Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Show 26

We had a ton of baby DJs in the station today, which was super cute! I had them announce for the first hour.

We had a request for Beirut which was a BIG hit! Maybe I'll download and play some more in the future.

Headlights, "Cherry Tulips"
Rainer Maria, "Atlantic"
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, "Half Awake (Deb)"
Picastro, "Hortur"
Ida, "Lovers Prayers"
matt pond PA, "A Million Middle Fingers"
Volcano, I'm Still Excited, "2nd Gun"
Vashtin Bunyan, "Wishwanderer"
Architecture in Helsinki, "Debbie"
31Knots, "Savage Boutique"
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, "Baltimore"
The New Pornographers, "Myriad Harbour"
Kina Grannis, "I Know Who Took the Milk and Cookies"
Dead Meadow, "What Needs Must Be"
Over The Rhine, "If A Song Could Be President"
Fiskum, "Tom Waits's Bar And Grill"
R. G. Stark, “Mineral Wells”
*Romantica, America, tracks 3&4 “The National Side; Drink the Night Away”
*Paul Thorn, A Long Way from Tupelo, tracks 11 “Starvin for Your Kisses”
#Beirut, Lon Gisland, “Scenic World”
*Elizabeth Nicholson and Stringed Migration, Fly Not Yet, tracks 1&2 “Lebanese Melody; The Unquiet Grave”
*Cheb I Sabbah, Devotion, tracks 4&5 “Qalanderi; Haun Vaari Haun Varaney”
*v/a, BIPPP: French Synth Wave 1979-85, tracks 3&4 “”Les visiteurs du soir” Je t’ecris d’un pays; “Vox dei” Terroriste”
*Two Ton Sloth, …is Brad Hammers and PZ, tracks 3&4 “School Play from a Cloud’s Left Lung; For”

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