Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Show 29

No requests today but a bunch of calls. Had some technical difficulties... as usual. :)

*Man Man, Rabbit Habits, track 11 "Top Drawer”
*Hello, Blue Roses, The Portrait Is Finished And I Have Failed To Capture Your Beauty, track 10 "Sunny Skies"
*King of Prussia, Save the Scene, track 1 "Spain in the Summertime"
*Polkadot Cadaver, Purgatory Dance Party, track 2 "A Wolf in Jesus Skin"
*The Billionaires, Really Real For Forever, tracks 4&8 "Eighties Movies; Cold Day"
*Cassettes Won't Listen, Small Time Machine, track 2 "Large Radio"
*Chris Walla, Field Manual, tracks 5&6 "Geometry &c; Everyone Needs a Home"
*A Cursive Memory, Changes, tracks 1&3 "South; Changes"
*The Less, Loud Machines, tracks 2&4 "A Bigger Something; Loud Machines"
Sparkydog, "Priests & Thieves"
Sparkydog, "Radiowaves"
Girl in a Coma, "Say"
Universal Fuzz Device, "All She Ever Did"
Monstera Deliciosa, "Hearts & Minds"
More Teeth, "Stop-Pause"
Taigaa!, “Escape Ape”
*v/a, Our Side of Town; A Red House Records 25th Year Collection, tracks 3&4 “Greg Brown – Cold + Wet + Dark; Jimmy LaFave - Hideaway Girl”
*Kevin Danzig, Box Cars, tracks 3&4 “Oklahoma Twilight; We Don’t Live Like This”
*Meg Hutchinson, Come Up Full, tracks 4&5 “Good Day to Die; America (Enough)
Ron Franklin, "The Elocutionist"
Taigaa!, “Shark & Tiger”
Deadend Rainbows, “Walk In The Sunshine”
Deadend Rainbows, “R2d2 Folk Song”

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Show 28

Spring break is over and thus I'm back with another thrilling edition of Marcy's Playground. :) Here's what went down:

*Meg Hutchinson, Come Up Full, tracks 1&2 “Ready; Home”
*Kathleen Edwards, Asking for Flowers, tracks 8&9 “Run; Oh Canada”
Kid Liberty, “The Freak the Mighty”
Kid Liberty, “Hush”
Kid Liberty, Give 'em Hell”
*The Daylight Hours, How to Make a Mess of Things, tracks 3&5 “Truth About Girls; Only One Juliette”
*Liam Finn, I’ll Be Lighting, track 8 “Remember When”
Layson Rail, “Sirens”
*The Taj Motel Trio, Part of the Problem, track 6 “Another Drink”
Handclaps And Harmonies, “Be With You”
*Chris Walla, Field Manual, track 10 “St. Modesto”
Captain Kid, “Headed For a Heatbreak”
Captain Kid, “Small Town Addiction”
Captain Kid, “Miss Pretty”
Polysics, “Catch on Everywhere”
*Science for Girls, s/t, track 4 “Sweet Life”
*No Kids, Come into My House, track 1 “Great Escape”
*Mahjongg, Kontpab, tracks 2&4 “Problems; Those Birds are Bats”
*Sia, Some People Have Real Problems, tracks 6&7 “Academia; I Go to Sleep”
*Solid Gold, Who You Gonna Run To? EP, tracks 1&2 “Bible Thumper; Who You Gonna Run To?”
*The YMD, Excuse Me, This is the Yah Mos Def, tracks 4 & 1 “Stockton To Malone; Charles Maggio’s Real Last Name is Ash”
Black Kids, "Love Me Already"
Basia Bulat, "Before I Knew
Kina Grannis, "Message from your heart"

Saturday, March 8, 2008

CD Review 7

Artist: Marry a Thief
Title: I Am Dying To Outlive You
My Picks: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Genre: Local (Columbia) / Pop Rock

Heard of Erich Skelton? He’s been around Columbia for a while so you probably have. We also have pretty much all of his albums in the local section so if you haven’t heard of him go pull some albums and play them. But anyways, this is his new band.

Basically, Marry a Thief is the magic of Erich Skelton but in the form of an actual band.

Tracks 4 & 7 are a bit more singer-songwriter / lo-fi but are still great.

I love Erich Skelton. I love Marry a Thief. I love this CD. I love all the tracks. I love lamp.

RIYL: Erich Skelton

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Show 27

I won't be doing my show next week since it'll be USC's SPRING BREAK! WOO!

But here's what went down this week:

*Shooting Spires, s/t, track 4 "Alive and Well"
*Burial, Untrue, tracks 2&3 "Archangel; Near Dark"
*Science for Girls, s/t, track 5 "Australia"
*v/a, BIPP: French Synth Wave 1979-8, tracks 2&6 "ACT" Ping Pong; "TGV" Partie 1
*Woelv, Tout seul dans la foret en plein jour, avez-vous peur?, tracks 1&9 "Drapeau blanc; Sous mon manteau"
Wax On Radio, "Time Will Bind Us To The Guilt Of Commitment"
Mute Math, "Chaos"
Days Away, "God and Mars"
Blood Red Sun, "All At Once"
TheBleedingAlarm, "Sorrows The Sea of My Heart"
Malkovich, "039"
*Gary Louris, Vagabonds, tracks 1&9 "True Blue; D.C. Blues"
This Providence, "Card House Dreamer"
The Dirty Secrets, "Five Feet Of Snow"
This Is Hell, "The Polygraph Cheaters"
#Fischerspooner, “All We Are”
The Less, Loud Machines, "Where You Want To Be"
The Less, Loud Machines, "Loud Machines"
The Less, Loud Machines, "Live Again"
The Less, Loud Machines, "A Bigger Something"
#Maritime, We, The Vehicles, “Cutting of the Oxygen”
Marry A Thief, I Am Dying To Outlive You, "Old Enough"
Marry A Thief, I Am Dying To Outlive You, "Falling Out Of Your Dress"
Marry A Thief, I Am Dying To Outlive You, "The Merry Thief"
Marry A Thief, I Am Dying To Outlive You, "I Would Die"
*Lauren Lapointe, Butterfly, tracks 2&3 "North Star; The Last Tree"
*Mae Robertson, Meet the Sun Halfway, tracks 3&10 "Almost Blue; Little Trip to Heaven"
*Chris Walla, Field Manual, “Geometry &c; St. Modesto”
We the Kings, “Check Yes Juliet”
Addison Road, “All that Matters”