Friday, February 26, 2010

Show 91

Here's what I played:

Nite Jewel; Good Evening; "Weak for Me"
*Toro Y Moi; Causers Of This; ""Lissoms"
Yoko Ono & Peaches; Yes, I'm a Witch; ""Kiss Kiss Kiss"
*Woodhands; Remorsecapade;
Hey Champ; "Cold Dust Girl (80Kidz Remix)"
*Boys Noize; Power; "Jeffer"
Air France; A Love Letter In Three Parts - Part II; "GBG Belongs To Us"
Partyshank; "Gary Remix"
FLOSSTRADAMUS; "Big Bills feat.CAROLINE POLACHEK (Flosstradamus Power House Remix)"
*Variety Lab; Team Up! With Variety Lab; Peer Music; track 8 "Hola Mireia"
*Spiral Beach; The Only Really Thing; Sparks Music; track 10 "May Go Round (In a Mania)"
*Dirty Dancing; Mediocrity is the Strongest Inevitability; track 1 "Merger"
The Trophy Fire; A Lifetime in the Middle of the Ocean; "Divide"
Paramount Styles; Failure American Style; Come To New York"
Rock Plaza Central; Are We Not Horses?; "We've Got a Lot to Be Glad For"
*Matt the Electrician; Animal Boy; track 4 “College”
*Brown Bird; The Devil Dancing; Pea Pod Recordings; track 3 “Muck and Mire”
*Have Guns, Will Travel; Postcards from the Friendly City; track 1 “Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing”
*Kopecky Family Band; Embraces EP; “Trainwreck”
*Old Canes; Feral Harmonic; Saddle Creek; “Little Bird Courage”
*Imaad Wasif; The Voidist; Tee Pee Records; track 4 “Window Wing”
Austin Crane; Place at the Table; "Window"
Carla Morrison; Aprendiendo a Aprender - EP; "Esta Soledad"
V.V. Brown; "Shark In the Water"
Killamu; A Minha Face; "Melodia de Semba"

*Denotes Rotation

Friday, February 19, 2010

Show 90

WUSC is having another show tonight, this one being at the oh-so-good-to-us NBT. Featuring: Jungle Crow, The Choir Quit, Kid Trails, The Get Wets, and Single Serving Friends. 8pm doors, $5 cover, come on out!

Here's what I played today:

Piano Tribute Conservatory; Piano Tribute to Owl City; "Fireflies"
*Joe Pug; Messenger; Lightning Rod Records; track 9 "Bury Me Far (From My Uniform)"
*You Say Party! We Say Die!; xxxx; Paper Bag; track 4 "Cosmic Wanship Avengers"
*Jaga Jazziest; One Armed Bandit; Ninja Tune; track 8 "Music! Dance! Drama!"
#Kid Trails; Kid Trails
*Four Tet; There is Love In You; Domino; track
Limbeck; Limbeck; "Big Drag"
Annuals; Such Fun; "Hot Night Hounds"
Ghosts of the Great Highway; A Spell & a Fire; "Burnished Skin No.12"
*Infusion; All Night Sun Light; Omnis; track 8 "Dogtown"
*The Films; Oh, Scorpio; The Films Empire; track 5 "Amateur Hour"
*Junior Astronomers; I Had Plans for Us; Kinnikinnik; "Cavalcade"
*Austin Crane; Place at the Table; "Teeth in Your Side"
Damien Jurado; Caught In the Trees; "Go First"
The Broken West; I Can't Go On, I'll Go On; "Baby On My Arm"
Carlos Whittaker; "Rain it Down"
*Erin Muir; Poet's Lovely Daughter; track 1 "Supernatural"
*Vic Chestnutt; At the Cut; Constellation; track 2 "When the Bottom Fell Out"
*Alec Ounsworth; Mo Beauty; Anti; track 9 "Obscene Queen Bee #2"
*Spirl Beach; The Only Really Thing; Sparks; track 11 "Which + Whats"
Hanifah Walidah; "Soldier"
AC Newman; Get Guilty; "Submarines of Stockholm"
Land of Talk; "It's Okay"
*Old Canes; Feral Harmonic; Saddle Creek; "I Will Be The Sun"
*Woodpigeon; Die Stadt Muzikanten; track 3 "Empty Hall Sing-Along"
*Variety Lab; Team Up! with Variety Lab; Peer Music; track 6 "This Parade"
*Have Guns, Will Travel; Postcards From the Friendly City; track "Salad Days"

*Denotes Rotation
#Denotes Request

Friday, February 12, 2010

Show 89 + Cement Stars Interview

Tonight WUSC is having a show at Bey's with NITE JEWEL and the amazing Cement Stars.

During the second half of the show Josh Smith of The Columbia Beet, bringing you live locals every week, and I interviewed Cement Stars. The last song of theirs that we played, "Snowing in the City," came at the perfect time as it began SNOWING IN COLUMBIA! Wow! Didn't expect that one!

Before & after the interview this is what I played:

Islands; Arm's Way; "Abominable Snow"
Local Natives; Sun Hands; "Sun Hands"
Pas/Cal; I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura; "Glorious Ballad Of The Ignored"
*Tokyo Rosenthal; Ghosts; Rock & Sock; track 3 “There is No Perfect Love”
*Via Audio; Animalore; Undertow; track 3 “Babies”
*Dirty Dancing; Mediocrity is the Strangest Inevitability; track 7 “Magnetic Kisses”
Rupa & The April Fishes; Extraordinary Rendition; "Maintenant"
Vieux Farka; Touré; "Fafa"
Novalima; "Tumbala (Chris Franck Remix)"
The Kills; No Wow; Rough Trade; track “Love is a Deserter”
*Clem Snide; The Meat of Life; 429 Records; track 6 “Forgive Me, Love”
*Yeasayer; Odd Blood; Secretly Canadian; track 6 “Love Me Girl”
*Old Canes; Feral Harmonic; track 9 “Stuck”
Cement Stars Interview! with Marcy & Josh Smith
Hey Champ; "Cold Dust Girl (80Kidz Remix)"
Millionyoung; "Cynthia"
Make the Girl Dance; "Baby Baby Baby"
*Elliot Randall & the Deadmen; Caffeine & Gasoline; track 4 “Good Love”
*McGowan Southworth; American Regular; track 1 “Girl, Girl, Girl, You’re Making Me Nervous” *Collin Herring; Ocho; Collin Herring; track 8 “Little Aches”

Friday, February 5, 2010

Show 88

Here's what I played:

The Teenagers; Reality Check; "Feeling Better"
Seprewa Kasa; Seprewa Kasa; "Nkabom"
The Junior Varsity; Cinematographic; "Wunderdrug"
*Toro y Moi; Causers of This; Carpark; track 1 "Blessa"
*Surfer Blood; Astro Coast; Kanine; track 8 "Slow Jabroni"
*Beach House; Teen Dream; Subpop; "Norway"
Hedley; "Trip"
The A.K.A.s (ARE EVERYWHERE!); "Gotta Get Outta Here"
High Places; High Places; "From Stardust to Sentience"
The Broken West; I Can't Go On, I'll Go On; "Abigail"
*The Protomen; Act II: The Father of Death; Soundmachine; track 8 "Breaking Out"
*Variety Lab; Team Up! with Variety Lab; Peer Music; track 5 "Soda Pop Confusion"
*Etienne Jaumet; Night Music; Domino; track 3 "Mental Vortex"
Aaron Hehl; "In These Shoes"
Laura Veirs; "July Flame"
Vampire Weekend; "Cousins"
Grizzly Bear; Veckatimest; "About Face"
*Willie Murphy; A Shot of Love in a Time of Need; Red House; track 2 "Love Attack"
*Damon Fowler; Sugar Shack; Blind Pig Records; track 3 "I Hope it's Gonna Rain"
*Davis Cohen; Magnolia Land; track 2 "Change in the Weather"
Janka Nabay; "Good Governance"
Camphor; Drawn To Dust; "The Sweetest Tooth"
French Kicks; Swimming; "Abandon"
*Matt the Electrician; Animal Boy; self-released; track 1 "Faithfully"
*Twin Atlantic; Vivarium; Red Bull Records; "Light Speed"
*Gossip; Music for Men; Columbia; "For Keeps"

*Denotes Rotation