Friday, November 20, 2009

Show 83

I was a little bit late to my show today because I was getting my first tattoo! (Pictures soon!) So I didn't get to everything I wanted, but here's what I played:

Alice Russell; "Got the Hunger"
Black Kids; Partie Tramatic; "Hurricane Jane"
Beth Hart; "Leave the Light On"
*Old Canes; Feral Harmonic; track 2 "Little Bird Courage"
*Summer Cats; Songs for Tusedays; track 9 "Lonely Planets"
*Austin Crane; Place at the Table; track 7 "Teeth in Your Side"
*White Denim; Fits; "I Start to Run"
Peter Visti; "Dolly"
Neurosonic; "Crazy Sheila"
Chester French; "The Jimmy Choos"
*Junior Astronomers; I Had Plans for Us; track 3 "Attacked by Whales"
*Pacifika; Asuncion; track 4 "Sweet"
*Gogol Bordello; Live from Axis Mundi; "You Gave Up"
Cat Scientists; "Brian Cincinatti"
Chris Garneau; El Radio; "Hands on the Radio"
Sebastien Tellier; "L'Amour et La Violence (Boys Noize Remix)"
*La Roux; La Roux; "Fascination"
*The XX; The XX; track 2 "VCR"
*Lightning Bolt; Earthly Delights; track 6 "Funny Farm"
Mykonos Fleet Foxes Mykonos - Single
The Thief & the Heartbreaker Alberta Cross The Thief & the Heartbreaker
Marry a Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Murder"

* Denotes rotation

Friday, November 13, 2009

Show 82

This past week was our fundraiser! The theme is "Playing Favourites." Appropriately, I had Colin Brown, Aaron Robertson, and Justin Register from Marry a Thief on the show for an interview. Tonight at New Brookland Tavern is their CD release show for "Reaction, Explosion." We played the album throughout the show, so if you were listening you were one of the first to hear the album in its entirety. :) Feel special.

After the interview I played an hour of Man Man songs. Man Man is an experimental group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They've toured with: Modest Mouse; Yessayer; and The Extraordinaries. They've also played at: Pitchfork Festical 06; Coachella 08; and Voodoo Experience 08. I played their songs in chronological order, and in track order. This was not a cop-out. I did it so that A.) we could hear the band's sound over time and B.) because bands usually put a lot of thought into the order of the songs on their album and I wanted to honor that.

I had a fantastic request. It was for a song off of Six Demon Bag, right before I started playing the album. AWESOME timing!

Here's everything that I played:

Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Obvious"
Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Only"
Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Olivia Taylor"
Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Reaction"
Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Planned It"
Marry A Thief; Reaction, Explosion; "Murder"
Man Man; Sods and Odds; "Little Boxes"
Man Man; "I'd Rather Go Blind"
Man Man; The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face; "10 Lb. Moustache"
Man Man; The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face; "Zebra"
Man Man; The Man In A Blue Turban With A Face; "Sarsparillsa"
#Man Man; Six Demon Bag; "Tunneling Through The Guy"
Man Man; Six Demon Bag; "Feathers"
Man Man; Six Demon Bag; "Banana Ghost"
Man Man; Six Demon Bag; "Black Mission Goggles"
Man Man; Six Demon Bag; "Ice Dogs"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "Mister Jung Stuffed"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "Hurly / Burly"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "The Ballad Of Butter Beans"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "Top Drawer"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "Poor Jackie"
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; "Whalebones"

# Denotes Request

Friday, November 6, 2009

Show 81

Didn't get to everything I wanted to play today, which means I have some awesome stuff planned for next week!

Veracruz; "Leopoldo!"
Bat For Lashes; Fur And Gold; "Prescilla"
Shawn Mullins; "Homeless Joe"
Moscow Olympics; Cut The World; "Carolyn"
Travis; Old to J. Smith; "J. Smith"
*Eureka Birds; s/t; "Ten Words"
*Gossip; Music for Men; track 5 "Pop Goes the World"
*Kitty, Daisy, & Lewis; s/t; track 5 "I Got My Mojo Working"
*Gogol Bordello; "Live from Axis Mundi" Audio Extras; track 1 "Ultimate"
Free Energy; "Free Energy"
The National; Alligator; "Karen"
The Magnetic Fields; I; "Irma"
Princeton; "Ms. Bentwich"
*La Roux; s/t; "I'm Not Your Toy"
*The XX; s/t; track 5 "Heart Skipped a Beat"
*Sea Wolf; White Water, White Bloom; track 1 "Wicked Blood"
*Pacifika; Asuncion; track 5 "Paloma"
Jump Back Jane; "Sampson"
These New Puritans; Beat Pyramid; "Elvis"
Biography Of Ferns; "John The Barber"
Telefon Tel Aviv; Immolate Yourself; "Helen of Troy"
*U.S.E.; Loveworld; "What We Fightin' 4"
*Or, the Whale; s/t; track 4 "Never Coming Out"
*Le Loup; Family; track 7 "Go East"
*Vivian Girls; Everything Goes Wrong; track 3 "Can't Get Over You"
Living Things; Habeas Corpus; "Oxygen"
Kate Nash; Make of Bricks; "Mariella"
*The Hi-Nobles; Shake; track 2 "Ain't No Sin"
*Bill Frisell; Disfarmer; track 2 "Lonely Man"

* Denotes Rotation