Saturday, September 29, 2007

Show 11 + Alumni

This weekend was alumni weekend. YAY ALUMNI!

I was a little worried that I was going to have an alum that made me do everything but play their music or that things were going to be one big mess. Thankfully, that didn't happen. My alum's name is Rick Wrigley. He was a music director and program director for WUSC back in the 60's. After college he went into radio and then other ventures. He was a really neat, interesting man. We had a couple pictures taken of us so hopefully I'll have those up soon.

I don't have the playlist of what he played but it was a good mix of stuff! I believe we had dance, bluegrass, jazz, latin, rock and I'm sure a few others.

All in all, it was fun and a good experience. I got to learn about what the station and USC used to be like as well as talk with someone who's actually been in the radio industry. :)

Next week on Oct. 6th I will be in Auburn AL (at AU) for a friend's b-day so I will have a sub. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Eric said...

Hey if you get out early this Saturday, my band Illicitizen is playing at Cafe Strudel, next door to New Brooklyn Tavern. We go on at 8pm.