Friday, October 30, 2009

Show 80

Missed some shows, but I'm back! Here's my playlist:

*Pacifika; Asuncion; "Chiquita"
Señor Coconut; Around The World; "Around the World"
Polkastra; "Apolkalypse Now"
Yunghen Lhamo; "Tara"
The Winston Jazz Routine; Sospiri; "William and Betsy"
Smith; "Smith"
American Aquarium; Dances for the Lonely; "Ain't Going to the Bar Tonight"
*Danny Barnes; Pizza Box; "TSA"
*Fruit Bats; The Ruminant Band; "Being On Our Own"
Cars & Trains; Rusty String; "Oh, Sweet Consequence"
Computer Vs. Banjo; Computer Vs. Banjo; "Concealed"
The Big Pink; "Dominos"
A Day to Remember; "Fast Forward to 2012"
*Bulletproof La Roux La Roux
Sebastien Tellier; "Sexual Sportswear (Donovan remix)"
*Gossip; Music for Men; "Heavy Cross"
*U.S.E., Loveworld, "Look at the City"
*Eva & The Heartmaker; Let's Keep This Up Forever; track 10 "Possible Escape/Possible Mistake"
Allison Weiss; Allison Weiss & the Way She Likes It - EP; "The Disappearing Act"
*Eureka Birds; Eureka Birds; "Oh! My Dear"
*Flea Market Poets; Dirty Days; "Annie Superstar"
Nurses; "Caterpillar Playground"
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea; Family Family Family Meets The Magic Christian; "Pretty Purple Top Hat"
*The Oculist; Principlex; track 7 "Buckets of Sadness"

* Denotes Rotation

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here is a video of me that some friends did for a class.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Edit: I've had to change the title up above because for some reason this post is getting spam comments every single day. Weird. Anyways,

I missed my show last week. Apologies for that, listeners! Here's what I played this week:

Corsica; Endings; "Since When Was Lying an Olympic Sport?"
Cherry Monroe; The Good, the Bad & the Beautiful; "If You Go"
*Dish; Ma Raison De Vivre; track 5 "Death and Romance"
*USE; Loveworld; track 1 "Dance With Me"
*big bang tv; s/t; track 5 "I should have known"
Dan Deacon; Bromst; "Red F"
Shugo Tokumaru; Exit; "Parachute"
Delta Spirit; Ode to Sunshine; "People C'mon"
The Pica Beats; Beating Back the Claws of the Cold; "poor old ra"
The Stems; "Leave You Way Behind"
*Le Loup; Family; track 6 "Forgive Me"
*Health; Get Colour; track 2 "Die Slow"
*The Dø; A Mouthful; "At Last"
Luke Top; "Friends; "Friends"
Cymbals Eat Guitars; Why There Are Mountains; "And the Hazy Sea"
Project Jenny, Project Jan; "You Said (feat. So Percussion)"
Eulogies; Here Anonymous; "Two Can Play"
Sara Schiralli; Bang Bang; "Incomplete"
Wildbirds & Peacedrums; The Snake; "There Is No Light"
*Flea Market Poets; Dirty Days; track 5 "100% Confused"
*sissy wish; Beauties Never Die; track 6 "Milk"
*Eureka Birds; s/t; track 3 "Oh! My Dear"
My Brightest Diamond; From the Top of the World; "Adieu Mon Coeur"
Sisters 3; "Giggling Gremlins"
*Midtown Dickens; Lanterns; "Annihilation"
*Fruit Bats; The Ruminant Band; "Primitive Man"
*Preak Faeans; Wintering Out; track 8 "Incantation"

* Denotes Rotation