Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Show 42

I got a lot of calls today, which I loved! Keep it up! :D

*The Hollyfelds, Saratoga, tracks 1&2 “The Empress of Wyoming; Indecision”
*Calexico, Carried to Dust, tracks 1&2 “Victor Jara’s Hands; Two Silver Trees”
Stephen Simmons, Something In Between, "Don't Mind Me"
#Mogwai, Government Commissions BBC Sessions, tracks 1&5 “Hunted By a Freak; Cody”
Romantica, America, "Queen Of Hearts"
Born Ruffians, Red, Yellow And Blue, "Barnacle Goose"
Man Man, Rabbit Habits, "Top Drawer"
Man Man, Sods and Odds, "Little Boxes"
Lenka, Lenka, "Skipalong"
Lenka, Lenka, "Bring Me Down"
Lenka, Lenka, "Knock Knock"
Lenka, Lenka, "Trouble Is A Friend"
*Uh Huh Her, Common Reaction, tracks 5&10 “Say So; Dance with Me”
#Bis, Return to Central, Track 7 “Chicago”
#*Kimya Dawson, Alphabutt, “I Like Bears”
Kimya Dawson, Remember That I Love You, “I Like Giants”
Islands, Arm's Way, "Abominable snow"
Islands, Arm’s Way, “Creeper”
Rafter, Sex, Death, Cassette, "Sleazy Sleepy"
Rafter, Sex, Death, Cassette, "Chances"
Rafter, Sex, Death, Cassette, "Slay Me"
Rafter, Sex, Death, Cassette, "Breeze"
Rafter, Sex, Death, Cassette, "Casualty Of Dance Music"
*VHS or Beta, Bring on the Comets, tracks 3&4&5 “She Says; Can’t Believe a Single Word; Burn it all Down”
#The Teriyaki Boyz, “Tokyo Drift”

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