Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Show 99 + Subbing

Today was my 100th show!! WOW! I had wanted to do something special for my 100th show, but I didn't figure it out until during my show when I visited my blog. Oh well. Hooray for me, anyways! :) (*NOTE* upon further inspection, I noticed that I skipped a number somewhere in my show titles so this was actually my 99th show)

I was still subbing for Brent Riley this week. The fall schedule starts TOMORROW (Thursday) at 12am. That means that starting next week I will be on at my regularly scheduled Fall 2010 time.

Until then, here's what I played today:

*Mates of State; Crushes; Barsuk Records; track 6 “Love Letter”
*Snake! Snake! Snakes!; s/t; Common Wall; track 1 “City on Fire”
*The Cinnamon Band; Doomed Forever; Olympico; track 2 “Buena Vista”
*Foals; Total Life Forever; Sub Pop; track 5 “Spanish Sahara”
*Katzenjammer; Le Pop; Nettwerk; track 7 “Le Pop”
Pacific!; Reveries; “Hot Lips”
King Of Prussia; Save The Scene; “Spain in the Summertime”
Islands; Return To The Sea; “Jogging Gorgeous Summer”
Club 8; The boy who couldn't stop dreaming; “Where birds don't fly”
*Cowboy Junkies; Remnim Park; Latent Records; track 4 “Stranger Here”
Gregory + The Hawk; Moenie and Kitchi; "Ghost"
*Cindy Bullens; Howling Trains and Barking Dogs; MC Records; track 1 “Love Gone Good”
*Punch Brothers; Antifogmatic; Nonesuch; “This is the Song (Good Luck)”
*The Goodnight Loving; The Goodnight Loving Supper Club; Dirtnap; track 1 “Ain’t it Weird?”
Rediscover; Call Me When You Get This; “Kiss Me”
Earlimart; Hymn And Her; “For The Birds”
The Bird & The Bee; Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future; “My Love”
Real Estate; Live In Austin 2010; “Beach Comber”
*The Joy Formidable; A Balloon Called Moaning; Black Bell Records; track 5 “Whirring”
*These United States; What Lasts; United Interests; track 6 “Life&Death She&I”
*Carissa’s Weird; They’ll Only Miss You When You Leave; Songs 1996-2003; Hardly Art; track 5 “You Should be Hated Here”
*Perfume Genius; Learning; Matador Records; track 7 “No Problem”
#*Cheer Up Charlie Daniels; Live in ’79; Shotgun International Records; track 8 “Yeast Infection Affection”
Death of Paris; "East or West"
La Chansons; King and Queen of the Dance Floor; “Totally Beachin'”
Art Brut; Art Brut vs Satan; “Summer Job”
The Postmarks; The Postmarks; “Summers Never Seem To Last”
We Are Wolves; Total Magique; “Fight & Kiss”
*Tender Trap; Dansette Dansette; Slumberland; track 3 “Do You Want a Boyfriend?”
*Bronze Radio Return; Old Time Speaker; track 6 “Wolves”
*Uffie; Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans; Electra; “Illusion of Love”
Mae; The Everglow; “The Sun And Moon”
#Santogold; Your Voice;
Her Space Holiday; XOXO, Panda And The New Kid Revival; “Four Tapping Shoes And A Kiss”
The Bird & the Bee; Polite Dance
*Health; Disco2; Lovepump United; track 3 “In Heat (Javelin Remix)”
*Neon Indian; Sleep Paralysist; greenlabelsound; track 1 “Sleep Paralysist”
*Pigeons; Here We Go Magic; Secretly Canadian; track 2 “Collector (Radio Edit)
The Fratellis; Here We Stand; “Look Out Sunshine”
Limbeck; Limbeck; “Sunset Limited”
Deadend Rainbows; One Bird A Day; “R2d2 Folk Song”
*Gordon Voidwell; Ivy League Circus; Cantora; track 4 “Cloud 9 Vertigo”
*Funki Porcini; On; Ninja Tune; track 4 “Bright Little Things”

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Show 98 + Subbing

Today I subbed for Brent "The Stud Dog" Riley! He had to go back to his day job in Lexington, molding the young minds of tomorrow. During breaks (including summer break) shows are 3 hours long. So, here's the long list of what I played:

New Things Shine Austin Crane I Know My Hands
Phantogram; Eyelid Movies; “You Are The Ocean”
Fidelis; “The Sailing Sun”
Reeve Oliver; “Summer”
*Punch Brothers; Antifogmatic; Nonesuch; track 10 “This is the Song (Good Luck)”
*Sleepy Sun; Fever; All Tomorrow’s Parties; track 3 “Wild Machines”
*Streets on Fire; This is Fancy; track 4 “Chadwick Shut Up!”
*Gogol Bordello; Trans-continental Hustle; American Recordings; track 12 “Break the Spell”
Forward; Nothing But Teeth; “The Last Summer”
The Pipettes; We Are The Pipettes; “Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me”
Halloween, Alaska; Champagne Downtown; “Hot Pink”
Iron Horse; Pickin' on Modest Mouse; “Ocean Breathes Salty”
*The Love Language; Libraries; Merge Records; track 2 “Brittany’s Back”
*Deertick; The Black Dirt Sessions; Partisan Records; track 4 “Piece by Piece and Frame by Frame”
*anaROBIK; Operator’s Manual; track 5 “Specifications”
*We Like Cats; Proper Eats; Marriage; track 9 “Ruff-a-Lution (Vital Ital Remix)”
Gregory + The Hawk; Moenie And Kitchi; "August Moon"
The Tallest Man On Earth; Shallow Grave; "Where Do My Bluebird Fly"
Kopecky Family Band; Embraces EP; "Trainwreck"
Little Bird Courage Old Canes Feral Harmonic
*Wolf Parade; Expo 86; SubPop; track 6 “Ghost Pressure”
*Uffie; Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans; Electra; track 4 “Give it Away”
*Social Studies; Wind Up Wooden Heart; Antennae Farm; track 3 “We Choose Our Own Adventures”
*Delorean; Subiza; The Panther Sounds; track 2 “Real Love”
The Cinematics; Break (EP); "Sunday Sun (Radio Edit)"
Parkbench Summer; The Bird, the Moon, and the Plane; "Lover to Lover"
Limbeck; Limbeck; "Bird Problems"
Chris Walla; Field Manual; "A Bird Is A Song"
*Red House; s/t; track 12 “Wayfaring Stranger”
*Cowboy Junkies; Renmin Park; track 10 “My Fall”
*PVT; Church with no Magic; track 3 “Up Bright Fires”
*Stereo Total; Baby Ouh!; track 2 “Alaska”
The Winston Jazz Routine; Sospiri; “William and Betsy”
Telekinesis!; Telekinesis!; “Awkward Kisser”
Mates Of State; Team Boo; “The Kissaway”
Best Coast; Sun Was High (So Was I); “Sun Was High (So Was I)”
Mimicking Birds; Mimicking Birds; “Cabin Fever”
*Wavves; King of the Beach; Fat Possum Records; track 1 “King of the Beach”
*Maps and Atlases; Perch Patchwork; Barsuk; track 6 “Israeli Caves”
*Sugar & Gold; Get Wet; Antennae Farm; track 8 “Bodyaches”
*Marina & The Diamonds; The Family Jewels; Fanbase; track 4 “Girls”