Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Show 108 + Fundraiser

Today was my FUNDRAISER SHOW! Wooo! Hellraiser fundraiser week! All week we're playing osm programming to entice you, our listeners, to call in and donate! Today was world day and my show was a *special* French edition. Thanks so much to everyone who called in and donated during the show. :) If you still wish to donate, it's not too late! You can call in the studio at 803-576-9872. Payday not for another few weeks? No problem! You can donate all semester/year long. To find out how, visit our Support page on our website.

Here are the French tunes that I played:

Joe Dassin; Les indispensables, vol. 1 (Versions originales); “Les Champs-Élysées”
Jil Aigrot; Words of Love; “Mon vieux Lucien”
Jacques Brel; Infiniment; “Les Flamandes”
Sabine Paturel; “Les Betises”
Chantal Goya; “Becassine is my cousine”
Francis Cabrel; “Je T'aimais, Je T'aime, Je T'aimerai”
Indochine; “J'ai Demande a la Lune”
Indochine; “Electrastar”
KYO; “Derniere Danse”
KYO; “Je Cours”
Mathieu Chedid; “Qui de Nous Deux”
Star Academy; “L'Orange du Marchard”
Jenifer; “Ma Revolution”
Emma Daumas; Le Saute de l'Ange; “Figurine Humaine”
Lorie; Près de toi; “Toute seule”
Lorie; Tendrement; “J'ai besoin d'amour”
Leslie; “Pardonner”
Tragédie; Lust Stript; “Hey Ho!”
Ana Tijoux; “1977”
Ob.Scene.Kidz; “Joyeux Festin”
Make the Girl Dance; “Baby Baby Baby (English Text)”
Yelle; Pop-Up; “Je Veux Te Voir”
Sébastien Tellier; “Divine”
Justice; A Cross the Universe; “D.A.N.C.E. P† II”
Danger; 09/14 2007 – EP; “11h30”
Nous Non Plus; Ménagerie; “Toi Et Moi”
Rupa & The April Fishes; Extraordinary Rendition; “Maintenant”

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