Sunday, February 24, 2008

CD Review 5

Artist: The Raveonettes
Title: Lust Lust Lust
My Picks: 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10
CD’s Picks: 1 2 4 6 9

Genre: Indie Pop

Anyone remember the Kmart commercial for Route 66 jeans with all of the WB stars on it, like the young couple from Reba and Beverley Mitchell from 7th Heaven? Well, the song on there was “That Great Love Sound” by the Raveonettes.

I don’t know all that much about them, so…

Their website describes their music as “noisy, fuzzed-out guitar, sweet boy-girl harmonies, and sleazy surf-punk twang” and “a clash between Mods and Rockers”. Pandora says their music has “punk influences, repetitive melodic phrasing, paired vocal harmony, minor key tonality and electric rhythm guitars.” Sounds about right.

I can’t tell if they’re trying to embrace the claims that they went pop or what. The tracks go back and forth. Most of the CD’s picks are pop-ier while the rest of the tracks are kinda indie.

RIYL: The Manhattan Love Suicides, The Hong Kong, The Kills

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