Thursday, December 17, 2009

Student Media Campaign

More videos!

These are Student Media generated ad campaigns. They're supposed to be sort of like a commercial. The first one features me. Hope you love 'em!

Concept by Liz Howell
Featured members of Student Media:
Me!, Station Manager, WUSC
Alejandro Florez, Public Affairs Director, WUSC
Lizzie Erickson, Asst. Design Director, The Daily Gamecock
Amanda Davis, Editor, The Daily Gamecock
Ed Cahill, Station Manager, SGTV
Joey Thompson, Producer, SGTV
Justin Fenner, Creative Director, WUSC

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Branching Out

I normally try to stay incognito on here, but I've decided to link 2 of my blogs on here and make myself a little more known.

Over the next week or so I'm going to be post-posting some things. Including:

A video about me and WUSC.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Show 85

This is my last show of the semester. :( I'll be in town for winter break so I may do a show here and there but I'm not committing to anything.

Ruby Isle; "White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes Cover)"
Bombay Dub Orchestra; 3 Cities; "Journey"
Computer Vs. Banjo; Computer Vs. Banjo; "Lost"
*Port Royal; Dying in Time; n5MD; track 8 "Balding Generation (Losing Hair as We Lose Hope)"
*Gossip; Music for Men; Columbia; "Men in Love"
*Sea Wolf; White Water, White Bloom; Dangerbird Records; "Wicked Blood"
Cars & Trains; Rusty String; "Fake Plastic Guns"
Bat For Lashes; Two Suns; "Daniel"
Cassettes Won't Listen; Small-Time Machine; "Freeze & Explode"
*The XX; The XX; Rough Trade; "Basic Shape"
*The Dutchess & the Duke; Sunset/Sunrise; Hardly Art; track 2 "Scorpio"
*Baaba Maal; Television; Palm Pictures Ltd; track 4 "Cantaloupe"
The Mountain Goats; The Life Of The World To Come; "Genesis 3:23"
So the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken
Deerhunter; Microcastle; "Agoraphobia"
a fear of being in places where help might not be available. It usually involves fear of crowds, bridges, or of being outside alone
Wavves; Wavvves; "No Hope Kids"
Lykke Li; "I'm Good, I'm Gone'
*La Roux; La Roux; Polydor; "I'm Not Your Toy"
*Deluka; Deluka EP; VEL Records; "Mixed Messages"
*Junior Astronomer; I Had Plans for Us; Kinnikinnik; "Attacked by Whales"
Wolf Parade; At Mount Zoomer; "Call It A Ritual"
Eric Lau; Producer, Vol. 1; "For the D (feat. Guilty Simpson)"
Anavan; Cover Story; "Off To A Fighting Start"
*Girls; Album; True Panther Sounds; track 12 "Darling"
*Air; Love 2; Astralwerks; track 4 "Be a Bee"
*Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes; Up From Below; Community Records; track 12 "Brother"
Danger; "11h30"
Yelle; Pop-Up; "A Cause Des Garçons"
amiina; Kurr; "Sexfaldur"
*Parov Stelar; Coco; Etage Noir Recordings; track 1 "Coco"
*Neon Indian; Psychic Chasms; Lefse; "Should Have Taken Acid With You"
*Kosha Dillz; Beverly Dillz; Kosha Dillz World/Shemspeed; track 3 "Fat Love"
Bell; "Magic Tape"
French Kicks; Swimming; "Abandon"
Anarbor; "Let The Games Begin"
*Boys Noize; Power; Last Gang; "Sweet Light"
*The Cassavettes; Shake Down the Sun; Lights On"
Santogold; Santogold; "Lights Out"

*Denotes Rotation

Friday, December 4, 2009

Show 84

This show was my second to last show of the semester. I won't be doing a show next week at my regularly scheduled time, but I WILL be doing a show Monday the 14th. That will be my last show of the semester. :( I'll keep you all posted on when I'll be doing a show in the spring.

Here's what I played:

The Tallis Scholars; "Josquin Desprez - Ave Maria"
Jil Aigrot; Words of Love; "Mon vieux Lucien"
Jacques Brel; Infiniment; "Les Flamandes"
*Deuka; Deluka EP; VEL Records; track 1 "Cascade"
*Sea Wolf; White Water, White Bloom; Dangerbird Records; "Orion & Dog"
*Love is Chemicals; Song of the Summer Youth Brigade; Three Ring Records; track 2 "Let Me come Down"
*Girls; Album; True Panther Sounds; track 6 "Hellhole Ratrace"
Dr. Dog; Fate; "The Old Days"
Caedmon's Call; Chronicles 1992-2004; "Bus Driver"
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros; Up from Below; "Home"
*Pants Yell!; Received Pronunciation; Slumberland; track 7 "Marble Staircase"
*Boys Noize; Power; Last Gange; track 3 "Starter"
*The Choir Quit; Untitled; None; track 2 "Saturday Nite"
*The Protomen; Act III: The Father of Death; Sound Machine Records; track 2 "The Good Doctor"
The Autumns; "Killer in Drag (Le Petit Mort Mix)"
Yelle; Pop-Up; "Jogging"
Kaiser Chiefs; "Never Miss A Beat (Cut Copy Remix)"
*Kosha Dillz; Beverly Dillz; Kosha Dillz World/Shemspeed; track 6 "Jungle"
*The Gossip; Music for Men; Columbia; "Heavy Cross"
*Dreaming in Stereo; Dreaming in Stereo; Vying Van Gogh; track 3 "Steal This Song"
*Rosa Passos; Rosa; Editorial Musical Dunas; track 7 "Molambo"
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings; "Keep On Looking (Kenny Dope Remix)"
Aíd; Jugando; "Boogie Vigo"
Bon Iver; Blood Bank; "Blood Bank"
*The Cassavettes; Shake Down the Sun; None; track 4 "Madeline"
*Darrin James Band; The Lovely Ugly Truth; Bridge Street; track 12 "Whiskey Breath Blues"
*Sons of the Never Wrong; On A Good Day... I AM; Waterbug; track 4 "Say Goodbye"
*La Roux; La Roux; Polydor; "I'm Not Your Toy"

* Denotes Rotation

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tattoo + Rescheduling

Sorry I didn't do my show last weekend, Columbia! I was enjoying my Thanksgiving break. I will be back on the airwaves this Friday for my last show of the semester. I might do a show over winter break but I'm not sure yet. I'll let you know!

As promised, here are some pictures of my tattoo: