Friday, April 23, 2010

Show 97

Today I covered for the Beet for a couple of sets until they were ready to get going. But it was OK because we fire drill earlier which meant that I had a few sets that I hadn't played yet.

This is going to be my last show of the semester. :( I will try to do a show during finals week, but no promises.

I probably won't be doing a show over the summer. I will probably sub, though. So this shan't be the last you hear of me!

Without further adieu, here is what I played:

*Caribou; Swim; Merge Records; “Caribou”
Various Artists; The Village: A Celebration of the Music of *Greenwich Village; 429 Records; track 12 “Rachel Yamagata – Both Sides Now”
*Mimicking Birds; s/t; Glacial Pace; track 4 “New Doomsdays”
*Pray for Triangle Zero; Breakbeat & Rocksteady; track 1 “Flash Dance Euro Funk”
Gentleman Reg; Little Buildings; "It's Not Safe"
Sisters 3; "Giggling Gremlins"
Lykke Li; "Everybody But Me (diskJokke Remix)"
*La Chansons; King and Queen of the Dance Floor; Stickfigure Recordings; “Workout Love”
*Phantogram; Eyelid Movies; Barsuk Records; “Mouthful of Diamonds”
*Toro y Moi; Causers of This; Carpark; “Fax Shadow”
*Seamonster; Two Birds; Gold Robot; “Oh Appalachia”
Mazoni; Best Of Catalan Underground; "Se'm Moren Les Plantes"
Telefon Tel Aviv; Immolate Yourself; "Helen of Troy"
Or, The Whale; Or, The Whale; "Black Rabbit"
Flea Market Poets; Dirty Days; "Black Heart"
*Balkan Beat Box; Blue Eyed Black Boy; Nat Geo; track 2 “Move It”
*Sarah Jaffe; Suburban Nature; Kirtland; track 7 “Summer Begs”
*Parallels; Visionaries; Marigold Productions; track 1 “Find the Fire”
*Ruth Moody; The Garden; Red House Records; track 9 “We Could Pretend”
*Aviv Buffalo; s/t; Sub Pop; track 2 “What’s in it For?”
*Jason Collett; Rat a Tat Tat; Pirate Radio; track 1 “Rave on Sad Days”
*Bodeans; Mr. Sad Clown; 429 Records; track 6 “Cheesecake Pan”
*Nancy K. Dillion; Roses Guide to Time Travel; Rose Rock Records; track 6 “New Train”
Foals; Antidotes; "Big Big Love (Fig. 2)"
Glasser; Apply; "Glad (Delorean Remix)"
The Good, The Bad And The Queen; "Herculean"
Mica; Jetsetmusic; "Bigphones"
Veracruz; Best Of Catalan Underground; "Horse's Neck"
Gavin Castleton; "coffeelocks"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Show 96

Today I covered for The Columbia Beet for 1 hour. Usually I try to play some locals, since The Beet plays live locals, but I wasn't planning on sticking around so I didn't have any local music prepared. Sorry, Columbia!

One thing that I'm NOT sorry for, is that I gave away all access passes to the Indie Grits Film Festival. Okay, I am a little sorry, because I would have loved to have taken them for myself. Oh well! :)

Here's what I played for 3 hours:

Gone Baby Gone; “Always”
The Pack A.D.; “All Damn Day Long”
Okkervil River; Golden Opportunities; “I Came Here to Say I'm Going Away (Serge Gainsbourg cover)”
Wolf People; “October Fires”
*David Olney; Dutchman’s Curve; Deadbeet Records; track 7 “Covington Girl”
*Harlan T Bobo; Suckers; Goner Records; track 2 “Hamster in a Cage”
*Ruth Moody; The Garden; Red House Records; track 1 “The Garden”
Filthy Dukes & Tommy Sparks; Nonsense In the Dark ; “Messages”
Handclaps And Harmonies; “Be With You”
Headlights; “Cherry Tulips”
Name Taken ; “Clear and Concious”
*The Tallest Man on Earth; The Wild Hunt; Team Clermont; track 6 “King of Spain”
*Dear Companion; Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore; Sub Pop; “My Wealth Comes to Me”
*Kopeky Family Band; Embraces EP; “It”
Paper Route; “City Trucks”
Nurses; “Caterpillar Playground”
Hello Seahorse!; Bestia; “Bestia”
fun.; Aim and Ignite; “At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)”
*The Hush Now; Constellations; track 2 “Hoping and Waiting”
*Black Tambourine; s/t; Slumberland; track 9 “By Tomorrow”
*The Apples in Stereo; Travelers in Space and Time; Yep Roc Records; track 5 “Dance Floor”
Pinback; Summer In Abaddon; “Sender”
Does It Offend You, Yeah?; You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into; “With a Heavy Heart (I Regret to Inform You)”
Tycho; Coastal Brake – EP; “Coastal Brake”
*La Chansons; King and Queen of the Dance Floor; Stickfigure Records; “Beauty Queen”
*Woodhands; Remorsecapade; Paper Bag; “Dissembler”
*The Black Seeds; Solid Ground; Easy Star Records; track 2 “Slingshot”
*Christina B.; The Spins; track 1 “Gossip”
Sebastien Tellier; “Sexual Sportswear (Donovan remix)”
Circlesquare; Songs About Dancing and Drugs; “Dancers (Radio Edit)”
U.S.E; Loveworld; “What We Fightin' 4”
*Doc Warner; Hombre Del Rio; River Rat Records; track 1 “Cry River, Cry”
*Storyhill; Shade of the Trees; track 4 “Covered in a Mess”
Empire Of The Sun; Walking On A Dream; “Walking On A Dream”
Si*Sé; Gold – EP; “Buscaré”
Lenka; Lenka; “Anything I'm Not”
*The Kissaway Trail; Sleep Mountain; Bella Union; track 9 “New Lipstick”
*Kill to Kill; Fighter; Guilt Ridden Pop; track 7 “Sugar Sugar”

Friday, April 9, 2010

Show 95

Here's what I played:

Hadouken!; "Crank It Up (Does It Offend You Remix)"
Albert Hammond, Jr.; ¿Como Te Llama?; "GFC"
Bajofondo; Mar Dulce (Bonus Track Version); "Pa' Bailar (Instrumental Album Version)"
Julieta Venegas; "Bien o Mal"
*Makyo Star; s/t; Green Means Go Records; track 4 “No Worries”
*Phantogram; Eyelid Movies; Barsuk Records; track 9 “Futuristic Casket”
*La Chansons; King and Queen of the Dance Floor; Stickfigure Records; track 10 “Candy Bar Man”
Andrew Graham & Swarming Branch; "Take It Easy On Kathy At Least She Can Dance"
of Montreal; Skeletal Lamping; "Gallery Piece (Mintel Rose Remix)"
Jonezetta; Popularity; "Communicate"
*Coma Cinema; Baby Prayers; track 14 “Flower Pills”
*These New Puritans; Hidden; Domino; track 5 “Attack Power”
*The Chapmans; Grown Up; Compass; track 3 “Love’s Gonna Live Here”
Yelle; Pop-Up; "Tristesse / Joie"
The Postmarks; By the Numbers; "OX4"
Yeasayer; Ambling Alp - EP; "Ambling Alp"
*Woodhands; Remorsecapade; Paper Bag; “When the Party is Over”
*Toro y Moi; Causers of This; Carpark; “Imprint After”
*Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore; Dear Companion; “Needn’t Say a Thing”
Zoot Woman; "Memory"
Archie Bronson Outfit; Coconut; "Shark's Tooth"
Cold Cave; Love Comes Close; "Life Magazine"
Crystal Castles; Crystal Castles; "Crimewave (Crystal Castles VS Health)"
*Carolina Chocolate Drops; Genuine Negro Jig; Nonesuch; track 4 “Hit ‘Em Up Style”
*Yeasayer; Odd Blood; Secretly Canadian; track 4 “I Remember”
*Radar Brothers; The Illustrated Garden; Merge; track 1 “Dear Headlights”

Friday, April 2, 2010

Show 94

Got some good requests today! Unfortunately I wasn't able to fill them all. :( But here's what I did play:

Discovery; LP; "Can You Discover?"
Harlem; Hippies; "Gay Human Bones"
Joshua James; "FM Radio"
Oberhofer; o0Oo0Oo; "I Could Go"
*The Bird and the Bee; Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oats; Blue Note; track 2 “I Can’t Go For That”
*Radar Brothers; The Illustrated Garden; Merge; track 3 “For the Birds”
*Rafter; Animal Feelings; Asthmatic Kitty; track 3 “Timeless Form; Formless Time”
ARMS; EP; "Heat & Hot Water"
The Orb; "Katskills"
Wake Up Lucid; "Broke Down House"
*Great American Taxi; Reckless Habits; Thirty Tigers/Great American Taxi; track 1 “One of These Days”
*Woodhands; Remorsecapade; Paper Bag; “CP24”
*La Chansons; King and Queen of the Dance Floor; Stick Figure Recordings; track 2 “Workout Love”
#Passion Pit; Manners; "Little Secrets"
The Postmarks; "Goodbye"
NearMiss; "Now Rectify"
Busy Signal; Loaded; "Tic Toc"
Kate Miller-Heidke; "Politics In Space"
*Butterfly Bones; Pretty Feelings; track 1 “xoxo”
*Beach House; Teen Dream; Sub Pop; “Lover of Mine”
*Toro y Moi; Causers of This; Carpark; “Low Shoulders”
Star Academy; "L'Orange du Marchard"
Indochine; "Mao Boy"
Yelle; Pop-Up; "Mal Poli"
Nous Non Plus; Ménagerie; "Loli"
*Phantogram; Eyelid Movies; Barsuk Records; track 7 “You are the Ocean”
*Local Natives; Gorilla Manor; French Kiss; “Who Knows Who Cares”
*Ben Sollee & Daniel Martine Moore; Dear Companion; Sub Pop; “Try”

*Denotes Rotation
#Denotes Request