Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Show 99 + Subbing

Today was my 100th show!! WOW! I had wanted to do something special for my 100th show, but I didn't figure it out until during my show when I visited my blog. Oh well. Hooray for me, anyways! :) (*NOTE* upon further inspection, I noticed that I skipped a number somewhere in my show titles so this was actually my 99th show)

I was still subbing for Brent Riley this week. The fall schedule starts TOMORROW (Thursday) at 12am. That means that starting next week I will be on at my regularly scheduled Fall 2010 time.

Until then, here's what I played today:

*Mates of State; Crushes; Barsuk Records; track 6 “Love Letter”
*Snake! Snake! Snakes!; s/t; Common Wall; track 1 “City on Fire”
*The Cinnamon Band; Doomed Forever; Olympico; track 2 “Buena Vista”
*Foals; Total Life Forever; Sub Pop; track 5 “Spanish Sahara”
*Katzenjammer; Le Pop; Nettwerk; track 7 “Le Pop”
Pacific!; Reveries; “Hot Lips”
King Of Prussia; Save The Scene; “Spain in the Summertime”
Islands; Return To The Sea; “Jogging Gorgeous Summer”
Club 8; The boy who couldn't stop dreaming; “Where birds don't fly”
*Cowboy Junkies; Remnim Park; Latent Records; track 4 “Stranger Here”
Gregory + The Hawk; Moenie and Kitchi; "Ghost"
*Cindy Bullens; Howling Trains and Barking Dogs; MC Records; track 1 “Love Gone Good”
*Punch Brothers; Antifogmatic; Nonesuch; “This is the Song (Good Luck)”
*The Goodnight Loving; The Goodnight Loving Supper Club; Dirtnap; track 1 “Ain’t it Weird?”
Rediscover; Call Me When You Get This; “Kiss Me”
Earlimart; Hymn And Her; “For The Birds”
The Bird & The Bee; Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future; “My Love”
Real Estate; Live In Austin 2010; “Beach Comber”
*The Joy Formidable; A Balloon Called Moaning; Black Bell Records; track 5 “Whirring”
*These United States; What Lasts; United Interests; track 6 “Life&Death She&I”
*Carissa’s Weird; They’ll Only Miss You When You Leave; Songs 1996-2003; Hardly Art; track 5 “You Should be Hated Here”
*Perfume Genius; Learning; Matador Records; track 7 “No Problem”
#*Cheer Up Charlie Daniels; Live in ’79; Shotgun International Records; track 8 “Yeast Infection Affection”
Death of Paris; "East or West"
La Chansons; King and Queen of the Dance Floor; “Totally Beachin'”
Art Brut; Art Brut vs Satan; “Summer Job”
The Postmarks; The Postmarks; “Summers Never Seem To Last”
We Are Wolves; Total Magique; “Fight & Kiss”
*Tender Trap; Dansette Dansette; Slumberland; track 3 “Do You Want a Boyfriend?”
*Bronze Radio Return; Old Time Speaker; track 6 “Wolves”
*Uffie; Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans; Electra; “Illusion of Love”
Mae; The Everglow; “The Sun And Moon”
#Santogold; Your Voice;
Her Space Holiday; XOXO, Panda And The New Kid Revival; “Four Tapping Shoes And A Kiss”
The Bird & the Bee; Polite Dance
*Health; Disco2; Lovepump United; track 3 “In Heat (Javelin Remix)”
*Neon Indian; Sleep Paralysist; greenlabelsound; track 1 “Sleep Paralysist”
*Pigeons; Here We Go Magic; Secretly Canadian; track 2 “Collector (Radio Edit)
The Fratellis; Here We Stand; “Look Out Sunshine”
Limbeck; Limbeck; “Sunset Limited”
Deadend Rainbows; One Bird A Day; “R2d2 Folk Song”
*Gordon Voidwell; Ivy League Circus; Cantora; track 4 “Cloud 9 Vertigo”
*Funki Porcini; On; Ninja Tune; track 4 “Bright Little Things”

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