Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Show 25

A lot of people called in today, which was awesome! There were a lot of requests and I couldn't find everything and I apologize if I didn't play what you requested but feel free to call in next week, or leave a comment, with something else. :)

#Murder by Death, In Bocca Al Lupo, tracks 7&8 “Sometimes the Line Walks You; Raw Deal”
*Sally Barris, Restless Soul, tracks 2&7 "Huntington River; Are You a Real Cowboy"
*Michael Holland, Simple Truths and Pleasures, track 9 "Trouble"
*Romantica, America, tracks 1&2 "Queen of Hearts; I Need You Tonight"
*Stephan Simmons, Something in Between, tracks 1&4 "Don't Mine Me; We'll See"
State Radio, "Gang of Thieves"
Yael Naïm, "Far Far"
#Murder by Death, In Bocca Al Lupo, tracks 3&4 “Dead Men and Sinners; Brother”
ADELE, "Hometown Glory"
Owen, "The Sad Waltzes of Pietro Crespi"
American Football, "Never Meant"
Agent Sparks, "Polly Anne"
The Ponys, "Hara Kiri"
of Montreal, "Gronlandic Edit"
xbxrx, "Minds"
Braid, "I'm Afraid of Everything"
Aloha, “Body Buzz”
Indochine, "Electrastar"
Indochine, "J'ai demande a la lune"
Indochine, "Le Manoir"
*Mussels, Little Voices, track 8 "My Hands Your Heart"
*The Shondes, The Red Sea, tracks 5 "Let's Go"
#An Albatross, Blessphemy (of the Peace-Beast Feastgiver and the Bear Wrap Kumite), tracks 10, 12, 13 "Hairobics; I Will Swim into the Lazier Eye; Feastgiver"
*v/a, Disco Not Disco, tracks 1&2 "Vivien Goldman – Launderette"

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