Saturday, April 14, 2007

Show 4

Thanks for the comments, guys! I really appreciated it. Par request the Fray was removed from the list or potential albums. And here's what I ended up playing:

Matchbook Romance, Stories and Alibies, track 06: "Shadows Like Statues"
Motion City Soundtrack, I Am the Movie, track 14: "A-Ok"
The Blow, Poor Aim; Love Songs, track 01: "Hey Boy"
Sloan, Action Pact, track 09: "I Was Wrong"
Heartbreak Club, ...Lamecore, track 03: "She Talked to Me!"
Against Me, From Her Lips to God's Ears, track o1: "From Her Lips to God's Ears"
Dntel, Dumb Luck, track 06: "Rock My Boat"
The Arcade Fire, Funeral, track 03: "Une annee sans lumiere"
Placebo, Sleeping With Ghosts, track 01: "Bulletproof Cupid"
LCD Soundsystem, Sound of Silver, track 06: "Us v Them"
Resorte, XL, track 03: "Puro Rock"
Modest Mouse, Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks, track 02: "Night on the Sun"
Poison Arrows, Straight into the Drift, track 02: "Clear Cut"
The Noise, Here, track 02: "Please"
The Noise, Hafler EP, track 08: "I Don't Even Care Why"
Limbeck, This Chapter is Called Titles, track 04: "Blurry (In a Day Now)"
Comeback Kid, Broadcasting, track 06: "Give'r (Reprise)"
Band of Horses, Everything All the Time, track 06: "The Great Salt Lake"
Kaiser Chiefs, Yours Truely, Angry Mob, track 05: "Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)
The Good, the Bad, and the Queen, s/t, track 12: "The Good, the Bad, and the Queen"
Kitcar, Move Me, track 07: "She's Got Teeth"
Alexis on Fire, s/t, track 01: ".44 Caliber Love Letter"
Danielle Howel and the Tantrums, Skorborealis, track 11: "Conversation"
Bayside, Sirens and Condolences, track 09: "If You're Bored"
Antibalis, Security, track 04: "Hilo"
Kinetic Stereokids, Basement Kids, track 07: "Times Are Ruff"
Two if By Sea, Safety, track 02: "High Water Mark"
Snowden, Anti-Anti, track 02: "Anti-Anti"
A Static Lullaby, s/t, track 01: "Hang 'Em High"

And, since I usually pick out more CDs than I need, next week you'll probably be hearing (probably not in this order):

Bawl, Girls Night Out, track 01: "Girls Night Out"
Speedbuggy, Hardcore Honkey Tonk, track 06: "Three Long Years"
Paulson, All at Once, track 05: "Slow Down"
The One AM Radio, This Too Shall Pass, track 11: "Your Name"
Mike Dougherty, Rockity Roll, track o1: "Ways + Means"
Cursive, The Difference Between Houses and Homes, track 03: "Sucker & Dry"
The Blood Brothers, ... Burn Piano Island Burn, track 05: "Ambulance Vs. Ambulance"


Cursive, The Ugly Organ
Placebo, Meds
The Flaming Lips,
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, track 10: "All We Have Now"

And depending on what's in rotation you might hear:
Comeback Kid, Wake the Dead


Brenly said...

death from above is an awesome band

Anonymous said...

do not play the fray. they are terrible. everything else you have is awesome.

Anonymous said...

play the ugly organ.

<3 anthony

Anonymous said...

Here's the real deal on teh ugly organ:

Track 1: Instrumental intro track, OK
Track 2: OK
Track 3: "Shit"
Track 4: OK
Track 5: SHORT Instrumental segue, OK
Track 6: "Bullshit"/"Shit"
Track 7: OK
Track 8: OK
Track 9: OK
Track 10: OK
Track 11: OK
Track 12: 10 minutes long, OK

<3 Anthony.
Dont mess with cursive.