Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CD Review 20: Kingslyn

Artist: Kingslyn (like Brooklyn but with Kings)
Album: Drunken Country Curse
Label: self-released
Yays: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 5, 2

Genre: LOCAL – Indie/Americana
RIYL: Erich Skelton, Marry a Thief, American Aquarium

With the help of Philip Strickland, Scooter Fowler, and Matt Bundrick, Erich Skelton has been reborn from the ashes of Marry a Thief in Kingslyn. What makes this band different? As Skelton puts it, Kingslyn is like a glass of pop-rock sweet tea with a country lemon in it. I would also say that this CD/musical project is a little more consistent. The tracks mesh together a lot better since you don’t have the electronic highs and lo-fi lows of Marry a Thief.

After Marry a Thief broke up, Skelton needed some new material. So, he “took a month and just went off and tried to write, or if not write then get out and create some stories to write about. What came out was a reflection on things that have happened over the last two years: a lot of drinking and running around with ridiculous women, doing everything a Southern boy would do.”

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