Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Show 22

*Crime in Stereo, Crime in Stereo is Dead, track 8 “Vicious Teeth”
NoFX, "Pump Up The Valium"
NoFX, "We Threw Gasoline Into The Fire And Now We Have No Eyebrows And Stumps For Arms"
The Chariot, The Fiancee, "Then Came to Kill"
Split Fifty, Swing From Her Fingernails, "Watered Down Six String"
Showbread, "Dead By Dawn"
Showbread, "Mouth Like A Magazine"
SR71, "Tomorrow"
Moraine, In The Long Run..., "You Picked the Perfect Time to be Honest"
Moraine, "Accepting Reality"
Erich Skelton, Pretend to Radiate, “Story of a Boy”
zerochance, Better Days for Broken Hearts, "Burn My Radio"
zerochance, Better Days for Broken Hearts, "The Southern Air"
New Years Day, "Sunrise Sunset"
New Years Day, "Ready Aim Misfire"
KYO, "Je Saigne Encore"
KYO, "Derniere Danse"
KYO, “Je Cours”
Leslie, “Pardonner”
*Videohippos, Unbeast the Leash, track 5 “Kool Shades”
*Wire, Read & Burn 03, track 3 “No Warning Given”
*Vampire Hands, Virgin Dust American Lips, track 4 “Stunning Blonde”
*Rafter, Sex Death Cassette, track 5&7 “Love Time Now Please; Chances”
*Marsmobil, Minx, track 3&7 “Call Me; Reversed Mantra”
*She is So Beautiful/She is So Blonde, s/t, track 3&4 “Played Your Guitar; Tied to the Sound”
*Romantica, America, track 1&2 “Queen of Hearts; I Need You Tonight”
*The Kennedys, Better Dreams, track 7&8 “American Wish; Sago Mine”

Monday, January 28, 2008

CD Review 3

Artist: Make Out Party
Date: 01/28/08
Title: Lengths and Limits
Picks: 2 3 4 5 6
No-No's: Clean!

Genre: Pop Rock

After reading the review of this that Ashley gave me (some random sheet of paper thing) I basically got that these guys don't like scene kids and all of these bands that are popping up online *cough*myspace*cough* so they're taking back the music scene!
YAY!... Sounds like a winner.
Oh, and cute name Mr's We-Don't-Like-Scene-Kids.

I think they've got potential.
An amateur version of Boys Like Girls' "Holiday" sorta comes to mind.
Watered down pop rock. Yup yup yup.

They've played with Over It and Stereo Stero, if that means anything to you.

The RIYL on the CD is all over the place so here's a new one: Relient K, Boys Like Girls, Permanent Me.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Show 21

So, I may have forgotten about my show and been a little late. Oopsies.

*Amanda Shaw, Pretty Runs Out, track 3 "French Jig"
*Ray Bonneville, Goin by Feel, track 5 "I am the Big Easy"
*Peggy Seeger, Bring Me Home, track 9 "Little Birdie"
The New Christy Minstrals, Greatest Hits, "Down Town; Chim Chim Cher-ee"
*The Parson Red Heads, King Giraffe, track 4 "Punctual as Usual"
*Hannah Miller, Into the Black, track 9 "Into the Black"
*Radar Bros., Auditorium, track 3 "Happy Spirits"
*Georgie James, Places, track 8 "Hard Feelings"
*Dallas Orbiter, Motorcycle Diagrams, track 7 "Brow of Zeus"
*The Whitsundays, s/t, track 5 "Antisocial"
*SH! The Octopus, The Carrot Chase, track 4 "My Kicks"
*The Octogon, Nothing But Change, track 5 "Weekends"
*Denue Fever, Venus on Earth, track 2 "Clipped Wings"
*The Bridge, s/t, track 1 "Get Back Up"
*Malibu, Robo Sapiens, track 2 "The Bounce"
*Black Dice, Load Blown, track 1 "Kokomo"
*Velella Velella, Flight Club - EP, track 1 "Alex Boom Selector"
*Unrecognizable Now, In a Cave of a Coma, track 7 "Between Words"
*Prefuse 73, Preparations, disc 2 track 7 "Over Ensembles"
*Chicago Afobeat Project, (A) Move to Silent Unrest, track 2 "Superstar pt. 7"
Ob.Scene.Kidz, "Joyeux Festin"
Mariajos√©, ¿Quien Eres Tu?
MGMT, Oracular Spectacular, "Time to Pretend"
Adept, "The Wrestle"
*v/a, Through the Wilderness: A Tribute to Madonna, track 7 "Giant Drag"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Show 20

Annnnd we're back! WOO! This semester my show is on Tuesdays 4pm-6pm. It's my first non-Saturday show and I'm rather excited.

Here's what went down:

*The Naked Cowboy, What the Naked Cowboy Wants to Hear, tracks 3&5 “I’m Gonna Marry a Hooker; Sad Old Heartbreak Song”
*Various, Down at the Sea Hotel, tracks 5&6 “Midnight in Missoula; Do La Lay”
*Cars & Trains, Rusty String, tracks 2&3 “The Wires from My Broken Record Player; Fake Plastic Guns”
*Sally Shapiro, Disco Romance, tracks 3&7 “Find My Soul; Hold Me So Tight”
*Neon Neon, Raquel, tracks 1&3 “Raquel; Trick for Treat”
*Ghislain Poirier, No Ground Under, tracks 3&4 “Jusqu’en Haut ft. Omnikrom; Hit & Red”
*Flying Lotus, Reset EP, track 1 “Tea Leaf Dancers”
*Food for Animals, Belly, tracks 1&2 “Maryland Slang; Tween My Lips”
*Gangalee, Vintage Roots, tracks 1&8 “Get dat $$$ y’all Featuring Drake; Hot & Fresh”
*Say Hi, The Wishes and the Glitch, tracks 1&6 “Northwestern Girls; Magic Beans and Magic Truths”
*Buck Brothers, Me, tracks 1&2 “Run, Run, Run, Run, Run; Gorgeously Stupid”
Gob, "For The Moment"
Gob, "I Hear You Calling"
The Ataris, "San Dimas High School Football"
Farewell, "Manila"
Time Tells All, "Sweep The Nation"x
My American Heart, "The Shake (Awful Feeling)
The Wedding, "Staring At The Light"
October Fall, "Keep Dreaming Upside Down"
Stroke 9, "Letters"
Ivoryline, "Be Still and Breathe"
Fair Verona, "Sleepless"
Lovedrug, "Dancing"