Friday, June 19, 2009

Show 70

Here's what I played today on my show:

Jarvis Cocker; Further Complications; "Angela"
Debashish Bhattacharya; Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide Guitar Odyssey; "Sufi Bhakti"
Oh captain My Captain; Recklessly She Split the Sea; "On My Mind"
*Elvis Perkins; In Dearland; "How's Forever Been Baby"
*Polly Scattergood; Polly Scattergood; "Nitrogen Pink"
*Conshafter; Bombs Away, Baby!; "Fell In A Hole"
Alexander Robotnick; "Obsession for the Disco Freaks (HeavyFeet remix)"
Jets Overhead; No Nations; "It's A Funny Thing"
Au Revoir Simone; Still Night, Still Light; "Shadows"
*Crocodiles, Summer of Hate, "Flash of Light; Summer of Hate"
*Liechtenstein, Survival Strategies for a Modern World, "Sophistication; Wallpaper Stripes"
Ape School; Ape School; "Wail to God"
Owl City; Maybe I'm Dreaming; "Rainbow Veins; West Coast Friendship"
Free Kitten; Inherit; "Seasick"
*Halloween, Alaska; Champagne Downtown; "Un-American"
*Phoenix; Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix; "Fences; Girlfriend"
*Elizabeth & The Catapult; Taller Children; "Taller Children"
Apostle of Hustle; Eats Darkness; "Eazy Speaks"
Chantal Goya; "Becassine is my cousine"
The Sand Band; Love Is The Devil; "The Secret Chord"
The Ruse; "Beautiful Is Gone"
CocoRosie; La Maison de Mon Reve; "Not for Sale"
*Headdress Amazing Baby Headdress - Single
*Passion Pit; Manners; "Swimming In The Flood; Folds In Your Hands"
Wavves; Wavvves; "No Hope Kids"
Architects; "Reciprocity"
The Vaselines; Enter the Vaselines; "Son of a Gun"
*The Crystal Method; Divided By Night; "Black Rainbows; Slipstream"
*Tiga, Ciao, "Sex O'Clock; Turn the Night On"
Polly Scattergood; "Please Don't Touch (The Golden Filter Remix)"
*Joan of Arc, Flowers, "Fogbow; The Garden of Cartoon Exclamations"

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