Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Show 33

*Foals, Antidotes, track 1 "The French Open"
Francis Cabrel, "Je T'aimais, Je T'aime, Je T'aimerai"
Melody Gardot, "Worrisome Heart"
Jil Aigrot, "Mon vieux Lucien"
Sabine Paturel, "Les Betises"
Mathieu Chedid, "Qui de Nous Deux"
Danger, "11h30"
The Postmarks, Goodbye (Tahiti 80 Remix)
Ob.Scene.Kidz, "Joyeux Festin"
Trag├ędie, "Hey Ho!"
Leslie, "Pardonner"
Morningwood, "Jetsetter"
Lorie, "Toute seule"
Lorie, "A 20 ans"
Emma Daumas, "Figurine Humaine"
Tristan Prettyman, "Madly"
KYO, "Je Cours"
KYO, "Derniere Danse"
Star Academy, "L'Orange du Marchard"
Emma Daumas, "Tu Seras"
Jenifer, "Ma Revolution"
Islands, Arm's Way, tracks 2&3 "Pieces of You; J'aime vous voire quitter"
NOFX, "Champs Elysee"
*The Loved Ones, Build & Burn, tracks 3&4 "The Bridge; Sarah's Game"
*American Babies, s/t, tracks 4&10 "American Babies; Flowers Don't Grow in the Moonlight"
*Jeff Johansson, This Delicate Wall, tracks 6&7 "Goin to Kentucky; Lover Don't Go"
*Heist & the Accomplice, Connections Work, tracks 4&5 "Self Sustained; Kinfolk"

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