Saturday, October 27, 2007

Show 14

My computer is de-virused and I made a CD for this show, so things w/out an album name are from a mixed CD I made. :)

*Parkway Drive, Horizons, tracks 4&5 "Carrion; Five Months"
*The Deaf, This Bunny Bites, tracks 4&5 "Air Raid; Helen of Troy"
Flyleaf, "I'm So Sick"
*Alaska the Tiger, The Truth About Earthquakes, track 3 "New Math"
*The Mohawk Lodge, Wildfires, tracks 3-5 "Everybody's on Fire; Timber; Wildfires"
*The Bridge, s/t, tracks 5&6 "Easy Jane; Shake 'em Down"
*Letters Letters, s/t, tracks 1&8&9 "Favorite Hands;In a Way; Want To"
*Forging a Future, First to Leave, tracks 5&6 "The Blind Man!; Drag the Lake"
*Dropout Year, Best Friends for Never, tracks 2-4 "As You Wish; It Wasn't Over, It Still Isn't Over; A Coming of Age Story"
Damone, "Out Here All Night"
#Poison the Well, You come Before You, track 6 "Meeting Again for the First Time"
Fefe Dobson, "Bye Bye Boyfriend"
Katy Rose, "Overdrive"
Paulina Rubio, "Y Yo Sigo Aqui"
*Daedelvs, Fair Weather Friends EP, track 5 "Bonjour"
Noisettes, "Sister Rosetta (Capture the Spirit)"
The Faders, "No Sleep Tonight"
Emma Daumas, "Figurine Humaine"
*Kathryn Williams, Leave to Remain, track 8 "Hollow"
Skye Sweetnam, "Tangled Up In Me"
Jenifer, "Ma Revolution"

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Show 13

Well, my computer decided to be retarded so I only played rotation tonight. Sorry guys! Hopefully next week I'll be able to burn a CD.

*LeeLooJamais, Over You EP, tracks 1&2 "Over You; Sexy"
*The Gougers, A Long Day for the Weathervane, track 4 "Everybody Knows"
*Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros, Diamonds in the Sun, track 6, "Just Like Hank"
*Castanets, In the Vines, tracks 4&5 "Strong Animal; Sway"
*Bucktown Kickback, Lost in Your Own Hometown, tracks 1&2 "Valley; Turn Left off the Exit"
*Josh Roberts and the Hinges, My War Cry is Amor, tracks 5&6 "B & 1 B; Hand of Man"
*Radio Moscow, Radio Moscow (Alive), 7&8 "Timebomb; Deep Blue Sea"
*Picastro, Whore Luck, tracks 1&2 "Car sleep; Friend of Mine"
*Kate Nash, Foundations, tracks 1-4, "Foundations; Habanera; Navy Taxi; Caroline's A Victim"
*The Pipettes, We Are the Pipettes, track 8 "Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me"
*mum, Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy, track 5 "Moon Pulls"
*Health, s/t, track 11 "Lost Time"
*Change!, When Spaceships Collide, tracks 1&2 "This Year We'll Fly; Going Going Glowing Gone" *When Clouds Attack, s/t EP, track 2 "The Meadows"
*Black Before Red, Belgrave to Kings Circle, track 4 "Goddess in Trauma"
*Warm in the Wake, American Prehistoric, track 10 "Devil with a Fist"
*Love Like Fire, An Ocean in the Air, track 4 "S.O.S."
*Cannonball Jane, Knees Up!, track 2 "Slumber Party"
*Retard-O-Bot, Friendship Forever, track 3 "Piggly Wiggle"
*Radio Massacre International, Rain Falls In Grey, track 5 "Emissary"
*Freezepop, Futurefuturefutureperfect, track 2 "Talk Less More Rokk"

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Show 12

Since my show was during Fall Break it was 3 hours long tonight instead of 2. YAY! And I had the joyous experience of getting the USCPD to let me into the station. *grumble*

Anyways, where's what I played: (there's a lot of rotation because I had made a CD for the alumni weekend show, just in case, and didn't end up using it so it was about 1 hour long and not 1.5 hours long)

*Bald Eagle, Hot Shoulders, tracks 2&3 "Jammin the Wedge; Sharks are Fucked Up"
*Les Savy Fav, Let's Stay Friends, tracks 8&9 "Slugs in the Shrubs; Kiss Kiss Is Getting Old"
*Invirto, When I Was a Planet, track 7 "Stitches"
*Acute, Arms Around a Stranger, track 9&10 "Rip Your Heart Out; When We're Alone"
*Oh, the Story!, Good Morning Illumination, track 9&10 "Where There's Smoke There's Fire; Denouement""
*Farwell, Isn't This Supposed to be Fun!?, track 1 "Start it Up"
*The Rentals, The Last Little Life EP, track 3 "Life Without a Brain"
*Art in Manila, Set the Woods on Fire, tracks 2&3 "Our Addictions, The Abomination"
*Cosmic Starfish, Tonight's Favors, track 3 "Moon Bounce"
*Grand Old Party, Humanimals, track 11 "Savior"
*Stars, In Our Bedroom After the War, tracks 3&4 "The Night Starts Here; Take Me to the Riot"
*Run Dan Run, Basic Mechanics, track 11 "The Turn Over"
*Julius Airwave, The City the Forest, tracks 1&2 "In the City; Glory, Glory"
*The Umbrella Sequence, Events, track 8 "The Need to Make Lists"
*The Casual Lean, Swears, tracks 2&3 "Keep It On; Third Degree Burns"
*We Vursus the Shark, EP of Bees, tracks 3&4 "We Vurses the Inevitability of Death; (After)life Things"
*Sunshone Still, Ten Cent American Novels, tracks 15&16, "Chapter 11 - Blue Bead; Epilogue: Doctor, Compadre, Adios! (A Pallet of Buffalo Roses)"
Sufjan Stevens, "That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!"
Hedley, "Trip"
Limbeck, "Sin City"
The Working Title, "There is None"
Catherine Feeny, "Mr. Blue"
Indochine, "J'ai Demande a la Lune"
Great Northern, "Home"
Name Taken, "Clear and Concious"
Limbeck, "In Ohio On Some Steps"
Paolo Nutini, "New Shoes"
The Kooks, "Ooh La"
Mike Doughty, "Down on the River by the Sugar Plant"
*Due East, s/t, tracks 8&9 "Marion; Birmingham"