Friday, September 18, 2009

Show 78

*Midtown Dickens, Lanterns, "Springs"
Romantica; America; "Matteo"
Elvis Costello; My Aim Is True, "Alison"
Arrah And The Ferns; Evan Is A Vegan; "Emo Philips"
Coconut Records; Davy; "Saint Jerome"
Conor Oberst; Conor Oberst; "Danny Callahan"
Jolie Holland; The Living & The Dead; "Palmyra"
*The Do; A Mouthful; "Tammie"
*Le Loup; Family; "Beach Town"
*Health; Get Color; "Die Slow"
*Fruit Bats, The Ruminant Band, "Feather Bed"
*Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson, track 2 "Wear and Tear"
De Novo Dahl; "Sexy Mr. Falcom Jive Mister"
The High Decibels; The High Decibels; "Miss Cindy"
Jump Back Jane; "Sampson"
Red Car Wire; Let's Never Get Older; "Rachael Leigh Cook"
The Pipettes; We Are The Pipettes; "Judy"
Cat Scientists; "Brian Cincinatti"
The Decade; Read Between the Lines; "Kevin Bacon Lettuce Tomato"
Mew; Half The World Is Watching Me; "Mica"
*U.S.E., Loveworld, track 7 "K.I.S.S.I.N.G."
The Fratellis; Chelsea Dagger EP; "Chelsea Dagger"
Van She; "Kelly (Lifelike Remix)"
Neon Neon; "Raquel"
*Yacht; See Mystery Lights; "Summer Song"

* Denotes Rotation

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