

The Honorary Title, The Honorary Title, tracks 3&4 “Frame by Frame; The Faint and Precious Sound”
*Manchester Orchestra, I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child, tracks 4&5 “I Can Feel Your Pain; Where Have You Been?”
Motion City Soundtrack, Commit This to Memory, tracks 4&5 “Resolution; Feel Like Rain”
The Spill Canvas, One Fell Swoop, tracks 6&7 “Teleport A&B; This is For Keeps”
*The Clorox Girls, J’aime Les Filles, tracks 8&9 “Flowers of Evil; Boys Girls”