Sunday, August 3, 2008

New show & DJ name!

Hey there, everyone!

I did some thinking over the summer, and after being inspired by many different things (mainly Hipster Runoff. If you don't read it, go check it out!) I decided to change my show's name as well as my DJ name.

The name basically refers to the fact that I am the Top 40 Queen at the station and listen to a lot of Top 40 music but also things that are still 'underground' and unknown but could easily, in my opinion, go Top 40 and/or be mainstream. I've often, actually, played songs/artists shortly before they've gone Top 40 or become more well known or were played on commercial ratio. So now my show name reflects that.

My DJ name comes from HRO. I was going to have a show and name that revolved around pandas but HRO said that they were too mainstream and that polar bears were the new pandas and that sun bears were going to be big in 2k9, so I ditched the pandas and got a head start on sun bears. :)

So that wraps up the changes that are going on with my show and DJ name. Oh, and I changed the look of the blog. Happy listening in 2k8.fall and beyond!

(P.S. For those who don't know me, I don't really care about being cool or in or hip or what HRO says, I just think the blog is fun and that the DJ name would be fun.)

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