Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Show 61

Here's what I played on my show this week:

Ruby Isle,, "Foam Hands (Destroyer Cover)"
Ra Ra Riot, "Ghost Under Rocks (Passion Pit Mix)"
Xiu Xiu, "Body Breaks"
Yeasayer, "2080 (Brenmar remix)"
DO, A mouthful, "stay (just a little bit more)"
The Boy Bathing, A Fire To Make Preparations, "The Questions Simple"
Get Well Soon, Rest Now, Weary Head, "Plingplong! Goes My Automatic Heart"
Architecture In Helsinki, That Beep, "That Beep (Radioclit's French Mix) ft. Marina"
*Anavan, Cover Story, "Take it Back; Work it Out; Boom"
*mascott, art project, "Live Again; 4th of July"
*Justice, A Cross the Universe, "D.A.N.C.E.; We Are Your Friends (Reprise)"

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