Friday, June 26, 2009

Show 71

Here's what I played:

The Very Best; "Warm Heart of Africa"
Jack Penate; Tonight's Today; "Tonight's Today"
Sons of Young; "Prepare for the Worst"
*Amazing Baby; Rewild; "Dead Light; Deerripper"
*Conshafter; Bombs Away, Baby!; "Bombs Away; You Cannot Save Your Love"
Beach House; "Used to Be"
Delorean; "Deli"
Papercuts; You Can Have What You Want; "Future Primitive"
*Elizabeth & The Catapult; Taller Children; "Momma's Boy; Race You"
*Polly Scattergood; Polly Scattergood; "Please Don't Touch; Bunny Club"
*Halloween, Alaska; Champagne Downtown; "Be A Man; Knights Of Columbus"
Miike Snow; Miike Snow; "Burial (Benny Blanco Remix Feat. Neon Hitch)"
The Big Pink; "Velvet"
Daniel Martin Moore; Stray Age; "Stray Age"
Paul Spencer and the Maxines; "Ain't Nobody"
Cherry Monroe; The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful; "Can't Explain"
Inkwell; "This Modern Medicine"
Bottle Up and Go; These Bones; "Wayward Son"
Jeremy Jay; Slow Dance; "In This Lonely Town"
*Mannequin Men; Lose Your Illusion, Too; tracks 11&10 "Exquisite Corpse; WTF LOL"
*Looner; I Love My Tamagotchee; tracks 1 "I Love My Tamagotchee!"
Katzenjammer; "Tea with Cinnamon"
Bajofondo; Mar Dulce; "Grand Guignol"
Flipside, "Someday"
The Sons Of Silence, "Silence Go Boom!"
*Passion Pit; Manners; "Make Light; Moth's Wings"
*Tiga; Ciao!; "Beep-Beep-Beep"
Selkow; "Prize Is Love"
The Leaf Album; In a Safe Place; "Twentytwofourteen"
Earlimart; Hymn And Her; "Song For"
The Whip; X Marks Destination; "Frustration"
King Khan & The Shrines; The Supreme Genius Of...; Torture"
Hecuba; Paradise; "Suffering"
*18th Dye; Amorine Queen; track 9 "Backdoor"
*Suckers; s/t; track 4 "It Gets Your Body Movin"

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