Saturday, April 7, 2007

Show 3

Hey guys. Today my friend Stuart joined me in the studio. I got a bunch of good calls, and some requests, which was fabulous. And here's what cha heard:

Matchbook Romance, Voices, track 05: "Monsters"
Sloan, Never Hear the End of It, track 27: "Last Time in Love"
The Good, the Bad, and the Queen, s/t, track 03: "Northern Whale"
The Sleeping, Questions and Answers, track 02: "Loud & Clear"
LCD Soundsystem, Sound of Silver, track 03: North American Scum
Avenged Sevenfold, Waking the Fallen, track 12: "And All Things Will End"
Comeback Kid, Broadcasting, track 11: "In/tuition"
Cursive, Happy Hollow, track 14: "Hymns for the Heathen"
Panda Bear, Person Pitch, track 04: "I'm Not"
The Blood Brothers, Young Machetes, track 03: "Laser Life"
Motion City Soundtrack, Commit This To Memory, track 04: "Resolution"
Brazilian Girls, Talk To La Bomb, track 01: "Jique"
Paulson, All At Once, track 12: "I Knew You When"
#Grandaddy, Just Like the Fambly Cat, track 01: "What Happened..."
**Plain White T's, Stop, track 01: "Stop"
I Killed the Prom Queen, Music of the Recently Deceased, track 10: "Like Nails to a Casket"
I'm From Barcelona, Let Me Introduce My Friends, track 13: "Glasses"
Limbeck, s/t, track 05: "Keeping Busy"
Placebo, Once More With Feeling, track 07: "Every You Every Me"
#Deer Hoof, Apple O', track 10: "Panda Panda Panda"
Car Bomb, Centralia, track 01: "Pieces of You"
First Grade Crush, Our Time Down Here, track 11: "Group Therapy"
Eighteen Visions, Until the Ink Runs Out, track 01: "She Looks Good In Velvet"
Softlights, Say No! to Being Cool. Say Yes! to Being Happy, track 03: "Girlkillsbear"
Twilight Lords, The White Seahorse, track 14: "She Moves Through the Fair"
Kitcar, Move Me, track 01: "Hold"
Her Space Holiday, The Young Machines, track 03: "Tech Romance"
Roxanne Potvin, The Way It Feels, track 02: "I Want To (Do Everything For You)
Pixel Panda, Burial Suite, track 12: "Cold Hands Dead Eyes"
The Spill Canvas, One Feel Swoop, track 02: "Staplegunned"

**On the webstream I put in track 11, Penny (Perfect for You). SORRIES!

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