Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Show 103

Here's what I played today on the show:

Rebirth Brass Band; Where Y'at?; “When the Saints Go Marching In”
American Hi-Fi; Hearts On Parade; “The Everlasting Fall”
The Duhks; Fast Paced World; “This Fall”
Die Mannequin; “Autumn Cannibalist”
Scaries; Souvenir; “Autumn”
*No Age; Everything in Between; Sub Pop; track 2 “Glitter”
*Superchunk; Majesty Shredding; Merge Records; track 4 “Crossed Wires”
*Cloud Cult; Light Chasers; Earthology; “Forces of the Unseen”
Gramercy Arms; Gramercy Arms; “Looking At The Sun”
Art Museums; “Sculpture Gardens”
The Parlotones; “Push Me to the Floor”
Joanna Newsom; Walnut Whales; “Flying a Kite”
*Azure Ray; Drawing Down The Moon; Saddle Creek; “Make Your Heart”
*Magic Kids; Memphis; True Panther Sounds; “Hey Boy”
*Miniature Tigers; F O R T R E S S; Modern Art; “Mansion Of Misery”
Dawes; North Hills; “When My Time Comes”
Love Star; Happiness – EP; “Felicidad”
Luisa Maita; Lero-Lero; “Lero-Lero”
*Snake! Snake! Snakes!; Snake! Snake! Snakes!; Common Wall; “The Mountain Fire"
*Candy Claws; Hidden Lands; twosyllable records; track 3 “Warm Forest Floor”
*Miss TK & the Revenge; The Ocean Likes to Party Too; Ernest Jenning Recording Co; track 3 “Kids”
*Various Artists; Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows; Oh Boy Records; track 11 Deer Tick featuring Liz Isenberg “Unwed Father”
*The Acorn; No Ghost; Bella Union; track 2 “Restoration”
*The Goodnight Loving; The Goodnight Loving Supper Club; Dirtnap; track 1 “Ain’t it Weird?”
Frankmusik; “3 Little Words (A1 Bassline remix)”
Ana Tijoux; “1977”
Freddie Gibbs; Str8 Killa; “Oil Money”

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