Saturday, December 1, 2007

Show 18

Technically this is show 18, since Kendall subbed the last two editions of Marcy's Playground.

I got a bunch of calls tonight, which I loved! Keep up the requests; I like playing what you like to hear!

*Malibu, Robo Sapiens, track 7 "Parisian Nights"
*Alexis Gideon, Flight of the Liophant, tracks 10&11 "Wake Up Wak Up; Sweet Dream (For My Irish Lass)"
*Club 8, The boy who couldn't stop dreaming, tracks 2&3&6 "Whatever You Want; Football Kids; Heaven"
*Rachel Wearsch, Life of Love, track 3 "You Still Got It"
*Aloha, Light Works EP, tracks 1&2 "Body Buzz; Broken Light"
*Dri, Smoke Rings, tracks 4&5 "You Know I Tried; Inspiration"
Kate Nash, Foundations, track 1 "Foundations"
*The Pipettes, We Are the Pipettes, track 8 "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me"
Chromeo, Fancy Footwork, track 1 "100%"
Grayskul, "Scarecrow"
*Dropout Year, Best Friends for Never, tracks 1&7 "From Across the Room; Hold On Tight"
#Dragonforce, "Through the Fire and Flames"
*Farewell, Isn't This Supposed to be Fun?, track 8 "Zelda"
Permanent Me, After the Room clears, track "Until You Leave"
*Slow Runner, Shiv!, tracks 1-3 "Lower Your Standards; Varsity Drag; Deep End"
*Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew, Spirit If..., track 10 "Big Love"
*Every Avenue, Ah!, tracks 3&4 "Nothing; Picking Up the Pieces"
My American Heart, "Speak Low If You Speak Love"
Scary Kids Scaring Kids, "Snake Devil"
*A Place to Bury Strangers, s/t, tracks 8&9 "She Dies; My Weakness"
The The, Dusk, track 3 "Dogs of Lust"#
*Guards of Metropolis, Alligator, track 10 "Fade Away"
*Testing Ground, Turn and Heed, tracks 3 "For You"

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