Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Show 44

Crystal Shawanda, "My Roots Are Showing"
Joey & Rory, "Cheater, Cheater"
Stephen Simmons, Something in Between, "We'll See"
Stephen Simmons, Drink Ring Jesus, "Drink Ring Jesus"
*Blitzen Trapper, Furr, "God & Suicide; Saturday Nite; Echo/Always On/EZ Con"
*Try Me Bicycle, Voicings, tracks 1&10&11 "Two Stern Feet; My History Bore a Knife; Come Sunday"
*Her Space Holiday, Sleepy Tigers EP, tracks 1&2 "Sleepy Tigers; Just Another Day"
*The Broken West, Now or Heaven, tracks 5&7 " Perfect Games; The Smartest Man Alive"
The Broken West, I Can't Go On, I'll Go On, tracks 5&7, "Brass Ring; You Can Build an Island"
M83, Digital Shades, "My Own Strange Path"
Bis, Return to Central, “What You’re Afraid Of”
M83, M83, "Sitting"
M83, Saturdays = Youth, "Couleurs"
Bis, Return to Central, “Silver Spoon”
*Innerpartysystem, s/t, tracks 3&6&10 “Don’t Stop; Obsession; Heart of Fire”
Guided By Voices, tracks 3&4&5 “Fly Into Ashes; Tropical Robots; A Crick Uphill”

I planned more than I ended up playing, so here's some good stuff to look forward to next week!

The Spill Canvas, Denial Feels So Good, tracks 1&5 "Staplegunned (Remix); Catch the Wind"
Lovedrug, Everything Stars Where it Ends, tracks 7&8 "Ghost By Your Side; Casino Clouds"
Oh, the Story!, Good Morning Illumination, tracks 1&8&11 "The Overture; All Seven Seas; It's Not An Ending At All..."
*Jonezetta, Cruel to be Young, tracks 2-4 "Holding Onto You; Busy Body; Paint & Picture"

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