Saturday, September 15, 2007

Show 10

Everything without an album is from my personal collection.

*The Eat, It's Not the Eat, It's the Humidity, track 5 "Silly Drug Songs"
*Baby Guts, Gasoline, track 5 "Staplegun"
*Turbo Fruits, s/t, track 8 "Tennessee, Baby"
*MxPx, Secret Weapon, track 8 "Drowning"
*My American Heart, Hiding Inside the Horrible Weather, tracks 8&9 "Dangerous, Moving On"
Lorene Drive, "Let It Go"
Acceptance, "Permanent"
Cherry Monroe, "Satellites"
Gratitude, "Drive Away"
The Format, "The First Single"
Indochine, "Punker"
Kid Dynamite, s/t, track 13 "News at 11"
*The Golden Dogs, Big Eye Little Eye, track 5 "Runouttaluck"
*Bang Lime, Best Friends in Love, track 4 "Equator"
*Warm in the Wake, American Prehistoric, track 10 "Devil with a Fist"
Pilot Speed, "Barely Listening"
*Change!, When Spaceships Collide, track 6 "Le Sad Casetto"
*Blair, Pluto, track 2 "Mona Lisa"
*Mariee Sioux, Faces in the Rocks, track 2 "Buried in Teeth"
*Octoberman, Run From Safety, track 4 "Elbow Room"
*Jenny Hoyston, Isle Of, track 1 "Spell D-O-G"
*Portugal. The Man, Church Mouth, track 4 "My Mind"
*The Chemical Brothers, We Are the Night, track 11 "Harpoons"
*Odd Nosdom, Level Live Wires, track 1 "On"
The Tender Box, "Mister Sister"
Louis XIV, "Illegal Tender"
Louis XIV, "Finding Out True Love Is Blind"
Powerspace, "Right On, Right Now (demo)"
Goodbye Satellite, "Because You Know"
Thank God, For Pregnant Virgins, tracks 1- "Good Things Highwaters are in Fashion, Alligators Don't Cry"
Verious, A Taste of Tradition, "Talking Atom, A Dollar Ain't a Dollar Anymore, Ghost Riders in the Sky"

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