Saturday, April 21, 2007

Show 5

I had some friends in the studio tonight, but they didn't want to talk on air. Boo! Anyways, let's do this shiiiiit.

The Blood Brothers, ... Burn Piano Island Burn, track 05: "Ambulance Vs. Ambulance"
The Willowz, s/t, track o3: "Get Down"
Crash Test Taurus, The Name is an Anagram, track 01: "3 Fillettes blondes ouvrent le bal"
LCD Sound System, Sound of Silver, track 05: "All My Friends"
Antibalis, Security, track 05: "War Hero"
Speedbuggy, Hardcore Honkey Tonk, track 06: "Three Long Years"
Bawl, Girls Night Out, track 01: "Girls Night Out"
A Northern Chorus, The Millions Too Many, track 04: "No Stations"
Placebo, Meds, track 07: "Because I Want You"
We All Have Hooks for Hands, The Pretender, track 04: "Hold On, C'mon"
Kitcar, Move Me, track 09: "Numb Numbered"
The Almost, Southern Weather, track 01: "Say This Sooner"
*VA, Birdology, track 01: "Yardbird Suite"
Flogging Molly, Swagger, track 01: "Salty Dog"
Paulson, All At Once, track 02: "Under Crowns"
Comeback Kid, Broadcasting, track 10: "Market Demands"
Haste the Day, Pressure the Hinges, track 02: "Pressure the Hinges"
*The Blood Brothers, Young Machetes, track 01: "Set Fire to the Face on Fire"
Machine Head, The Blackening, track 03: "Aesthetics of Hate"
Lovedrug, Everything Starts Where it Ends, track 05: "Bleed Together"
She Wants Revenge, These Things EP, track 03: "Spend the Night"
The Locust, New Erections, track 01: "Aotkpta"
Paramore, What You Don't Know, track 10: "Until Tomorrow"
The Flaming Lips, Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots, track 10: "All We Have is Now"
Night Canopy, Of Honey and Country, track 10: "Oh Honey"
Cursive, The Ugly Organ, track 07: "Driftwood: A Fairy Tale"
The Subjects, With the Ease Grace Precision and Cleverness of Human Beings, track 08: "Lonely You"
Cassette, Beautiful California, track 05:"Swingin' Hips"
Mike Doughty, Rockity Roll, track 01: "Ways + Means"
Modest Mouse, The Lonesome Crowded West, track 04: "Lounge (Closing Time)

Stuff you might hear next week includes:
Pavement, Brighten the Corners, track 01: "Stereo"
The Antarcticans, Teach Childen Fear All Teachings of Eternity, track 02: "Escape Your Forever Thought"
The One AM Radio, This Too Shall Pass, track 11: "Your Name"
The String Cheese Incident, Untying the Not, track 01: "Wake Up"

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