Friday, July 10, 2009

Show 72

This week there were 2 special interviews on my show. One was done by DJ Gitdatmoney of some of the folks who will be performing High School Musical 2 at the Workshop Theatre in Columbia, SC. The other, he and I did with LFO! Yes, THE LFO! You can find a link to it at SceneSC.

Aaaand here's what I played:

A Change of Pace; Prepare the Masses; "A Song the World Can Sing Out Loud"
The Tired and True; "Flesh and Blood"
The Tired and True; "Maps and Terminals"
Meese; "Next In Line"
*Owl City; Maybe I'm Dreaming; "Air Traffic"
*Owl City; Of June; "Captains and Cruise Ships"
*Phoenix; Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix; "Armistice"
*Tiga; Ciao!; "Mind Dimension 2"
Russian Red; I Love Your Glasses; "Nice Thick Feathers"
The Choir Quit; This Is The Choir Quit; "Ella Minnow; Brother Rabbit"
Deerhunter; Rainwater Cassette Exchange - EP; "Rainwater Cassette Exchange"
The Magnetic Fields, "I Looked All Over Town"
Two Gospel Keys, "I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore"
*Polly Scattergood; Polly Scattergood; "I Hate The Way; I Am Strong"
*Elizabeth & The Catapult; Taller Children; "Everybody Knows"
Cloud Cult; Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus; "Rockwell"
Viva Voce; Rose City; "Rose City"
#Josh Roberts and the Hinges; My War Cry is Amour; "(I can't remember the name of the song I played, sorry y'all)"
Carnivores; "Organ Trail"
Miniature Tigers; White Magic EP; "White Magic"
*Conshafter; Bombs Away, Baby!; "Bought And Sold (The Journeyman's Plea)"
*Amazing Baby; Rewild; "Old Tricks In Hell; Pump Yr Brakes"
Ghostland Observatory; Robotique Majestique; "Dancing On My Grave"
The Fiery Furnaces; Widow City; "Restorative Beer"
Deer Tick; Easy; "Easy"
Delorean; Ayrton Senna EP; "Deli"

* Denotes Rotation
# Denotes Request

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