Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Show 47

I got a lot of good requests today, as well as some suggestions. Yay!

*Autumn, Velvet Sky, tracks 7&8 "Velvet Sky; Eagles"
*Lucinda Williams, Little Honey, 1&4 "Real Love; Little Rock Star"
Kathleen Edwards, Asking for Flowers, tracks 2&5 "The Cheapest Key; I Make the Dough, You Get the Glory"
*The Deep Dark Woods, Hang Me Oh Hang Me, tracks 2-4 "Hang Me, Oh Hang Me; Redwood Forest; River in the Pines"
#Danielle Howle, Thank You Mark, tracks 7&10 “Walking Through the Black; Woman to Win”
#Copeland, “Pin Your Wings”
#Copeland, Eat, Sleep, Repeat, track 11 “When You Thought You’d Never Stand Out”
#Copeland, You Are My Sunshine, track 4 “Good Morning Fire Eater”
Janice Grace, "Frequency"
The Presets, "This Boy's In Love (LifeLike Remix)"
Woodhands, Heart Attack, "I Wasn't Made For Fighting"
*Walter Meego, Voyager, tracks 2&3 "Wanna Be a Star; Girls"
#Van She, “Kelly (LifeLike Remix)”
# Gregory and the Hawk, “Irreplaceable”
#Gregory and the Hawk, Moenie and Kitchi, tracks 4&6&10 “Grey Weather; Wild West; Ghost; Harmless”

Here's some stuff I planned but didn't play that you may hear in the future. :)

You Say Party! We Say Die!, “Opportunity (Montag's I Love Her Remix)”
bis, Return To Central, tracks 9& 11 "We're Complicated; What You're Afraid Of"
Jonezetta, Popularity, tracks 1&2 "Welcome Home; Get Ready (Hot Machete)"
So They Say, "Wake Me Up"
Spoken, "Bitter Taste ft. Cory from Norma Jean"
*Inhale/Exhale, I Swear, tracks 2&3 "It's Myself vs. Being a Man; The Impatient Will Suffer"
Charles Bradley & The Bullets, "Now that I'm Gone"
Fort Knox Five, "Funk 4 Peace"

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