Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Show 24

*Stephan Simmons, Sampler, tracks 1-4 "New Scratches, Go Easy on Me, Don't Mine Me, County Lines"
*Tim Passmore, Chapters, tracks 1&5 "Against the Grain; Brand New Attitude"
*The Last Waltz Ensemble, Live at the Visulite, tracks 4&6 "Like a Rolling Stone; You Ain't Goin Nowhere"
The Panda Band, "Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town"
Grizzly Bear, "Little Brother"
Little Birdy, "Come On, Come On"
Macon Greyson, "Minnesota Weather Map"
Modico, "Hills"
PJ Olsson, "A.D.D."
Ben Jelen, "Where Do We Go"
Biography Of Ferns, "John The Barber"
Castanets, "This Is The Early Game"
Eskimo Joe, "Black Fingernails"
*The Dimes, The Silent Generation, tracks 1&3 "Jersey Kid; New Your 1930"
*Unrecognizable Now, In a Cave or a Coma, track 7 "Between Words"
*Funckaram, Refurbished Two, tracks 9 "Multiplex - Always Within You"
*Sole and the Skyrider Band, s/t, track 13 "Stupid Things Implode on Themselves"

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