Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Show 110

Hello malstreamers! Sorry it's been so long since I posted, or did a show. I had to help out with the SEVT Conference on the 17th and then I was preparing for Turkey Day on the 24th. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I can almost promise you that today was not my last show of the semester, but it was probably my last show at my regularly scheduled time. I'll probably be doing random shows, so hopefully you all will be able to catch me on the air again. :) Here's what I played once I finally got back on the airwaves:

Variety Lab; Team Up With Variety Lab; "Which Way to Go (Reprisa)"
Feist; Open Season: Remixes & Collabs; "Inside + Out (Apostle Of Hustle UnMix)"
Midtown Dickens; Lanterns; "The Fish Song"
Sara Melson; Dirty Mind; "Turquoise Sky"
Cotton Jones; Paranoid Cocoon; "Blood Red Sentimental Blues"
Banjo Or Freakout; "Upside Down"
*Swans; My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky; Young God Records; “You Fucking People Make Me Sick”
Eels; Blinking Lights and Other Revelations; Vagrant; “From Which I Came/A Magic World”
*McMule; Whiskeytalk; track 10 “1940 Ford”
*Caleb Stine; I Wasn’t Built for a Life Like This; track 1 “My Service isn’t Needed Anyone”
*Old 97’s; The Grand Theatre Volume One; New West; track 8 “A State of Texas”
Pixies; Dolittle/Come on Pilgrim; “Debaser”
*Half-Handed Cloud; Stowaways; Asthmatic Kitty; “You Flagged Us Down With a Wave”
*Ferraby Lionheart; The Jack of Hearts; Thirty Tigers Records; “Holdin’ Me Back”
*Two Hours Traffic; Territory; Bumstead Records; track 3 “Territory”
A.C. Newman; Get Guilty; "There Are Maybe Ten Or Twelve"
The Artichokes; "B&W"
*Pomegranates; One of Us; Afternoon Records; track 2 “50’s”
*Dead Heart Bloom; Strange Waves; track 4 “Don’t Worry”
Le Loup; Family; "Beach Town"
Chumbawamba; Un; "Buy Nothing Day"
Best Coast; Crazy for You; "Boyfriend"
Teen Daze; Heart Music Group Presents; "June 2010"
YACHT; BBC Radio 6 Session; "Nausea"
Voxhaul Broadcast; Timing Is Everything; "Leaving On The 5th"
Wolfgang; Not In Love EP; "Master of the Music"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Show 109

Here's what I played today, maltstreamers:

Daniel Johnston; Hi, How Are You?; "Get Yourself Together"
*Various Artists; Get Low: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack; Rounder; “My Blue Heaven by Gene Austin”
*Tim Kasher; The Game of Monogamy; Saddle Creek; track 2 “A Grown Man”
*Rob Baird; Blue Eyed Angels; Carnival; track 2 “Could Have Been My Baby”
*Rain Perry; Internal Combustion; Precipitous Records; track 1 “The Compartmentalized Thing”
M83; Before The Dawn Heals Us; "In The Cold I'm Standing"
The Bittersweets; Goodnight, San Francisco; "Fortunate Wind"
Halloween, Alaska; Champagne Downtown; "Gone With The Wind"
*Kingslyn; Drunken Country Curse; “California Time”
*Half-handed Cloud; Stowaways; Asthmatic Kitty Records; “Source of the Watercourse”
*Dungen; Skit I Allt; Mexican Summer; track 8 “Blandband”
*Mavis Staples; You Are Not Alone; Anti-; track 7 “I Belong to the Band”
Adam Glover; "Tinkerbell"
Annette hanshaw; "Daddy Won't You Please Come Home"
Madame Récamier; Chocolate; "Pam Pam Pam"
*Eric Brace & Peter Cooper; Master Sessions; Red Beet Records; track 1 “Wait a Minute”
*Ferraby Lionheart; The Jack of Hearts; Thirty Tigers Records; track 2 “Pocket Knife”
*Antony and the Johnsons; Thank You for Your Love; Secretly Canadian; track 4 “Pressing On”
Sibylle Baier; Colour Green; "The End"
The Artichokes; Live Acoustic at WUSC 90.5 FM; "Sweater Weather"
Portugal. The Man; Church Mouth; "My Mind"
Russian Red; I Love Your Glasses; "Nice Thick Feathers"
*Fences; Fences; Onto Entertainment Records; track 4 “The Girl My Horse”
*Adam Klein; Wounded Electric Youth; Cowboy Angel Music; track 5 “Of Pirates and Vagabonds”
*The Chapin Sisters; TWO; Lake Bottom Records; track 4 “Digging a Hole”
Mimicking Birds; Mimicking Birds; "Burning Stars"
The New Raemon; La Dimensión Desconocida; "Sucedáneos"
Company of Thieves; Ordinary Riches; "Oscar Wilde"
La Bien Querida; Romancero; "Corpus Christi"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Show 108 + Fundraiser

Today was my FUNDRAISER SHOW! Wooo! Hellraiser fundraiser week! All week we're playing osm programming to entice you, our listeners, to call in and donate! Today was world day and my show was a *special* French edition. Thanks so much to everyone who called in and donated during the show. :) If you still wish to donate, it's not too late! You can call in the studio at 803-576-9872. Payday not for another few weeks? No problem! You can donate all semester/year long. To find out how, visit our Support page on our website.

Here are the French tunes that I played:

Joe Dassin; Les indispensables, vol. 1 (Versions originales); “Les Champs-Élysées”
Jil Aigrot; Words of Love; “Mon vieux Lucien”
Jacques Brel; Infiniment; “Les Flamandes”
Sabine Paturel; “Les Betises”
Chantal Goya; “Becassine is my cousine”
Francis Cabrel; “Je T'aimais, Je T'aime, Je T'aimerai”
Indochine; “J'ai Demande a la Lune”
Indochine; “Electrastar”
KYO; “Derniere Danse”
KYO; “Je Cours”
Mathieu Chedid; “Qui de Nous Deux”
Star Academy; “L'Orange du Marchard”
Jenifer; “Ma Revolution”
Emma Daumas; Le Saute de l'Ange; “Figurine Humaine”
Lorie; Près de toi; “Toute seule”
Lorie; Tendrement; “J'ai besoin d'amour”
Leslie; “Pardonner”
Tragédie; Lust Stript; “Hey Ho!”
Ana Tijoux; “1977”
Ob.Scene.Kidz; “Joyeux Festin”
Make the Girl Dance; “Baby Baby Baby (English Text)”
Yelle; Pop-Up; “Je Veux Te Voir”
Sébastien Tellier; “Divine”
Justice; A Cross the Universe; “D.A.N.C.E. P† II”
Danger; 09/14 2007 – EP; “11h30”
Nous Non Plus; Ménagerie; “Toi Et Moi”
Rupa & The April Fishes; Extraordinary Rendition; “Maintenant”

Friday, October 29, 2010


Spoiler alert: next Wednesday is going to be my fundraiser show! Our fundraiser programming kicks off tomorrow/tonight@mid-night but the fun starts TODAY with a Zombie walk from the Russell House patio at to the Monster Mash @ Bey's in 5 Pts. Festivities and gathering starts at 4, and zombie parading starts at 5:30. Hope to see all you zombies out there!

Some local businesses are getting into the spirit as well. For instance, Pack Rat's in 5 Pts is having a Zombie Sale! Anyone dressed as a Zombie gets 20%! What a deal!

But anyways, back to my show. Our fundraiser programming is going to consist of different themes on different days. My show day, Wednesday, is world day. Thus, my show will be a French show! Oh mon dieu! If you have any suggestions for Francophone music that you'd like to hear leave me a comment and I will do my best. :)

To call in and donate during my show the number is 803-576-9872. For more information on donating, see our website.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Show 107 + Halloween

Greetings, boils and ghouls. It occurred to me on Monday that this was going to be my last show before Halloween! So, accordingly, I planned a Halloween show. Okay, most of the songs aren't actually Halloween related but I tried to throw in some ghosts, graveyards, witches, monsters, and more. Hope you all enjoyed it!

Deer Tick; Born on Flag Day; “The Ghost”
Man Man; Rabbit Habits; “Big Trouble”
Ladyhawke; Ladyhawke; “Dusk Till Dawn”
The Bird & The Bee; Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future; “Witch”
*Wolf People; Steeple; Jagjaguwar; track 2 "Tiny Circle"
*The Intelligence; Males; In the Red; track 11 "Males"
*Y La Bamda; Lupon; Tender Loving Empire; track 7 "Festival of Panic"
M83; Saturdays = Youth; “Graveyard Girl”
Spiral Beach; The Only Really Thing; “Cemetery”
Islands; Arm's Way; “Creeper”
Ghosts of the Great Highway; A Spell & a Fire; “A Spell & a Fire”
*The Growlers; Hot Tropics; Everloving; track 3 "What it Is"
*Mikey Spice; Walk a Mile; V.P. Records; track 13 "Hail Jahove"
*Dot Dot Dot; II; track 4 "Antidote"
*Sahara Smith; Myth of the Heart; Playing in Traffic; track 7 "All I Need"
Kate Nash; Made Of Bricks; “Skeleton Song”
Sons & Daughters; This Gift; “Rebel With The Ghost”
Ghostland Observatory; Robotique Majestique; “Dancing On My Grave”
Grayskul; “Scarecrow”
*Elliott Brood; Mountain Meadows; Six Shooter Records; track 7 "Notes"
*Various Artists; Get Low - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack; Rounder; track 3 "Jesus Come for Me by The Steeldrivers"
*Elf Power; Elf Power; Orange Twin Records; track 7 "Ghost of John"
*Toubab Krewe; TK2; Nat Geo Music; track 7 "Area Code"
Giant Bear; “Devil on the Wall”
Bosco Delrey; “Evil Lives”
Azure Ray; Drawing Down the Moon; "Dancing Ghosts"
*The Red River; Little Songs About the Big Picture; Brave Records;track 4 "I Will Give Thanks"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Show 106

I remembered to bring my laptop today, so I actually recorded my playlist! Haha. Here's what I played, folks:

Tao Lin; I Want to Start a Band
The Bitters; "Travelin' Girl"
Burial; Untrue; "Archangel"
Eli 'Paperboy' Reed; "Come and Get It"
The Artichokes; Live Acoustic at WUSC 90.5 FM; "Colorado"
*Anna Bullard; Split Heart; Pox World; track 2 "Second Song"
*Loose Shoes; Nothing's as Comfortable as Loose Shoes; track 2 "Mexico"
*Moondoggies; Tidelands; Hardly Art; track 6 "Lead Me On"
Young Galaxy; Invisible Republic; "Queen Drum"
Dragonette; "Pick Up the Phone"
Jenny Owen Youngs; Batten the Hatches; "Voice On Tape"
Miniature Tigers; "Bullfighter Jacket (Aislyn Remix)"
*Death of Paris; Death of Paris; "Models and Bottles"
*Caleb Stine; I Wasn't Built for a Life Like This; track 1 "My Service Isn't Needed Anymore"
*Modern Superstitions; All the Things We've Been Told; Last Gang Labels; track 4 "Beck & Call"
Variety Lab; Team Up With Variety Lab; "We Should Be Dancing (Featuring David Bartholomé)"
Korallreven; The Truest Faith; "The Truest Faith (CFCF Remix)"
Mike Doughty; Rockity Roll; "Down on the River by the Sugar Plant"
*The Goodnight Loving; The Goodnight Loving Supper Club; Dirtnap; "Sunnyside"
*The Dillinger Escape Plan; Option Paralysis; Party Smasher Inc.; track 1 "Farewell, Mona Lisa"
*Bear in Heaven; Beast Rest Forth Mouthed: Remixed; Home Tapes; track 3 "Ultimate Satisfaction (Tha Field Remix)"
Kate York; "Fly Away"
Tiësto; What's Next; "Work Hard Play Hard (feat. Kay)"
Langhorne Slim; Be Set Free; "Cinderella"
Girl in a Coma; Woozyfly; "Say"
*Bitcrush; From Acrs to Embers; n5music; track 1 "Post"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Show 105

Here's what I played today:

*Kingslyn; Drunken Country Curse; "Hanging On A Bottle"
Freelance Whales; Weathervanes; "Hannah"
The Presets; "This Boy's In Love (LifeLike Remix)"
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings; 100 Days, 100 Nights; "100 Days, 100 Nights"
*Fur Cups for Teeth; FCFU; Hall Recordings; track 1 "Buffalo"
*Cloud Cult; Light Chasers; Earthology Records; "You'll be Bright (Invocation p.1)
*Azure Ray; Drawing Down the Moon; Saddle Creek; "In the Fog"
Sky Sailing; An Airplane Carried Me to Bed; "A Little Opera Goes a Long Way"
The Civil Wars; "If I Didn't Know Better"
Au Revoir Simone; Reverse Migrations; "Sad Song (Pacific Remix)"
Mantler; "Fresh And Fair"
*Old 97's; The Grande Theatre Volume One; New West; track 7 "Champaign, Illinois"
*Dot Dot Dot; II; Sylvia Zaimoff Music; track 1 "Walking in a Straight Line"
*Death of Paris; Death of Paris; track 2 "Models and Bottles"
Golden Ages; "Everything Will Be Alright"
Maria Taylor; "Time Lapse Lifeline"
Albert Hammond, Jr.; ¿Como Te Llama?; "GFC"
Alphabeat; "Fascination"
*Flying Lotus; Pattern & Grid World; Warp; track 2 "Kill Your Coworkers"
*Fake Problems; Real Ghosts Caught on Tape; Side One Dummy; track 5 "Soulless"
*Fences; Fences; Onto Entertainment Records; track 7 "From Roses"
The Postmarks; By the Numbers; "11:59"
Science For Girls; Science For Girls; "Peace Heart"
Tiga; "What You Need (Chromeo Remix)"
Bobby Vidales; La Extraña Histeria de Amor de Bobby Vidales; "Lagarto"