Saturday, March 31, 2007

Show 2 + Yo Yos + Subbing

Hey guys! I'm pretty excited about this show. SHOW #2! WOO!

But before I get into a list of songs I might play, let me take a minute to tell you that you all should come out to Strom Thermond field next Monday, March 26 to take part in a world record breaking event! That's right, we're going to be breaking the world record for most people simultaneously yo-yo'ing. Come out and register at 6pm, get a free commemorative yo-yo provided by Duncan, get some food from Tios Mexican Cafe if you're one of the first 400 people, buy some raffle tickets to win a bike, watch some yo-yo guys and drop your commemorative yo-yo at 7pm and break a world record! WOO! Free food? Free yo-yo? Breaking a world record? Why wouldn't you come to Strom field at 6pm next Monday, March 26!?

WOOO! We broke the world record for most people simultaneously yo-yoing, yesterday! Old record: 630, our record: 932. We SHATTERED that record! We're (kinda) in the Guinness Book of World Records! Woo-hoo! Thanks so, SO much to everyone that came out!

I'm actually doing two shows today. I'm subbing for Claire on Blues Moon Radio (yes, I'll be playing blues) 4pm-6pm and Marcy's Playground 6pm-8pm.

This is what was played on Blues Moon Radio:
  • Various, The New Groove, track 1: "Kofi"
  • David Lindup, The Sound Gallery, track 5: "Zodiac"
  • Robert Mitchum, Cocktail Mix, Vol. 3 - Swingin' Singles, track 2: "Not Me"
  • John Lee Hooker, "Mama, You Got a Daughter"*
  • John Lee Hooker, "House Rent Blues"*
  • John Lee Hooker, "I Can't Quit You Baby"*
  • Danzig, "I'm the One"*
  • Bartha Lee, "Yellow Bee"*
  • B B King, There is Always One More Time, track 01: "The Blues Come Over Me"
  • B B King, There is Always One More Time, track 03: "I'm Moving On"
  • Son House, "My Black Mama, Pt. 1"*
  • Robert Johnson, The Complete Recordings, track 5: "Rambling On My Mind"
  • Geeshie Wiley, "Last Kind Words"*
  • Marcia Ball, Various Women Blues Artists, track 06: "Mama's Cooking"
  • Robert "Guitar" Welch, Angola Prison - Spirituals, track 03: "What Shall I Do?"
  • Buddy Moss, Legends of the Blues, track 10: "My Baby Won't Pay Me No Mind"
  • Katie Webster, Swamp Boogie Queen, " Hold On to What You Got"**
  • Unknown, Harmonic Classics, "Downtown Boogie"
  • Willie Bobon, "I Don't Know"
  • Sister O.M. Terrell, "Swing Low Chariot"
  • Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas and Tracy Nelson, Various Women Blues Artists, "Shouldn't I Love Him?"
  • Son House, "Pearline"
  • Ruth Brown and Charles Brown, Various Women Blues Artists, "Tell Me Who"
  • Koko Taylor, Alligator Records 35x35, "I Got What It Takes"
  • Charlie Musselwhite, Alligator Records 35x35, "River Hip Mama"
  • Skip James, "I'm So Glad"
*these songs don't have an album because they're off of a mix that a friend for me
**Jordan took over at this point to give me a break, YAY JORDAN!

And here are songs I played on Marcy's Playground:
  • The Honorary Title, The Honorary Title, track 04: "The Faint and Precious Sound"
  • Kitcar, Move Me, track 03: "You'll Be Cool"
  • I Killed the Prom Queen, Music for the Recently Deceased, track 06: "Bet It All On Black"
  • MxPx, Let's Rock, track 01: "You Walk I Run"
  • LCD Soundsystem, Sound of Silver, track 04: "Someone Great"
  • Four Tet, Remixes, "Madvillain - Money Folder (four tet remix)"
  • Comeback Kid, Broadcasting, track 03: "Hailing On Me"
  • Liz Phair, s/t, track 01: "Extraordinary"
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Queen, s/t, track 10: "Three Chances"
  • Fiamma Fumana, 1.0, track 02: "Tre Sorelle - Three Sisters"
  • Thunderbirds Are Now, Make History, track 06: Sound Issues/Smart Ideas"
  • Head Automatica, Decadence, track 01: "At the Speed of the Yellow Bullet"
  • Paulson, All At Once, track 03: "Calling On You"
  • Sugarcult, Start Static, track 08: "Pretty Girl (The Way)"
  • She, Sir, Who Can't Say Yes?, track 01: "I Love You, Blowtorch Eyes"
  • Ad Vielle Que Pourra, Come What May, track 08: "Chanson a la mariee"
  • The Fratellis, The Flathead EP, track 02: "Henrietta"
  • Midtown, Selections from Living Well is the Best Revenge, track 02: "Still Trying"
  • Gratitude, s/t, track 02: "Drive Away"
  • The Reverse, The Longest Day of the Year, track 04: "Moments Too Late"
  • Bayside, The Walking Wounded, track 11: "A Rite of Passage"
  • I'm From Barcelona, Let Me Introduce My Friends, track 09: "This Boy (ft. Loney, Dear)"
  • Brazilian Girls, Talk to La Bomb, track 12: "Problem"
  • The Show is the Rainbow, s/t, track 08: "Waiting Not Working"
  • Death From Above, Romantic Rights, track 02: "Romantic Rights"
  • Limbeck, s/t, track 08: "Let's Get Crazy"
  • The Matches, E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals, track 03: "Chain Me Free"
  • Antelope, Reflector, track 01: "Reflector"
  • The Chemical Brothers, Dig Your Own Hole, track 08: "Get Up On it Like This"
  • The Chemical Brothers, Dig Your Own Hole, track 01*
*I was going to play Matchbook Romance, but the CD was being difficult.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

First Show!

Yo. Hopefully you tuned into the FIRST EVER broadcast of "Marcy's Playground." I was pretty stoked about playing my first show. And pretty scared crapless. If you didn't tune in, you suck hardcore, but I still love you.

In case you're wondering, this is what I played:

Bloc Party - "Little Thoughts"
Bloc Party - "So Here We Are"
Secret Mommy - "Plays"
Armor for Sleep - "Kind of Perfect"
Kristi Stassinopoulou - "At the Edge of the Horizon"
Comeback Kid - "Come Around"
Antibalas - "Beaten Metal"
Antibalas - "Filibuster X"
Bayside - "The Walking Wounded"
Menomena - "Muscle'n Flo"
Paulson - "Ultra-high"
Lyon - "Roger Q Where Are You?"
Of Montreal - "Suffer for Fashion"
Fiamma Fumana - "1.0"
I Killed the Prom Queen - "Slain Upon My Faithful Sword"
The Chemical Brothers - "Left Right"
V/A - "Bacalao"
!!! - "Bend Over Beethoven"
Cold War Kids - "Hang Me Out To Dry"
Borat - "You Be My Wife"
Permanent Me - "Christine"
Rupam - "Lovely Girl"
She, Sir - "Lieutenant"
LCD Soundsystem - "Get Innocuous!"
Pixel Panda - "Radical Decision Makers"
Boys Like Girls - "Five Minutes to Midnight"