Friday, September 11, 2009

Show 77

So I missed my show last Friday because I had a meeting. :( Sorry, Columbia.

But this week I was back on the airwaves with some total awesomeness for you!

Monkey Brothers; Manuela; "Manuela"
A Small Good Thing; "Cooling System"
Van She; V; "Strangers"
*YACHT; See Mystery Lights; "We Have All We've Ever Wanted"
Camera Obscura; My Maudlin Career; "My Maudlin Career"
Deerhunter; Microcastle; "Nothing Ever Happened"
Living Things; Habeas Corpus; "Oxygen"
The Von Bondies; Love, Hate And Then There's You; "Pale Bride"
*caUSE co-MOTION!; It's Time!; track 6 "Which Way is Up?"
*Wild Beasts; Two Dancers; track 2 "Hooting and Howling"
*The Do; A Mouthful; tracks 8&2 "Tammie; At Last!"
*Throw Me The Statue; Creaturesque; "Dizzy From the Fall; Cannibal Rays"
*Choir Of Young Believers; This Is For The White In Your Eyes; "Claustrophobia"
Chris Garneau; El Radio; "Hands on the Radio"
Allie Moss; Passerby; "Corner"
Bachelorette; My Electric Family; "The National Grid"
*Fruit Bats; The Ruminant Band; tracks 3&10 "Tegucigalpa; Feather Bed"
Bibio; Ambivalence Avenue; "Lovers' Carvings"
M. Ward; Hold Time; "Never Had Nobody Like You (Featuring Zooey Deschanel)"
The Henry Clay People; For Cheap or for Free; "You Can Be Timeless"
Vetiver; Tight Knit; "Everyday"
*Sarah Jarosz; Song Up In Her Head; track 9 "Shankill Butchers"

* Denotes Rotation

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