Friday, August 14, 2009

Show 74

maltstream is returning from a brief hiatus!

Sorry every, I had to get some ducks in a row. But maltstream, the summer 09 edition, is back! Here's what I played:

Nicholas Hooper; "Friends and Love"
Emily Wells; The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties; "Symphony 6: Fair Thee Well & the Requiem Mix"
PT Walkley; Mr. Macy Wakes Alone; "Somebody"
*Netherfriends; Calling You Out EP; "Oh-Hi-Oh; Nunya"
Atlas Sound; "Walkabout (w/ Panda Bear)"
Wavves; "Mickey Mouse"
Dntel; Early Works For Me If It Works For You; "Loneliness Is Having No One To Miss"
*Yatch; See Mystery Lights; "Psychic City"
*Looner; I Love My Tamagotchee! (Single); "I Love My Tamagotchee!"
*Discovery; LP; "So Insane"
Holy Ghost!; "I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version)"
Washed Out; EP; "You'll See It"
Washed Out; "Feel It All Around"
*Throw Me The Statue; Creaturesque; "Ancesters; Noises"
Aíd; Jugando; "Boogie Vigo"
Cage; Depart From Me; "I Never Knew You"
fujiya & miyagi; "pickpocket"
Gossip; "Heavy Cross"
Silversun Pickups; Silversun Pickups (Remixes) - EP; "Lazy Eye (Jason Bentley Remix)"
Noah; "Mannequin (Overthrill Remix)"
The Long Winters; When I Pretend to Fall; "Cinnamon"
Comic Book Heroes; Take a Seat; "Catch Me If You Can"
Billy Boy On Poison; "On My Way"
Spoon; Got Nuffin (2009); "Got Nuffin"
*OhBijou; Beacons; "Wildfires; Eloise and the Bones"
*Elvis costello; Secrets, Profane, and Sugarcane; "Sulphur to Sugarcane; Changing Partners"
*Deer Tick; Born on Flag Day; "Song About a Man; Houston, TX"

* Denotes Rotation

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