Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Show 30 - WUSC 61st Birthday Bash!

It's officially FUNDRAISER WEEK! Hence the name of this entry. :)

Daby Touré, "Setal"
*Meg Hutchinson, Come Up Full, track 10 "Song for Jeffrey Lucey"
*Marry a Thief, I Am Dying To Outlive You, track 7 "Falling Out of Your Dress"
Born Ruffians, Red, Yellow And Blue, "Barnacle Goose"
*Romantica, America, tracks 1&2 "Queen of Hearts; I Need You Tonight"
Man Man, Sods and Odds, "Little Boxes"
*Man Man, Rabbit Habits, "Top Drawer"
Shawn Mullins, "Homeless Joe"
*Tut Tut, The Heart Goes Nine, track 10 "Umbrella"
Lavender Diamond, Imagine Our Love, "Open Your Heart"
Lights, "February Air"
Ana Serrano van der Laan, "Paradise"
Club 8, The boy who couldn't stop dreaming, "Heaven"
Oppenheimer, "Straight Out Of Comp 'in'"
*Science for Girls, s/t, track 5 "Australia"
The Spill Canvas, Denial Feels So Good, "To Live Without It"
Madelyn, "Dreamers, Inc."
The Summer Set, Love The Love You Have, "Cross Your Fingers"
*The Less, Loud Machines, tracks 3&4 "Say; Loud Machines"
*A Cursive Memory, Changes, tracks 4&5, "Perfect Company; Bank"
*Sons & Daughters, This Gift, tracks 4&5 "Rebel With The Ghost; Chains"
UME, "Moments"
The Tripwires, "I Hear This Music"

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